DAY 30 ZERO IN Grants

13th May 2020

 I slept well its a real bed.

Okay chores.i grabbed my sleeping bag  and set off down town I tried hitching first then just gave up..i watched as  several busses past me..I could have caught one maybe

 about 30mins later I passed the French boys and bandaid I waved.  I as I continued the bus came the other way. I waved it down.the driver was very  helpful.  And offered to take me to the post we drove back around bandaid got on.

At last we were at the post office .i bounced my food box  but my bag was not there dam.the Post lady  said it my be logged in if I pop back in a hr.

I headed across the road and had a coffee and breakfast bagel the bagel was so so good.

As I sat there I checked Rei oh they havnt shipped  yet. Okay

I finished my coffee as I was leaving I asked the owner if there was any onein town who did sports massage.

To my amazement she said yes I use this lady  and gave me her number.

I then asked a random question. 

Do you happen to have scales here?  Her husband said yes would you like to weigh yourself. 

He produced the scales and I stepped on 198lb oh my I’ve lost 20lb.

I thanked them and walked back to the post office.  As I arrived the bus returned so I jumped on and headed home.

We passed by the fire station znd sat out dide were snout a dozen kids in fire helmets  ah bless.

Once in my room i cracked a beer and rang Rei to see if I could change the address snd delivery. 

I spoke to a lady called Morgan who was super helpful. 

It appears that both my items are here  and at the Usps depot  but are waiting g for release.  But no one knows why.i spent an hr on the phone .its seems a fuck up by usps. But They were not able to drop it to my motel.

It could be that both items are at the post office tomorrow.but  the post office closes at 12pm tomorrow.  So Rei are going to sent me a duplicate to Cuba. Fingers crossed.

Okay I’m happy either that.

I next rang the physio.  And I have an appointment for 10.45 am tomorrow fingers crossed.

Okay shopping. I headed to  walmart and got most of my stuff except spam  singles lol. 

Okay home tv and nothing

I settled on the bed cracked a beer and caught up on blog.

Later I cooked a lasagne that I picked up from walmart.very tasty. Impressed.

Okays. Now I am  up to date 

Hurrah and relax

Miles just a few 

DAY 29 A disappointing day

12th May

I woke early and  could hear others packing but wasn’t sure who?  When i  emerged to have a wee,The boys were ready to walk out.

I was worried about them being on the road this early, although at this time it will  probably  be quite.

I began packing up   and soon I was ready.i visuted the  toilet,  the luxury of sitting on a seat lol.

Okay i was ready

I marched out  laughing as I saw Dr Tom had left his old water bottle.

It was a cool.morning as i  walked past the lava fields,   back dropped by the cliffs to my right

I started at agood pace trying to.ignore the pain in my hip I pushed on and then decided  iwas hurting too much. Ahead sat shoes and Chameleon. Shoes was also beatup . okay reluctantly  we decided we were going to hitch 

No hiker wants to do this but pushing  on injured could  lead to getting off trail permanently. 

The third car stopped and we managed to squeeze in .he wasn’t going all the way  but we really didn’t care.

But as we drove and chatted he changed his mind and ended taking us all the way .

We were soon in Grants..he then agreed to take shoes to where ever his package I got out.

Across  the road was motel 6 fingers crossed there is a room.

I went for three nights and discounted it was $60 a night.

I found my room and collapsed on the bed.

Okay I stripped off and used the shower.once clean I began to go through my gear.

Okay now I can relax.i began working  on my WordPress blog.

Okay laundry I got some change and started laundry 

Next.  I walked to the shop got some bits and of course beer.

Dam I’ve brought two pockets of the same by mistake.

I dried my laundry Okay im hungry.

It seems like every thing is down town 2 miles away. Oh hold on there’s a taco bell across the street.i put on my shoes and headed out. I ordered two burritos  and fries. They tasted device, washed down with  cold beer result.

I spent the next few hours flicking through the numerous channels before bed.

Mileage 11

DAY 28 road to Grants

11th May 2022

I slept so well maybe it was  thd Mileage from yesterday.

But I am feezing.  I was just packing up when the boys walked past me.

I quickly set off after them but on the flat they have a quick pace.

The firstc water was .5 and so it wasn’t long until I arrived there.

I walked up the track past the tank. Behind it was the solar panel.  I switch it on and wTer flowed  great I topped upmy bottles  and felt quite smug.

Several hours later I came across the two boys resting under the shade of a road sign so decided to join them. . It wasnt long until Risemarry.Old bag and twerk arrived..we discussed our route then set off.

Once again the road just snaked off into the distance. 

Around  this time my hip really begun  to hurt and my pace slowed. I.pushed on but wasnt happy.  Up ahead Rosemary and Co turned to cross a field to the next water source another solar well.

I was sure I had plenty  so pushed on still hurting. I soon came to a real road  and turned right. I was hurting and put out my thumb.  Then changed  my mind and pushed on after about an hr  I took a break under a tree.It want long until all the others joined me.

We sat there for 20 minutes 

Twerk was hurting too and was debating about hitching too.


So many hikers are getting injured  mainly feet and legs as its so tough especially  all the road waking. 

Water was in 4 miles.i can do that I said as my bladder was out. 

We all set off but the boys were soon out of sight.normally I can keep up but not today.

The girls were holding back because of Twerk. 

After several hrs we arrived st the next cow tank. Cows were actually swimming in it .Nice.

But fresh water flowed from the solar well. We all topped up and rested.  The girls then arrived but no sign of Twerk.

Okay it’s four more to the picnic ground and that makes 20 miles. 

I wasn’t sure if I had 4 more miles in me. But set off after the boys.

Once again they were soon out of sight and they was alo a dust vloud ahead luckily it missed me.

The hours ticked down I really wanted to camp but there was nothing no shade no cover nothing. I pushed on  still hurting  I could see trees in the distance.  Maybe I could get there!!.

As I got nearer I noticed two bodies lying under a hedge. It was hawkeye and Dr Rob.  Good spot boys. I joined them .I have my eyes on those trees  I said.i was hoping there was a gate.

As we sat there the girls arrived.

There is the picnic area 1.1 ahead.

Picnic area can mean food and treats  so pushed my self on.

I arrived about 20 minutes after the others.

Snail no camping here.

Oh I said but there were picnic tables and drop toilets.

I walked  further in and at the second picnic tables were Shoes and Chameleon. Shoes was also injured and had his foot bandaged. 

So I put upmy tent and joined them on the bench. Hawkeye and Dr Rob  then appeared and joined us too.

May be my hip maybe sun but I felt really unwell . And quite gave me a lot of his water but it took me about an hour to feel better.

Hawkeye  and Dr Rob  cowboy camped  so did Shoes and Chameleon.   And I retired to my tent.

Mileage 20

DAY 27 Leaving Pie Town

10th May 2022

My alarm went off I snoozed it and again

I slept so well except for the huge weight pressing on my stomach  my steak from last night lol

I pulled the plug on my mattress and began the chore of packing up. Although I had sorted out my stuff I still had far too much.

I collapsed my tent and stowed it on my pack thrncartiedcmy packn to the deck. I carried the bixes znd stuff and sieted between hiker box and trash.i got fresh water  then a coffee. I was stalling. Snail you need to leave.

But still I was fannying around.

At last I left I said good bye to the toaster house and marched  off up the road.

My pack was heavy water and food. Too much food. I will get that right one day.

Today was just going to be road walking a very long road walk all the way to Grants such fun !!

New Strides

After two hrs I stopped for a break and as I had cell service managed to   renew my phone contract  phew result.

This dirt road we all all hiking up is actually the main highway  amazing. And it was busy.polite drives slowed down as they passed you ,other flew past at scary speeds showering you in a cloud of dust. Such fun!!. 

I kept swapping sides depending on the toad surface as dome sides were sand and other was a harder gravel. . This road snaked off far  into the distance.  Forever or so it seemed.i pushed on and on in the dust.

After about 15 miles I arrived at a farm that showed on the map that it had water. 

Once I walked inside I was suppressed to see Hawkeye and Dr  Rob.also yonny was here and a few others.

I topped up for water and chatted for a while. The boys left first  then I set off after them. I ended up walking with  Yonny and he seemed to want a slower pace  so we walked together  we told each other our life stories  as we walked. When we stopped for a break it was 5pm and we had completed 21 miles on the day.

It was still early but I was happy with that so decided to stay. 

Yonny  cooked dinner but wanted more miles. So headed out.

I cooked my heaviest foods  and then went to bed early 

Phew 21 miles

DAY 26 ZERO PieTown

9th May

9th May

Omgit was bloody windy last night. And then there werethe dogs howling g and a few gosts  singing but I slept well.

I heard people picking up but  I’m not so I alazy morning.

I got up and visited the loo then to the house there were people milling around some trying to.leave others chilling.

I grabbed a coffee and sat on the porch. I saw a free power  outlet  so plugged in my block. 

I them began to catch up on  my videos. I had a lot to edit but once done I can upload when I get to grants As I was editing Shoes and Co arrived .they  steath camped last night (I wasn’t brave enough)

Okay post office I should have 1 parcel packet.i set off up the road hi I said and handed over my I’d.

The lady found my packet I grabbed a box to take  back. 

Once back I dropped the stuff in my tent. Okay boxes I had two at the hikerhouse. A food box and Shoes.

The food box I decided to bounce as I still had far too.much food.

Once thst was sorted Nita dropped me to the post office.then to the cafe. When I walked in the usual  suspects where here.the girls and Shoes and Co.

I sat at the table with Shoes and Chameleon.  Okay I ordered blueberry pie followed by a breakfast burrito. 

The pie was amazing and so was the burrito. 

After wasfull I headedback to the Toaster House.  

I grabbed a beer and then continued with my editing .Later hawkeye  and Dr Rob arrived. 

We caught up on our disastrous  day. And who had the better day lol.

I think I was just lucky .

Later Nita  arrived and she’d if anyone fancied going out for a slab of meat.  We’ll said yes.

I had a great day with editing so I was a caught up.

So e spent the rest of the day chilling on the porch drinking beer.

At 6.30 Nita arrived and we jumped into the car

On the way to the steak House Nita gave a great  talk about the town etc etc.

Once at the restaurant  e grabbed seats odered beer and then our steaks I had the Rib Eye not sure how big 18,ozs +/- oh it was so tender mmmm and I woofed the lot.

We popped into the door as we were asked to bring back beer and  a few other things  then headed home. On the way back Nita showed is the huge radio telescope. It was here where they filmed Contact with Jodie Foster. 

At last we were back there were still plenty of hikers sat on the deck  chatting  and drinking.

We dropped the beer on the table.but I was done and very full so headed to my tent.

Omg all this  food so spent 10 minutes  sorting  it all out before getting bed.

Mileage zero.

DAY 25 Heading to Pie Town

8th May.2022

Not sure what happened but I over slept or maybe I swit he’d it off Instead of snoozing .

At 6am I strippeddown made a cupp as I packed up. As I was packing up Marmot came by the lady I scared yesterday.

I wason trail by 6.30. It wasa cool morning Thank god.but I decided that I didn’t need my outer shirt.

My early pace was good and I soon caught Marmot but was sure to call out first.

I walked with her for a while and enjoyed her company. Finding out about her hike and reasons for doing it. 

Okay I need more miles so wished her well and strolled off. 

I hadgood pace and it wasn’t long until I arrived at the Davila Ranch.

As I made my way in 

OMG sat eating were Shoes,Chameleon  and Calvin. Just leaving were the two  girls  “Fast food and Dollar General”  they asked for copies of them at the hot springs. 

Snail your first in line for the shower.  I walked in and took offmost of my clothes and stuck them in the washing machine. 

I asked the gang had they seen hawkeye  or Dr Rob.

They are behind you snail!

Noway  they can’t be …Can they ?

I headed to the shower.  Omg this was a great shower powerful  and hot a rare conbination.

So I’m clean.i wasn’t really hungry but the food the gang was eating looked so good I decided to make some myself. Potato.onions eggs and beans  yummy.

It’s all free well for a donation. 

I started cooking and was so good 

 At last the washing  was done so I next  the dryer.  While waiting i starting charging my gear

Omg I could have sat here all day.

MARMOT arrived and decided to boil some eggs ..Nice.

Asi had service I was able to order z new bag and a steripen  great that was a result they will be at Grants.

Okay I need to leave.just as I was packing up the owner arrived what an amazing  bloke. So chilled and laid back.

I left fully watered up as I was  planning to hike just outside town

I set off down the road I had a great pace that’s what a good dinner will do.

I was cruising and miles falling  but gradually as the hours ticked by the speed dropped.

Have to say the 13 miles from the ranch to Pie Town didn’t seem to friendly as virtually every 200 yards were no trespassing. Go away bugger off signs

Mmm..very freindly

At 4.30 I was running out if steam  and still lugging far too much water.i stopped for a break and poured 2 litres away.

Well I wasn’t camping along this road do didn’t need it.

At last I was entering  Pie Town. Phew now where is the toaster hse. A man pointed the way.. at last I’m here I walked in the back and saw Ducky.

whats the score Ducky I asked. 

Just throw up your tent.

I  soon had it up then went to the porch about a dozen hikers were here and do many friendly faces. 

The girls were here and shoved a beer in my hand the back of the hostel were  dozens of shoes  tied to the  wall.

Some are hikers who give up and leave there shoes others are where hikers swap out their first pair.

I had a new pair waiting  for me two hopefully.


I joined in with my fellow hiker trash. Chating laughing and drinking. But I was tired and soon bed was calling. 

Mileage 17

Day 24  a very good Day

7th May 2022.

I woke at 6 and snoozed then got up when it went off again.

I packed my gear snd was ready to go.

Good morning Snail ready to get back to the trail?

Yes sir. 

Okay I’ll drop you back to the road.

As we were driving down his drive a large herd of Elk were gathered there must have been 50 plus.  I thought I had videoed it but seems not. 

Once at the road I thanked him so much for his generosity. 

Then I waved him goodbye.

I stood by the road it was 6.30 on a Saturday morning and oh so quite .To hitch you need cars and there were none !! I stood there for  about 30 minutes.mmm.i best start walking .I hoisted my pack and set off down the cars…

About an hr later a motor home slows.i walkover to it  It was the couple who I met at the cave dwellings . I get inside thank them.they know where the trail head is as they dropped people  off earlier.  What a lovely couple. 

We chatted about the fire closures,other hikers

And I then i was  standing on the trail. I thanked them again and headed out.I was taking the Pie Town Alternitive, and  it was hot already . A little way in I met a lady coming the other I chatted to her I realised it was the wife of the man with the Dog. Wow.

I pushed on  the trail climbing steeper and steeper. I was struggling  and I don’t know why.

After the climb the trail become very enjoyable  with great scenery.

I was doing okay but wished I could go faster. I wondered where the boys were and how much further they were I front of me.

I pushed on up dirt roads.

Okay snail atone we will have a brew. (My reward).

At last a perfect spot. I dropped my pack and got out my stove .

Oh a cuppa  such a reviver..

Okay snail miles to crush ha ha.

About s mile up this road the trail turns right and just ahead u der a tree was a water cache.omgthank you so somuch Trailangel. 

As I was topping  up 2 guys stopped for a chat

They were hunters from a local.indian tribe.

They were out to hunt for 2 turkeys. They take the feathers for ther religious  dancesznd customs really interesting. 

Okay I now have water and  3 mile + climb  that’s very helpful.

I chugged up.the hill melting in the sun.

But at the top what amazing g views wow.

And now down. I spent the rest of the afternoon spiralling  down and it was shitty  loose rock. And I stumbled  several times omitting a few swear  words.

In the distance I saw another hiker and I began to gain on them.

As I got closer I could see it was a lady. HIYA  I said.

She jumped then told me off for making her jump.

This lady is 75 wow.

It was now approaching  6pm and I was tired and began to look for a flat spot.

Maybe a compromise!!

I spied a group of trees and went to look.yup i can get my tent in there.

I droppedmy pack and soon my tent was up and dinner was cooking. 

Mileage 25  wow.

DAY 23 Lost and Found

6th May 2022

My alarm went off at 5am I snoozed it but let out the air in my bed and slowly began to pack up.

There were still smores coming from the other tents as I went for a wee. Wow what an amazing sunrise.

Hawkeye was just emerging as I dropped my tent.. see you guys I half whispered.and headed for the trail.. it climbed  but not to steeply  as I wasn’t really awake. But i was still puffing.

At last it began to turn down and fairly steeply.but.  omg it was an old burn so most of the trees were down. It was more like a show jumping circuit over and over aghad.a triple  jump  over abd over and around again  as you went  across another  switch back.and over and under  and your heading steeply  down got I was knackered and I’d only just began. At last I was down,phew.

 I headed alo g the trail just one huge tree in the  way. I clambered over  and carried on ..the trail headings  down. Just ahead was an amazing cairn  some one was bored lol.

I stopped to take off my shirt as I was hot from the show jumping.

Just ahead was a tent.the owner appeared exo  a kiwi nurse. 

I am having a key in she said

I laughed and moved on and up.for the next two miles I was climbing going down climbing going down and then climbing I puffed last hill the boys ( hawkeye and Dr Rob) appeared behind me shortly followed by Exo.god I’m slow.

From here on we played leapfrog  until we arrived at our first water source a smelly green pond  with cows weeing in it nice. We took one look and decided no.

The amazing Cairn

I moved  on first, taking the next Alternate Route it was  a nice sandy route so I was able to get some pace.further up i pased an old log cabin.i passed it and arrived at out next water source  yet another stinking cow pond.

Crap .just here was Exo 

How far is a yard, i asked why

She said that’s where the spring is.

So we walked back to the old Log Cabin. And began searching.  At last we found it.It was covered with a heavy iron lid.

I lifted it but it was dry, Fuck

Exo  dripped down and dug,but it was stinky too.

We walked back to the pond as  Hawkeye and Dr Rob appeared

We all looked  at the green water.

The three took off.i stood and  gazed at the  pond. 

Nah and I hoisted my pack and set off after the boys.

I caught them on their break .then fell on behind.We were all low on water and the next was in 5 miles time. Going to be  Hot.

I followed the boys down the canyon ,we had a great pace.

At the next break Hawkeye  announces  Weare off trail and by about 2 miles.oh crap.

Shall we go back I suggested!

We decided to go on ,down the current trail but after 20 minutes  we noticed that we were  getting further  away from the trail.

We had a discussion  and decided the best option was to  go down the next valley  and then bushwack to the trail.

I agreed and we set off  then stopped to take a break.

As we sat there I was getting a little stressed .I didn’t think I could do what they wanted to do.

As I know my limitations and I don’t yet have my trail legs or stamina.  I pondered  and pondered. 

Guys I said I can’t do this I’m going yo go back yo that random trailand just follow it.

I havnt got  a clue where i am going and yours seems a much better plan but I can’t do  it.

Okay snail.wehere you.

We wished each other good luck and I turned and went back the way we had come. Back at the random trail I turned right and said fingers crossed.

Luckily for me it was fair flat as I headeddown and down.throuh canyon after canyon .

At 2 pm I took a break under a tree.bugger i bet the boys are on trail now. Oh  well.

Back to the trail  all of a sudden 2 partridges or similar flew up scaring the shit out of me.

A little further a wild turkey  ran past followedby a second and still I pondered down this mystery  trail the hrs ticking by and the sun getting hotter and my water getting lower.

At 3.30 I stopped for another break.Fuck  I think I’ve fucked up here….. 

Back to the trail and  it’s getting  later. Then I see footprints in the sand and on my Appin getting closer to highway 12but I an miles from the trail.

I flowing the  footprints and then see horses. That’s a good sign. 

At last a building with  car.

I can’t climb the fence so I take two water bottles  and head towards the building.

I knock on the door.

A young lady answers the door.

I apologise  to her and ask if she could top up my bottles.

She  grabs my bottles.and disappears shouting Mum.

A few minutes later mum appears  with my water.

Tells me I’m on private land and trespassing .

I apologise  say I’m lost.

She’s not happy  and tells me I’m still trespassing..

I again say sorry and ask am I near the highway?

Yes  tour about a mile away but its all private land.

I thank her and head back to my pack. Itsnot going we I say to myself.

I pour one bottle  into my bladder. Hoist my pack and head down the drive.i passing through another  ranch when a rancher appears  on his Gator. 

Hey you look like you could use a beer!

Omg yes please. I’d love one.

I then said  could I get some water and maybe could I pitch my tent in your back yard!!!

I think we can  do better than that.

I get into the gator. And we drive to the Ranch house. He invites me in .

“Make yourself at home”

He then disappears  and returns with beer and ice. He passes the iced water to me.

Oh that’s so good I top it up then enjoy my ale. 

Would you like to take a shower.

God yes.

I step in the water refreshing my bones and cleaning off the sweat and dirt..

I put on my clean shirt and went back to the kitchen.

Waiting for me was another beer.

What an amazing person.

Okay snail come relax in the lounge  I will cook dinner later you can sleep her too.

Really I couldn’t believe what he was saying omg omg Thank you so so much.

I brought me another beer,then announced  dinner was ready.

Dinner was so good and tasty.then he told me off for not eating enough.

As we were eating the “Cow Dog” appeared he was huge and stopped baddies and critters from bothering the cattle. They also have sheep and alpacas  here too.

Great Hound

We chatted and drank beer before I needed sleep

My rescuer

Mileage 18

DAY 22 Fancy a road walk?

5th May 2022

I was bloody frozen last night.i ended up putting on another top.brr. must order a new bag.

I made a hot chocolate  to warm me before waking back to the trail.

Onwards snail.i pushed on needing to finish the last of the plains. I passed through a gate and headed towards the trees..

Once through  the trees I turned right onto the main road (Dirt track)  I slogged on S this road began to climb and climb at last it began to flattern I stomped on for about another hour  until I  heard a engine,I stopped and moved off the was a forest fire tender

I just stepped back onto the road when I heard another engine. This was a truck towing a cattle truck and was shifting. 

I pushed on again until I heard more engines  again I stood off of the road as a fleet of fire trucks died down the road flowed by numerous  pickups loaded with all their  gear.  As another one approached  I flagged it down

Excuse me I asked am I in any Danger?

No sir the fire is out.

Phew okay I said and went back to my walking.

As I progressed down this road the smell of smoke became stronger.

I was then in the burn. As I walked along  the heat was fierce even though the fire was out.

A little further tress ere still on fire and lots of trees  were still smouldering.  Iwas aitgle concerned and so when  another fire truck arrived I flagged  it down.

He advised me this was  black burn or it was controlled to prevent  others and what was left was normal. He then advised me not to stop until past it

I thanked him and continued on.

Wow it went on and and then I saw crews inside it working.

Eventually I passed it and green reappeared  but  now and then there were burn spots.

About an hr later I saw a nether fire truck parked up. The driver said HI.

So I asked him about the fires. He said the big one was Sunday and there was one along this bit last week… wow.

I pushed on needing water. It was in 2 miles  ahead.

How I feel

As I pushed on down the road I noticed cattle in the field ahead. That  is possibly  it. Imade a route towards it following other hikers last.

There was a large tank powered by a diesel generator. 

I dropped my pack and went to the water. It was warm  so I needed to filter it.

I sat in the shade for my break before returning to the trail and that never ending road.

Hour after hour ticked by as the road continued on.

It’s funny you see a cloud of dust long before you hear the vehicle. 

And they leave in  cloud of dust.

The road now began to climb  and climb. Phew its so hot. I need a break I saw a log so headed over snd dumped my pack down.took of my shoes to cool  my feet.

As I rested a huge log lorry cane by followed by several trucks

I could have sat here ll daybut I needed  miles.

I continued up this road even after my break my feet were still hot. 

A white pick up then came the other way.  He stopped Nd said would you like some cold water.

God yes.he then asked who was behind me.

I hadn’t a clue. I’m not sure I said.

I’ll go check then i will be back

Would you like a lift to the top of the hill?

Yes please as I was exhausted

I removed my pack and sat down.

10 minutes he returned I put my pack the back and got in.he handed me another  water.

We hadn’t gone far when I saw  hawkeye  and Dr Rob getting g water. The driver stopped and asked if they wanteda lift up.the hill. They both declined.

I was dropped at the top.i thanked him and sat in the shade.

The boys shortly appeared.  Iwas amazed that I was only an hour behind them. We set off together but only 1 more mile before we camped 

Miles 20 !

Day 21 Goodbye Gila

4th May  2022

I let the air out of my pad   and made a hot chocolate as I packed up.

I was soon on trail and busy crossing the river my third crossing was deep and that certainly woke me up brr .I tried to speed up to warm back up as it was  cold morning. 

At 6.30 I passed the two boys  as they were  packing up.Bandaids tent was also here. .

The trail was  fairly clear this morning and so I had a good pace. I pased numerous Beaver dams   but no sign of anyone bring at home. Again time to cross and again the river looked deep. I headed up stream to find dome where safer. IT was still cold and my fingers were cold even though I was wearing gloves.  I was now in meadows and began to follow the cairns iclimbed up a dmsll Hill and then began to come down the other  side. The view below was incredible.the size of a football field was packed with logs all sizes crushed together by a flood  I guess  wow it looked amazing. 

I followed the path down and into another meadow. To my  surprise it was frosty on this side. I pushed on and then began  the fun of  more river crossings.

I thought my pace was good and was looking forward to my 9am break.

At last I found a big rock and took a break.the day was now heating up as I followed the trail nice cairns or pink flags. Eventually I came to a huge scree of rock there was a path but it was a little unclear  so I checked my app. 


Once again I’m off trail and by miles how the he’ll did that happen.  I reluctantly turned around  and  headed back. How did I go wrong I was following  the cairns. I passed the place where I took my break.more  annoyed I didn’t check when I had my break. FUCK!

it took me an hour to get back to where I went wrong .

Well that’s well marked.okay now back on trail and losing almost 2 hrs.

I pushed on and began to climb once up ihad great views of Snow lake.Wow.i spiralled down and around the edge and emerged up by the picnic area.

Snow Lake

Wow  great views  .I found a picnic bench and dropped my pack.i walked over and got water and as there was a trashcan I could loose my trash result.

I sat here for about an hour before moving off.

Again another road walk before the trail dived off right.  It was now a lovely trail  I had a small climb and then I emerged in to some fantastic valley’s  they reminded me of the Highlands of Scotland. The valley  went from one to another then another then another. Okay lunch. I sat  in the shade and enjoyed my break

Okay I had one more valley then I came across a cow pound with solar panels. As I had enough wate I passed.

Okay snail where now ?

Oh dear the trail snaked steeply  up a hill.

I set off as as I began to climb the wind  appeared a vicious  wind blowing straight at me  Fuck. I chugged up the dude of the hill. Once at the top it was hard to stand because of the wind. I headed off across vast plains that seemed to go on forever . I battled on for several hrs the wind  tossing me around like a rag doll.  And still the trail snaked on after several hours of this I was exhausted but there was no ehere to hide. It was just exposed. I pushed on  passing several  inquisitive  cows. .

A tree there was a tree  ahead. 

I walked up to it and took off my packed.i stood there thi King fir several minutes before deciding it wasn’t good enough.

I hoisted my pack again and walked back to the trail and forward there were more trees in the distance fingers crossed.

The wind was still relentless but the trees were getting  closer and closer.  At last I walked off trail and towards them .this was perfect.i soon had my tent up and was relaxing with a hot cup of tea.

My view

Milage 17