PCT Resupply Locations

My Actual  Resupply  Locations

I was fairly happy with my resupply strategy , I did add a few places along the trail . There were only  two places that i was disappointed with and  they were Echo lake  and Castella
Echo lake  they were not very Hiker friendly but if  you have a mail drop grab it  and leave, There was a well stocked shop  but it was expensive , many hikers  headed to  South lake  Tahoe   so that may be a better choice . Also the Chevron at Castella   was poor  in 2014 apart from its great beer selection, I  waited here for  several days as  i was waiting for a replacement back pack  other hikers went to Dunsmuir  .So i would recomend  sending a mail drop here too

I resupplied all of Oregon from Ashland  and all of Washington from Cascade locks
I tended to use Post offices and   so several times arrived too late  :0(  . But there are other options !!!! HYOH

Warner Springs Mail Drop General delivery Warner springs, CA 92086 showers breakfast, small shop
Idyllwild Buy General Delivery Idyllwild, CA 92314, USA Friendly Town, Park is $3 a night. Has everything you need
Big Bear City Buy Stayed at the hostel, clean and accessible, Bus ride to shops
Wrightwood Maildrop/Buy Great town great Angels stayed for 3 days due to an injury
Agua Dulce the Sauflys) Mail Drop c\o The Sauflys 11861 Darling Road Agua Dulce, CA 91390, USA Just an amazing place to Zero
Mojave Buy I loved this place stayed at the motel 6 , everything was nearby, except for the PO
Kennedy Meadows Buy c\o General Store 96740 Beach Meadow RD 11861 Darling Road, CA 91390, USA Have to say this was the best place stayed at, the guys were all on form and we rocked. Watch your tab as it can get scary, No Wi-Fi here in 2014, Great café down the road too
Lone Pine Buy c\o General Delivery Lone Pine, CA 93545 Great Town Loved the Hostel
Mammoth Buy Another Brewery
Tuolumne Mail drop Great place loved the campsite and the local store is well stocked
Kennedy meadows North Buy Another great place to visit , Great to unwind , Send your Bear canister home and have a beer
Echo lake Mail drop Echo lake not Hiker Friendly 2014 Well stocked shop but dear
Truckee Buy Real Friendly Place
Sierra City Buy/mail drop c\o General Delivery Sierra City, CA, 96125, USA Great town, Camped free behind the church, Great Burgers too
Belden Great Bar Café
stayed with Angel
Chester Buy Real Friendly Place, Visit the Dentist !! I camped at RV site,
Wifi at the libary
Old Station Mail drop c\o General Delivery Old Station CA96071 Just passed through
There is a shop here
Burney/Burney Falls Buy Just passed through
Look out for trail magic
Castella Mail drop Disappointed, Dunsmuir maybe a better option
Etna Buy Hiker Hut & Brewery
Seiad Valley Buy Pancake Challenge,
Good shop
Ashland Buy c\o Ashland Outdoor Centre 37 N 3rd Street Ashland OR 97520 Loved this town wished I had more time, Resupplied here for all of Oregon.
Great Micro Breweries
stayed at the Hostel
Mazama /Crater Lake mail drop c\o Crater Lake Camp Mazama Village OR 97604 Great Place to relax, Shops and restaurant
Diamond lakes Great Place to relax, Fantastic Pizza and Beer
Shelter Cove Mail drop c\o Shelter Cove Resort 27600 West Odell Lake Rd or 97733 Great Pizza and Beer
Big Lake Youth Camp mail drop c\o Big Lake Youth Camp 13100 Highway 20 OR, 97759 Hiker Lounge to chill and free camping Made to feel welcome.

Had great hiker boxes in 2014

Bend Resupply Kit REI / Great Beer
stayed with Trail Angel
Olallie Lakes Great to take a lunch, enjoy a beer and the views
Timberline Breakfast Fantastic Breakfast all you can eat $15 Great to  relax
Cascade Locks Buy c\o Joe Shelly Shrek Cascade Locks OR 97014 USA I resupplied here for all of Washington
White Pass mail drop c\o White Pass Rural PO Kracker Barrel Store WA 98650, USA I cant remember what I did here !!
Snoqualmie mail drop c\o Chevron Station Snoqualmie WA, 98068, USA Was hit by huge storm so splashed out on a hotel room
Skykomish, mail drop mail to post office or to the Dinsmores Hiker Heaven
Had several zeros here
Stehekin, mail drop c\o General Delivery Stehekin, WA, 98852, USA Great  cake shop here
Just a fantastic Place
sat and people watched for most of the day
Manning Park Buy Hostel is cheap or get a room, book your greyhound if going to Vancouver
Vancouver Hostel near Railway/Bus station



Post Office

Post Office


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