My Hiking Budget 2014

This was based on draft budget, and  its  worked out fairly   accurately


 PCT 2014 – Draft Budget / Equipment
Item Quant Cost
Flights – London to San Diego US/Canada to London 1 £800
US Tourism Visa 1 £100
Travel Insurance 1 £275
Travel to and from trail:
San Diego to Campo- £20
Manning Park to Vancouver $45
Equipment:  $2027.00
Hiking  Costs 
Mobile phone costs 5 X 60 300
Town accommodation  $ 60 per night $622
Food per day  ($10)  est 150 days 2791
 Town meals  1 per week @$15  est 15  included in above
Replacement  Kit  $1025
Resupply Postage  – USPS  Mail $413.25
Other Travel, Bus taxi $100
Subtotal $5251.25
 Pound 3919.53
 Grand Total to  hike the PCT in 2014  7122.00

These  are  my  totals  from  my 2014  hike


I could probably of cut my food  bill down a bit  but  then  there was a fair amount of beer  in that total  as i  was so amazed  with all the micro breweries that they had  to be sampled , These  costs also have gas or butane costs in

Postage Costs

Again i could of  possible shaved $100 off of this, being green at the beginning i sent myself  stuff i didn’t need .  Also as i am from the UK i was also a tourist and my mother loves to receive  postcards

Town Costs

Being unorganized  at  first i often got to town late missing the post office, so then  had  to wait  till Monday, costing me more in  accommodation, food and beer costs

Replacement costs

well i replaced  several  large pieces of kit  at  the start , and then switched to trail runners a new tent  and  poles


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