CDT Info Post hike

Please find below my Resupply Plan you can scroll left and right once in the cells and the final column has my post hike ideas and comments in. I hope you find it useful


For those of you who prefer to watch my adventures on the Continental Divide Trail

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Budget and Break down in Us Dollars 2022

Permits114All essential ,Mexico, Yellowstone & Glacier
Gear2800Very High, PO lost a lot of my gear should be about $1000*
Food6427This averages out at $39 per day,
Beer565I’m a Brit I like my craft Beer.
Laundry41This seems low but work on $5 a week *
Post Office643This is Very high $200 would be a reasonable figure
Hotel5348Very high ,Break down below
Phone 271A Brit from the UK Limited options for BYOP
Gas77Reasonable figure for me I cook loads
Shuttles241Included Bus, CDT shuttle others are discretionary
Medical257I needed Urgent care and meds
Totals $16785

Costs Break down $16785

NB this was my third thru hike and so I had a big budget for this one,  I like a bit of Luxury.

NB this figure does not include my airfares, Travel Insurance or my kit

Permits Spend $114

This includes
New Mexico State Trust Lands Recreational Access Permit;
Yellowstone National Park
Glacier National Park
Of course the longer that you stay in the parks (camp) the more expensive it will be
In Glacier as I am nearing Canada I wanted to take my time and enjoy my last few days So did shorter days

Gear Spend $2175.66

1, This is high, mainly as the Post office lost 2 boxes of my cold gear,
ice axe, spikes, sunglasses, tights, beanie etc
2, I should have replaced my sleeping bag before coming out from the UK
3, I managed to leave a set of Poles by the road when hitching
4, After hiking with 2 Americans i was impressed with their Steripen so I brought one too $130

I used 5 pairs of shoes 2 pairs I brought out from the Uk so brought 3 more pairs,
Needed a Ursack & bear spray for Grizz country, other gear is wearing and tear

So removing all that the total I spent on Replacement gear was still
$1085.35 But this could be reduced further

Food Spend $6426*

AS I said I have a biggish budget and food is a person thing
It works out at $39 over 161 days That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner
Of course hike faster and then this figure will greatly reduce, and when on trial $39 is high. This also depends on how often you eat out in town, Mc Donald’s v a steak.

I personally like to eat well

Beer Spend $564.57*

I am a Brit and I like my beer, more craft over domestic, for those who do not drink this can be erased or possibly cut in half

Laundry Spend $41*

This seems low so I’m guessing I didn’t count them all
I.e., 161 days / 7 = 23 X $5* = $115 and in some towns, it can be higher
the average was $2 to wash $2 to dry and $1 for soap
although this figure could be cut by sharing and some places it could be free, But I would allow $5

Post office Spend $643*

This is what I spent I am sure you could cut this in half, as I’m a Brit I ended up, posting Spare gear and Tourist stuff to My friend Tartan in Texas.
Also the Post Office lost several boxes so had to buy and bounce again
I would say $200 is a more reasonable figure

Hotel, Motel Camping Spend $5349*

This is a Biggy, and I had the Budget,
Virtually every Town had a hostel or RV site where you could camp
You could also spit with a fellow hiker/hikers so a night in a hotel which was a $100 could only cost you $25
I do not do that I want the room to myself and to chill. So, I tended to stay in hotels, but yes, I also stayed on RV sites the cheapest Being $10 a night
also the CDT in 2022 seemed busy and lots of Towns had festivals or events going on so all the cheap places get snapped up quickly leaving only the expensive ones. so, book ahead and avoid the weekends if possible.

So again, if you’re hiking with a partner, you could easily cut that figure in half and possibly more

Phone Sim Spend $271*

I am a brit so I’m a bit limited on what I can get or work (I bring out my own phone)
this was $50 a month unlimited and worked well for me.

Gas Spend $271*

I cook a lot and I thought this was a reasonable figure I also carry a gas saver so I can tip up my cans if needed. Others use liquid stoves and can halve this figure or stove less and then there is no cost.

Shuttles Spend $271*

This is  completely  up  to  you  it  include the CDT  shuttle $140  and my bus  from the Airport to Lordsville, $36  any others are discretionary