PCT 2014


I am still not exactly sure why I hiked the pacific crest  trail , But I have to say it ranks as the single best experience I have had in my life.
I went out green as a cumber with nil hiking, backpacking, or camping experience to hike the 2660 mile (4286km) of the PCT
A trail that runs from the Mexico Border to Canada. It traverses dry Californian deserts, high snowy mountains, and wet rain forests. There is no other hike like it the entire world.!

While hiking the Pacific Crest Trail I tried to keep a journal, in fact  it’s not bad, even though I lost a few days due to technology failure

The Journal are my experiences of the day both good and bad. Each entry also contains a selection of photos that I took on that day. You may find them of interest If you are planning on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Pacific Crest Trail Gear

I started out green and made numerous mistakes , so do you research this page  has more information
PCT 2014 Hiking Gear
Remember every year hiking gear is better.
After several shake downs  I was happy with most of my gear. In recent years I have updated my gear list  but to be honest haven’t changed a great deal . I am not  a lightweight hiker  but  that is my choice  Happy Trails


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