Day 129 Nero from Woodstock

Thursday 16th August

there was no hurry to get up as I hadn’t planned on getting back to the trail until lunch time or around about. But I had the fidgets so at 7.30 I emerged  and went outside .Sat outside on the veranda was Peach and his mate whose name escapes me. They were heading out shortly.
I went upstairs and poured myself a coffee then went to retrieve my clothes from the “Clean Basket”
My next task was to get my stuff ready for the post office. once sorted I set off it was about 1.5 miles but I- was hopeful of a hitch……….I was wrong so  arrived at the post office slightly warm.
The lady came back with 4 packages. my shoes, my mp3 player, patches and my map. I bounced the map then put my spare stuff in a box and posted that up trail .I swapped over my shoes and mailed them back to REI  for a refund . Okay all done I decided to look into the market 4 shops down .I brought a drink from the shop and headed back again with my thumb out but again nobody stopped to up.

My next chore was to sort my tent out. Tick.
Complain to Solomon’s.. Tick
Sort out socks. I think that’s a tick.
Put more money on my card.. Disaster… it wouldn’t allow me to do it. so i wasted the whole afternoon ringing my bank in the UK. No nothing wrong their end. I rang Caxton . couldn’t get though. I emailed support after numerous attempts only to find it was a Tec glitch and should be fixed tomorrow. So by then  I had missed the shuttle and the next was at 3pm . So I can relax right!!.

I switched off my phone and packed up ready to get the trail. I thanked Bookie for a great stay as I loved the hostel..
The shuttle dropped my off at the trailhead  and soon i was walking again but the day was almost over so i was only planning for the first campsite .
Oh what a climb it took me 2.5 hrs phew. I found  the campsite then began to look for the care taker  who then allocated me a platform for my tent

I ended up sharing a platform as it was so busy.

Once my tent was up I went to the communal cooking area. there were several hikers hiking the loop trail ( Quite popular ) It was a nice fun atmosphere as i chatted  to  many day hikers . After tea I put my food in the bear box and headed to my tent.
It’s fairly cold up here so I’m concerned that I may not be warm enough. First chance I will buy a woolly hat.

Night all

Start. 1817
Finish. 1820
Miles. 3 + 1 mile side


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