care packages

, many lovely people have mentioned sending me things on the trail. As many of you may know, I am a very independent person and try not to ask for things from others. However, I know full well how great it is to make someone’s
So If you would like to mail me a letter, card, food (LOL) please feel free to do so, I promise I won’t complain 😛 NOTE: please write ”
Roger Robinson (Snailtrainer) AT hiker” on the box and my estimated time of arrival MAY 2018


Thank you all for your love and support

Please be mindful that I travel by foot. As the old saying goes “every ounce counts.” Keeping things small in weight and size helps me travel farther faster. (In my Dreams Supply

What To Send:Happy Thoughts and Good Vibes: It works I swear!
Letters and notes of encouragement, its a long journey… this will be especially welcomed as the trip progresses. Sometimes just knowing people are rooting for me, helps power me up the next climb. Emails and comments will also rock my socks. 😉

Food Ideas:
Foil pouches of chicken Tuna (smaller weight options are key)
Packages of pepperoni or summer sausage like meats. (Things that are small but fill the need for protein.
Mountain House Meals : These are a real treat, but expensive. (Dinners preferably, with meat is even better!)
Candy Bars/Snacks: Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat Bars, Skittles, mint imperials. basically any fun snacks. Higher Calories are awesome… Oh, the joys of HIKING

Non-Food items:
Wet Wipes (travel size): It’s a bath in a very small package. Woowoo!

IF YOU HAVE the odd spare dollar or two
Please know that the money will go towards gear repair or replacement, eating cheeseburgers in town, and the task of getting to Maine and maybe a beer 😊🍺
The best way to do this is to get in contact with me and we can figure it out through paypal.
Things NOT to send:
Books: sadly as much as I love to read, books they weigh too much.
Rocks/Dirt/Mud: These are all things I will have plenty of on the trail
Heavy Things! I must say it again, it’s me and my backpack. I love getting good things in the mail, but I am not a fan of carrying more weight than I need to.
Thank you so much for following my journey, let alone thinking of sending me something. Your support is more than enough. Thank You!