Day 130 The whites

Friday 17 th August

I was awake fairly early and was packed and ready to go. I hoisted my pack and carried it over to the cooking area. Retrieved my food bag and made breakfast.

Then I was good to go, It was a steep climb to do is he off that took me up to the ridge.

Once up it was a beautiful day, but sadly I couldn’t see anything typical. I pushed on through the cover of the trees and then began my first climb and it was steep and again nothing to see .

Then WOW THE mountains begin yo appear. it’s little haystack and it’s wow it takes me a while to get to tbe peak but wow. I sit for several minutes before continuing on. next was lincon again gorgeous.

after all the dull miles and months this is the Jewel in the crown. I was just blown away .

I was next onto Lafayette. as I approached it it disappeared into the fog and cloud. That’s a shame I said to myself .But I had been lucky so far. but as I climbed it me go ally reappeared and wow just amazing. When I finally sumitted there were about a dozen people milling around.

One man.i spoke to and he was telling me that the next mountain Garfield the journey will be tough with a lot of ups and downs. oh and a storm.around 2pm

I thanked him for the Info and began my decent. and yes he was right. the first decent was good with easy to navigate over rocks. Then i was back Into the trees and then the fun started.

it took me most 2 hours to go y summit Garfield. but wow what a view and to look back over all the climbs that I had all ready done.

I found a sheltered spot and ate lunch and relaxed. as I st there the clouds/mist came and went erasing my views. and then allowing it to reappear.

Okay next mountain I set off gingerly down as the trail was a mess with very long steps where the water had washed the stone away. Eventually it evened out into a nice path and the next minute I was lying on the ground with blood leaking arm.Fuck fuck I had slide on a stone and grazed my arm..I lay in a heap for a few minutes before getting up and dusting myself down..Any other injuries ? No I’m good I continued on passing a sign for. a campsite and water. I stopped and grabbed a litre and was just about to move on when it began to rain.

I remembered the storm so decided to take shelter. The caretaker was named Rachel and was really helpful and friendly.

there was no-one else there so I decided to stay in the shelter so paid my $5.

As I relaxed in the shelter the storm seemed to have vanished ….typical oh well I’ll have an early night instead

Start. 1820

Finish. 1828

Miles. 8

miles to go 340

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