Day 141

Tuesday 28th August

I had set the alarm for 5 am to hopefully hit the trail by 6 and claw back some of those miles.

But typically I woke to the sound of heavy rain so didn’t move until it began to slow.

Once it did I quickly packed up before making a brew and breckfast . I was sitting on a tree stump do ing my tea when the rain returned with vengeance. I covered up my pack and finished my tea.

My back groaned as I hoisted my pack I blame the wet tent.

It was just over 4 miles to the next shelter and up . As I walked my mind argues with it’s self ….You should of gone on . I needed to rest. I let them argue!!!!

The trail wasn’t that nice rocky and twisty such fun…… As I made my way up the sun decided to come out and so it soon became humid and me soaked. It was just over 2 hours before I reached the shelter. It was deserted except for one lonely sleeping hiker ..Bless.

I carried on past and down the other side. It was bloody steep too steep for my knees that. complained. It was another hour till I was down and emerged into a lovely little campsite. This was my actual target for Yesterday. But the pond was my choice.

As I made my way through I noticed some huge tarps a d wondered if there was trail magic ? But couldn’t see anyone. I then had to cross a wide river and in the morni g light it looked beautiful.

I was now time for my second climb again steep as I made my way up wyman mnt I began to hear voices .I presumed other hikers coming down .But as I got higher I could see it was a trail crew. They were replacing/ building new steps. It’s quite fascinating to watch as i stood there panting the lady crew said yes this mountain kicks your butt.

Thanks for that I said you could of waited till I was at the top.

I carried on up and 10 minutes later came across another crew doing the same. They had a large block and tackle to move these giant rocks . again I’m.impresed and thanked them.for their hard work .

Yes she was right this mountain did kick my butt. at the top I collapsed and took off my was a great view now as I rested and ate a few snacks

Okay let’s go 1 down 2 more to go Old Blue mountain was.nect and this was a killer

its not a gentle path up these mountains it’s hand over hand climbing and it’s not straight up .you climb a bit you go down a little then you doodle through the forest navigate a big or two then you climb some more. then it’s s huge down before you climb again. Old Blue took me 2 hours and as soon as there was a place I could collapse into then I did.

Omg I am completely knackered and I still have about 8 miles to go for my target and it was 2pm

So I made a brew and ate the rest of my snacks . As I sat there another exhausted hiker appeared. Take my seat in done.

I hoisted up my pack and continued on and of course down . After a while I came to a spring and watered up. I still wanted to get to the shelter but in case I didn’t make it. there was water on the trail and nearer but I like the dog I g water if possible as I do not filter. I pushed on . come Snail you can do this and headed for mountain no 3 Ben is mountain

The climb started similar then I was back to the boards . theses had seen better days and so it was a change drying to keep you feet dry. I kept pushing but didnt want to fall as the trail here was so slippery

As I climbed even higher the wind came. It was fairly terrifying as many of the trees were bending and groaning and the roots were lifting on some. Great I thought crushed by a tree

As I came to an opening I great a great view of some amazing lakes in the far distance one is Lower Richardson lake they look huge.

As I was taking more photos Peach zoomed past. You gpingvyp the shelter Snailtrainer,?

Yes if my legs hold out i said

Peach then vanished..I’m sure he’s half goat , the way he skips down the mountains.

I was beginning to tire it was 6.30 it would take me at least another hour as the trail was rock, bog and steep slabs. and when I’m tired I go slower as that’s when I fall and hurt myself.

Where is that shelter I crossed over big plates of rock

I was worried thst msy be I missed it as I should be there by now

It seemed to take hours untill I spotted a tent. Thank fuck I said to myself. as I had, had enough. The best flat spots had been taken but as I was so tired I didn’t care. and so quickly threw my tent up. Imeaditly made a brew then made a Ramin bomb, ramin and mashed potato . but I added cranberries and bacon. Bloody good .washed fown with a second brew.

It was now pitch dark so straight to bed.

The wind is howling high above me @!

Start. 1936

Finish. 1953

Miles. 17

miles left. 246


Day 140

Monday 27th August


I type this late at night in poor light with poor eyes on a small screen so excuse typos and spelling I will correct when home.

also can’t always load photos. due to service !

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Roger robinson (Snailtrainer)

I slept realy well maybe it was. Jason’s burgers or perhaps the half dozen cans of beer.

I got up on my second alarm . visited the loo then began to pack up . when I was almost done I put on a brew and made breckfast.

was tent was fairly wet but I have known wetter

I said my good byes to iron man and strolled out of th camp. My back groaned under the weight. and of course I was heading up

Jason was telling us about the climb a yesterday but I had completely forgotten .

It was an overcast morning perfect for climbing. mountains but there will not be any views.

The climbs wernt actually too Steep but it still took me 2.5 hours to reach the top. As I was resting Guber came past .See you at the top snail he said and raced off into the fog..

Mm. I thought I was at the top!

I set off on the ridge .wh I h was solid sheets of rock following the cairns that appeared in the fog as you got nearer. I realised that I was climbing a.d as I got higher the wind came and it was fairly terrifying as I had to climb up.a solid rock wall . and because if the fog clouds I couldn’t see the top. The wind ripped at my rain cover and I expected it to go sailing away. Up and up till I was at the actual top but I couldnt see anything .Time to go down again the wind. hoed and itvwas difficult to stand up.straight or walk in a straight line . now and then.the clouds lifted to travel amazing landscapes. but blink.and they vanished.. As I made my way down I noticed kaldascope was behind me .

The trail down then became very challenging and down right scary . The slabs in the dry take some doing but in the wet they are lethal. I inched my way down trying to stay upright. I eventually came to a bit where there was a rope to help you down. I have to say Maine has given us the toughest trail so far with everything. deep bogs.ladders. rock mazes and scary climbs .

I used to class myself as a hiker but I can now add rock climber to the list. I pushed on still spiralling down. I stoped to let kaleidoscope pass then followed them until they vanished. Today I was hoping for a better trail as I have really been struggling to do the miles. I’ve gone from 20s to 10s

Fantastic at last I’m in a forest on an almost flat trail whoop . but it still had nasty stairs every so often and typically the last one I came down on my arse Fuck and @#$^& I grazed my knuckles .I be sat on my arse every day since getting to.the whites. and now we are in Maine I’m still doing it. I was really annoyed with myself but dusted myself down. and pushed on down the trail. and to cheer me up the sun came out. hurrah ūüėé

I pounded down the trail leaping rocks and jumping over small bogs .Soon I came to my first leantoo (Hut Every state has a different name for them) It had the most in front to deter porupines.

There was a hiker called purple rain and Kalidascope and ahem were there

I stopped for lunch. As I was relaxing iron man arrived and then from.the other direction Rodregas arrived I hadn’t seen months. but he was now flipfloping . Headed north to New York . then moved to MAINE and heading south

We caught up on gossip . whose still waking and who’s gone home.

Time to hike I hoisted my pack and headed up the hill once up again the trail was pretty good a few ups a few downs but all sensible . I was Hopi g to get go.the me t shelter. that. would give me 16 miles and I was good on time .I was felling happy as I hiked along.

Until I walked down an innocent slab . the next minute I was sat in a big . For fuck sake I screamed not agsin. I got to my feet mud driving shorts . I had words with myself and decided at the next water I would change.

It was almost another hour till I reached the perfect spot it was rather idyllic. Lying on a the sun was Kaleidoscope Ahem was on the river bank and another was sat on s rock in the middle of the river.I crossed over dropped my pack got out my spare shorts then returned to the river to wash them and my socks . I also topped up water.

Back across I washed my hair as it was gross

Then it was time to go itvwas only 2pm but I was flagging i normally hike untill at least 6.

Come on snail. I urged myself on then jumped back as a snake shot into my path.

It wasn’t a rattler. but as I didn’t know what it was I wasn’t taking any chances.

So I videoed him Instead. but then he lunged at me which startled me. so I moved on quicy. It was still a glorious afternoon as I dropped down to another glorious lake. I followed it around and st one side there were several large spots suitable for camping.

I checked my watch 4.30. and it’s 4 more to the next shelter and it’s up..

So I decided to camp early

that’s let’s my tent dry too.

so time for dinner and a brew.

Start. 1924

Finish. 1936

Miles. 12

miles left. 264

Day 139

Sunday 26th August

I emerged from my tent on the second alarm and carried out the normal drill loo retrieve food bag pack up make tea hike out. I wanted to be on trail by 6.30 and no later than 7. so I was on time .

I did the usual first climb then it was level for a while then down steep down and there were several ladders . I stopped to let a faster hiker past he was an Aussy out with his son. we followed each other and chatted as we hiked . the trail still continued down and was very shitty. We stoodxadide to let another hiker up .

Enjoy the rocks he called out as he passed.

This meant nothing to me.

UNTILL we arrived at the rocks ! WTF!!!!!

It was approximately a mile of huge boulders. some you go over some you go under.

I removed my pack soni could strap my poles on (you don’t or can’t use poles for this). Next tighten every thing as if you lose it you will not be getting it back

Now let the fun took me just o we an hour to tackle this obstacle course. over under around. I have to say what is the point..But you could say that of the AT. I’m just so glad that it was DRY!.

Half way along I passed the South African party of Springbok….etc xxx Said to me didn’t you have a tent on your pack ?

fuck I said. But she was just winding me up .. Nice one grrrr.

once through this fun part of shut all we all collapsed in a heap drained water bottles and ate snacks.

Next was the big climb. again I followed the Aussie up. it was gnarly and shitty for the first half hour then was just huge slabs of granite.It funny I seem to be able gone in up these nut itcdtilltook me 1.5 hours tobtrachbthe summit then itvwas a quick photo opportunity before the decent.Ad I have Said many a time the decents kill my knees so I go down slow.with the odd stumble. Then itvwas the next climb once up .this one the views were amazing

Time was getting on do at the first opportunity I stopped for lunch. ate snacks and brewed up. After this it was down but I never believe what the map says

Again I hadn’t done huge milage but all ready I was struggling so decided that if there was a stealth spot(tent spot) near the car park then that would do me.

As I began my decent I began many sevtion hikers people out for the day etc.

I met a lovely lady dressed in a tutu and tiara she had just completed the 48peak challenge so was so excited . she insisted thst i had several of her homemade choc chip cookies. They were dam good.

As I decended lower I began to hear cars and do at the next stream I decided to water up.

It wasn’t long until i stumbled into the car park that was full

lying down was Guber son of Aussie, Kaleidoscope and i am.

A man called Jason was doing trail magic I sat down and was handed a beer as he cooked me a burger . I ended up eating 3 burgers that were fab and a sausage stuffed with CHEESE. he also kept supplying me with beer TOP MAN!

he also had a cooler Filled with hiker food..sides snacks etc.

Wow what a guy. As I sat enjoying my beer it began to pour.Chris quickly threw up a tarp done a remained dry.

see remained drinking and eating untill the sun c

me out . As I was now stuffed. fed and was time to. camp

I Said to iron man I’m crashing at the back.of the car park . Good call snail do you mind if i join you ?

not at all.

There were some great spots so tent was soon up .

Start. 1914

Finish. 19

Miles. 10

miles left. 276

Day 138. the Border

Saturday 25th August

I emerged tent at 6am visted the loo then retrived my foodc bag ftom the Bear box.I quickly packed up then made tea and oats. Then i was ready as I wanted to try and do a long day. I said goodbye to iron man and marched out of the camp

I was soon back on the trail. and stsrtrdcwithbthe normal climb which was followed by another then another as I dropped fown I was greeted with a long lake..I scanned the shores for moose..well you can hope . the trail skirted around it and then back up now and then I came to a great view.where I stood and surveyed the sights. Then i was off again heading down and again came to another lovely lake. as of approaches it I startled a hiker who in turn startled me . itvwas school called late start who was living her name . we chatted for a bit then it was the trail..I was getting excited as i would cross the border later today my last state and I would be in Maine.

I spent the next few hours in and out of forests

.clambering over manybwind blow trees and cursing them as I struggled to get over the thick ones ( little legs) then I was back to the boards but typically where they ended the boys began they all need moving 6 foot forwards .i was puffing and panting a lot then i came to a marker that really cheered me up it was the 1900 mark whoop whoop.

Thstcseemed to give me a little more energyas I pushed on trying to avoid the deep bogs..

It’s a game I play let’s see how long I can keep my feet dry

i eventually I emerged on top of another summit and stayed there. it’s mainly rock and so it’s a rock path . I checked my watch it was 12.30 and a good place to stop. I dropped my pack andgot out my snacks.

while I sat I took off my shoes and socks to let my feet breath then decided to swap my socks.

I checked my map .and was a little disappointed in my mileage only 7. but the ttail had been fairly tough

I had hoped to be at the border by now and then a short afternoon. But I still had a fair way to go. I packed up and set off again and was soon on the boards again vrodding over more bogs. In the distance I could see and hear a large group of people .as I got closer I could see that they were all sat on a huge rock. It was about 20 high school students

celebrating the end of something!.I passed them and continued on. several more large climbs and decent and. I was beginning to struggle . in other words I was completely knackered. and I still hadn’t got to the border. The continuous up and downs have just drained me. I slurped on my bladder taking big gulps

Com on Snail I said to my self it can’t be far , But was too afraid to look at the map.

It was almost another hour till I reached the magical sign .

Thank fuck for thst I said to myself . I took several pictures. Then another rest. there were several flat spots I could camp here. I checked my map the next campsite was in 5 miles and it was 2pm . so if thevtrsil was good if be there by 4.30 say 5 at the latest. or I could camp here. No I will push on ………. Sometimes. you make bad decisions( HINDSIGHT)

I pushed on and omg. Welcome to MAINE..I think thst they had tried to make the trail as hard and as dangerous as possible .

It was completely. nuts. May be they dont want hikers to go any further. the downs were down sheer slabs of rock with nothing to hold on to .Then a most and letterbox thst looked almost impossible to navigate around especially wearing a pack . after a that it was the fuvk board a but these had rungs on them and seemed to go on for miles I felt like I was a chicken

then it was mud, deep oozing with now simple way around it and all this while climbing up and do while a bloody yo yo .

The trail was so bloody hard and mad that it took me another 5.5 hours to get to camp almost an extra 3 hours.

I have to say I was winging for the last 2 . but it’s because I was tired and knackered and wanted to get to camp early . but I’ve done another 15 and it was a bloody hard 15

And I know it will be similar again tomorrow.

Once at the campsite I threw up my tent went and got water then cooked. The first cup.of tea hit the spot then I cooked pasta which i quickly woofed. When I put my food Inn the Bear box I noticed iron man arrive. we both agreed thst it was a tough afternoon

i now need my bed

Start. 1899

Finish. 1914

Miles. 15

miles left. 276

Day 137

Friday 24th August

my alarm went off I silenced it then the next

it had just gone 7 when I finally emerged

Bugger in wanted to be up earlier. so why did switch of the alarms. I groggily got up visted the loo then the Bear box . there were so many hikers streaming out of camp as the shelter was packed last night. I made my way to the cooking area and made tea I was going to make breakfast too but I couldn’t be bothered .It was late and I knew it was going a slow getaway.

I first needed to repair or sort out my pack . I grabbed my fanny pack the buckle looked similar. msy be thstcwould work . I cut off the buckles and removed the broken one pack ureka!! it fits. thank god .

hopefully it will do until I can order a new one from Osprey.

As I walked out of camp I could still here the boys .

I continued up.the side trail back to the trail at the signpost to the camp I stared at it the distance was faded but read 1800 yards. still it was further than thst.

I pushed on happy thst my buckle was now fixed off would of been a night mare with out it and I would if probably gone into the first town.

The morning always start with a climb and so today’s was no exception. the views were great nut it’s a similar view for the last four of days stunning but once you have seen trees you have seen them domi pushed on and over more rock thst saps your strength and gets you’re heart pumping.


down I began to hear voices a d soon came across a group of 8 hikers . excuse me I said and they all stood aside to let me through. Thank you.

I pushed on while i had the momentum and energy. ha ha .

soon I was on the duck boards I like these as they are level and straight. meaning your not weaving in and out of the trees. which I find annoying once over the boards the trail dipped down and sharply.

This is the bit that kills my knees and it went down and down and down and down and down some more . the last bit was a stone stair case which again kills the knees I normally go down sideways as it feels better. but every now and then the step is steep meaning you really have to stretch your leg .

at last I was at the bottom and several creeks ran past

so Checked my map to see if I needed water or if I could push on. Nope there is plenty of water ahead . Great so less to carry. I did a small climb then I we in the forest on a smooth wide FLAT! path . that’s been a while such a joy to walk on I followed the creek along on this lovely path. I decided that I would take a break at 1pm or the shelter …..Whatever came first. It was the shelter..I dropped my pack and decided I’d make a brew. I was just pouring the water on tea when iron man arrived.

he relaxed and had lunch as I did. Then a family and grandad and grandma. came along theyvwefe looking for a Falls . but I hadn’t see any neither had iron man. so they continued on .Then the Boys arrived Sasquatch and short mile looked as they had , had a swim. we exchanged insults then they pushed on as they were getting off at the road to resupply again in xxx xxx

after they passed kaleidoscope and ahem passed by. I packed up.and continued on

As I hiked on a man came up.the trail saying there is magic in the patking lot. Great thanks I said

I wasn’t long till I arrived there was Sasquatch short mile, Samaritan, Iron man, kaleidoscope Ahem and the lady doing the magic. we swapped a dozen more insults then the lady passed me a bowl of salad it was a chicken ceaser salad bloody tasty i washed that down with orange juics followed by a large chocolate milk. there were loads of muffins too..but a half hour before I had stopped for lunch typical .

the boys were going into town from here and the lady said that she would take them.I ambskways amazed at the generosity of people out here.

I wished them.well plus more insults and hiked out

thevtrsil goes down a d across a huge I was emjoyingbtj view a customised car came by .itvwas a pickup and I lived it it had a 3.5 Chevy engine in it and looked fab

Once across the river it was approximately 7 more miles to camp and just for a change it was up

And steep I spent the afternoon climbing and by 4pm I was exhausted . as I sat on the top of another hill.

I checked my phone .I had service so quickly phoned osprey. I spoke to Christopher who was very helpful and would do his best to get the new buckle to me by Monday.

I felt chuffed. and as I hiked on was actually flying untill I got to the next big climb and my energy level dropped to empty.

how much further ..I calculated 6.30 and as I hike north the daylight is fading by 7 so dinner on the dark.

I pushed on my watch pinged 6pm great can’t be much further.. The trail has this annoying habit. that The last mile is like an army obstacle course thst true go kill you. and it’s even more fun when your knackered . tired and just want your bed..I was struggling fown The last climb when I heard voices behind me was kaleidoscope and ahem..I let them pass. as thevtrsil to.the campsite was just in front.

At last I passed several tents , the privy and bear box. Then i saw Iron man..I set to him then we ate together.

I expected Samaritan and his crew to arrive but maybe they have stayed in town


Start. 1885
Finish. 1899
Miles. 15
miles left. 291

Day 136. wildcats

Thursday 23rd August

I was awake early but I mustcafmit it was lovely to sleep in a big bed.

I went down stairs at 6.30 used the looo then went back to my bed to start sorting out my stuff. I have too much i always have too much I carry too.much. Once I was packed I took my packndown stairs and weighed it. 46lb I’m probably one of the heaviest on trail and you do not win prizes for being heavy but it’s always aground this weight

I made coffee and had a good go at my ice cream that I forgot to eat last night. grrrr.

at last itvwas shuttle time I out my pack in the car with my fellow hikers.We were b ing driven by a friend of Paul’s and wow how knowledgeable She was. Born and bread she knew every hill, and trail. as he told us aboht the family thst owned all of the land. The man who built the road to Mt Washington and the man who laid thec tracks for the train.

Soon we were back at pinkleys nudge . We thanked our driver as we removed our packs from the boot.

I hoisted mine up and walked across the road Samaritan and his crew headed the other way May be getting a coffee or something . As I stepped foot on the trail I noticed there was a definite chill in the sir and shivered. Next minute Samaritan returned as they had headed the wrong way. Sasquatch and short mile zoomed to the front and took off. I walked with Samaritan for a while as he was a bit fed up trying to keep up with the other two as they are much faster. we were chatting away, the next minute I have slipped and I am.about to face plant a rock, Somehow I managed to twist my neck and avoid the rock but gashed my arm and leg. Fuck fuck I said and a few words.

Samaritan was amazed that I didn’t smash my face..great save he said and are you okay ?

Yes I’m.oksy more embarrassed than hurt although my leg stung.

We pushed on a short way until.the climbing started.

scrambling at first then proper climbing hands and feet I was busy concentrating then a dog ran by me . yes a dog almost up.a vertical wall followed by his owner!.

I continued on slowly . as slow is safe and safe is slow every now and then we would reach a small summit with great views. Of course Washington was clear. and you could see the Auto route snaking its way UP

the mountain range is called Wildcats and is a fairly famous ski slopes. I continued on it was over 2 hours before I reached the summit. and just a bit further was the ski lift with its gondolas.

I joked with the crew thstvi should of taken that up.

I took a few pictures then carried on as there were 3 More climbs in the Wildcat group .

I pushed on passing several sobos and day hikers several mountains later andcsgain I came to a clearing with great views .There was a couple with their dog and so they were able to tell me call about the different mountains.

it’s .7 down to the Hut he said and 1.7 up the next climb which is pretty shitty!

Okay onwards and downwards as I wanted to get to Imp shelter at least another 10 miles away.

The Down was really sketchy slippery with loose gravel. after my fall earlier I was being more careful so it took me almost an hour to get down.

Once down I was presented with two stunning lakes or ponds. . The hut was .1 away but as i wanted to visit it i took the blue blazed trail.

When i arrived I noticed the familiar packs lent against the wall. So wasn’t supprised to see the gang inside.

Have the cake Snail it’s good and so is the soup.

I ordered both plus a chunk of bread.

yep the soup was good one of the best . as the other have been a bit thin. the cake was really really good. Once I had finished my food i went to the loo.

Omg they are pretty stunning . clean and they look fairly recently built as they still smell of pine

The hutd that you. stay in look recently built too . A few pennies to stay !!

I grabbed water then began the challenge of the next climb.

I hadn’t gone too far when I met several people good luck.they all said.

It was another hour before I came to the top of this one

By now it was hot!

the rest if the day was spent climbing and decending. every now and then I was rewarded with an amazing view

I was pushing when I almost ran into a rabbit it stopped looked at me then ran off.

It was closely followed by a Martin. I tried to video. but he was far too fast. but it was lovely to see

as i continued on several of the guys from hostel shot past me as they were Sobos. maybe the other end may be easier ha ha

I decided to take a 10 minute break. I glugged some lemonade and ate a snickers . I was just about to move on when iron man came by. I fell in behind him .he was fast on the straights but omg on the tricky climbs he was useless. I had to wait at the top of each one as he climbed painfully down. but I have these moments do.i was patient . eventually it flattened and he took off

..thank God as I seemed to have lost a fair bit of time

typical I was tired and it was still at least a mile to go

I pushed on. and shortly came to a v shaped gorge although I was was vertical so your walking along the slant. off I was the next minute I’m laying on my back again fuck fuck I wasn’t hurt but I heard a click which turned out to be a snap.

the force of me going on arse caused my hip belt buckle to snap. That’s a big FUCK. as now my packs weight was all on my shoulders and because I had watered up itvwas close to 48lb again . I shouted a few more obscenities to the trees and struggled on with my broken pack . At last a sign to the campsite. it read 800 yards thank god for that. but I walked and walked and walked it was closer to .8 of a mile.

I found the care taker. she looked stressed.

So you want to camp?

I did think thst was obvious and I did want to say no judt come for a ice cream but I resisted. she pointed out the dinning area and the Bear box and privy. She then walked me to a camp spot. the boys were here plus it ironman. she pointed to a postage stamp piece of ground. . I laughed. I can’t get my tent in there as I’m large. What about the big empty tent platform?

Oh I’m expecting a big group so I’m keeping it free your havrvto put your tent in front of mine . so I followed her back

Yep I could get it in there nut it wasn’t very level. You would of thought being here all day the caretakers could spend a bit of time on the tent pads ( bare earth) just levelling them .

Butvi was tired I had a spot. I threw tent then food and chair down to the eating area. Sasquatch short mile and Samaritan where still eating . I said that was cheap $5 for the spot and ,$ 5 for here to read me a bed time story. they laughed.

It was late by the time I finished cooking took late really but I did get to see a wonderful sunset

I finished off then made my way back to my tent. and was soon asleep.

Start. 1871

Finish. 1885

Miles. 14

miles left 306

Day 135 Zero in Goreham

Wednesday 22 August

I didn’t need to get up as I’m on a Zero

But I had chores to do, I finally

I emerged at 7 am .I looked at the sky it was Black. it looked very threatening. a few drops began to fall. Fuck it. I quickly dropped my tent and threw it into the barn. so had just fit it into the dry when it threw it down

I packed up and brought my pack upstairs. I continued editing video . phoned Big Agnes to get a new tent bag.

Samaritan and his team were going for breakfast so i tagged along. we walked to.the testurant in the pouring rain once at he restaurant , it was packed so it seemed to take a while to order and even longer to get our food. I had the hungry hiker thstvwas 2 eggs sausage home fries toast and French toast..I added bacon and a toasted blueberry muffin.

When it eventually came it was bloody good .

We walked back and I began to sort my gear again..okay I need to go to Wal-Mart.

I walked back down town and waited for the bus. itvwas 2 bucks .

I was soon At Wal-Mart. I looked again at suitcases and then brought a new drive to once again clean down my phone.

Once down I grabbed the bus back..Again I visted the post office and a d sent kit back.upthe trail.

Back at the hostel I relaxed.cleaned down my phone and watched tv.

At 5 I went and grabbed more beer then cooked pasta for tea. so made plenty and shared it with others.

Start. 1871

Finish. 1871

Miles. zero

miles left 319

Day 134

Tuesday 21st August

I was up. And out as I needed to get to north Compton Post office as I had stupidly sent a package there and hadn’t the cell service to change it.
The slog up the side trail that I went down last night was a struggle . How I walked down it in the dark last I don’t know.
It seemed to take me ages to get back to the Hut.

I went inside got my book stamped refilled with water  then re-joined the trail.
The start was a climb up Mt Monroe, and it was rock, and it was steep. The soles of my feet were sore from yesterday so ached as I walked hopefully, I can block that out .
As I climbed the views were amazing, but it was a tough climb. I was following the Cairns, but it was still hard trying to plot my route to the next cairn. I was soon puffing and panting . But the views were amaze g and typically Mt Washington was clear in the distance.

At last I reached the summit andd wow what a view . I stood on the top for several minutes just staring at the amazing views. But I was on a tight schedule as I needed to get go the post office.

I headed down or rather to the ridge. The views were stunning . and I was just amazed at their beauty. I stumbled and hesitated my way down to a flat surface.

As I began to reach the tree line, I met an Australian south bounder ¬†called shield maiden that made me smile as it’s a term .from. Vikings that is one of my favourite tv programs.
at last I was off the rocks. and began to head down into the trees .
I hadn’t gone far until. I ran into Passenger, Sir mix lot, bleep and Ossie. We exchanged verbal insults as they were slackpacking south as we continued our way. Next it was the commander and Wander Woman Wander Woman gave me advice about the trail.

At last the and less rocky and I was able to get some speed up.or rather I thought I was faster.

come on snail I urged my way on as I wouldn’t be at the trail head until 1.30 then I had a double hitch .
I was still heading down, but I thought I was going good on time
I crossed several creeks as I continued down from. Monroe.
Then  crossed over a large creek via a suspension bridge

I was busy stomping down the trail when I came snagged on s branch stupidly, I wrenched free, only to find that it was my tent stuff sack that’s caught so it was now ripped in two and my tent fluttered out behind me. I was more concerned that in May of ripped my tent, so I had to stop to. I investigate. Luckily not . so, had to carry out a quick repair / bodge on my tent bag then I was on my way.
I shortly emerged onto a road. shall I hitch I pondered.
as forestry can appeared and stopped so I asked the driver for advice on how to get to the post office. He recommended continuing to Pickcom Notch. Do that’s what I did. I soon began to see people which meant that I was close.
Soon I was there . I went inside to grab a soda. Outside was pippin and Sparks

I gave the normal abuse then headed for the road and to hitch to North Compton
It was 10 minutes before I had a ride .the guy was an all-round dude. hiker, surfer, skier etc. he made me feel quite dull .as he was my age May be older. but a great car companion. He ended up dropping me at the post office. I grabbed my new Snozzel bag from Xped posted my tourist stuff up the trail , then headed back to the road. my driver suggested that I walk to the next set of lights then hitch.

It worked  a lady stopped, she was retired and had just been fishing
As we drove, she said bugger my golf has been cancelled so  I might as well take you to Gorham. As originally, she was going to drop me off at the road junction.
Where do you want to go, she asked…?
I wasn’t sure so got out my phone. The Hostel. I said.
It’s right there she said pointing to the right.
She dropped me right outside the hostel.

I thanked her and lugged my pack. Up the driveway.
I pushed the bell.
Do you have a bed I asked?
Sorry we are full. I thought…….Do you have tenting?
Yes, I have tenting .
Okay then that would be good, do you have a bed for tomorrow ?
Yes, I do .
Great so I booked in and paid.
I quickly put up my tent and relaxed.
Once settled in  I then walked to the Post office and picked up my
On the way back I got some snacks for tea and beer.
Once back I sorted through my stuff. The relaxed in the barn with my fellow hikers and relaxed.

Start. 1864
Finish. 1871
Miles. 7
Miles left

Day 133 Washington

monday 20th August

There was no rush to get up as I was hoping to scrounge so good from.the hut

I packed up and headed slowly to the Hut .but they didn’t seen at all hiker friendly . eventually I got a cold coffee for a buck so I don’t know I bothered.

Okay back to the trail. as ways it’s a climb first. it’s going to be a day of climbs but the sun is out and it’s a beautiful day.

my first climb was up my Pierce

as I neared The top omg what amazing views I stopped for a few minutes. you can see my Eisenhower,Monroe, Washington and Jefferson.

I continued on..This area is really popular and so there were people every where I dropped down.then Eisenhower. from.hete Washington was still clear so fingers crossed

My next climb was Monroe and it’s here I caught up with Samaritan and the crew, but as I was videoing my phone flashed up a warming thst my card was full . Oh no .not now

the whites had been better than expected and so I was taking more video Dam dam

adfter the next climb I took a break and we.t through my phone looking for things to delete.

well.theres a bit of space but not enough do I got out my camera instead. I began the decent to the Lakes of the Clouds hut. I had a quick look around brought some lemonade, Then got my book stamped.

In front was Washington . I set off it was 1.7 Miles , should take an hour and I should be at the top ha ha

The climb was tough all rock , as I climbed the Clouds began to roll in and. Washington slowly vanished. Maybe it will reappear before o get yo the top fingers crossed.

st last I was at the top and sadly still was the Clouds.

I walked to the restaurant , the boys were at at a table so I dropped my pack and joined them.

I then went to the cafe and ordered a large slice of pizza a bowl of chilli and a lemonade.

While I sat my phone charged.

when I had eaten i went to get my photo taken with the mountain sign. (there was a big queue )

We all were hoping thst the cloud would lift but after several hours I couldnt wait any longer. As I was leaving the trains began to leave

there are 3 steam trains that ferry visitors up and down the mountain

I watched them leave then walked back to the trail I hadn’t been walking more than 30 minutes when the Clouds lifted and the sun began to shine

Bloody Typical…..

As I walked the train was on its way back so I stood and watched it again before continuing on and down steeply down. before climbing again then skirting around Mt Clay. it was rock and would remain rock all day !!

The weather was really good but the rock was killing my knees. as it’s ROCK

I pushed on there was an option to climb My Jefferson but I was getting tired and I knew that there was still a long way to go. at last iwasgli g down I thought that I must be almost there . But no fam I still had at least 5 more miles and it was back up to My Adams

I was knackered my feet hurt my knees hurt. I urged myself on the rock became huge so I was leaping from rock to rock my knees loved this .At last I was up on the ridge and the sky was looking dark but in the distance there was still sun.

If I had water is throw my tent up and hope for the best.

I kept walking following the cairns. at last I could see the Hut.but I still had a mile to go once I reached it .

at last I dropped my pack and walking inside. sat at a table with a bowl of soup was Bilbo.

I grabbed my orange ticket and swapped it for a free bowl of soup and pastry, that I soon devoured

okay I now have to find the campsite . it was 8pm the latest that I had walked and it was getting dark .I set off down the trail it was rocky and steep and by the time I was there it was black and I hadn’t put on my light yet. But once at the campsite I didn’t see a thing so used my phone . Bilbo recognised me and guided me towards a tentspot. I put up my tent in the dark. made hot chocolate then crawled into my bed and I was away

Start. 1852

Finish. 1864

Miles. 12

miles left 327

Day 132

Sunday 9th August

sunshine there is sunshine. it was a late get up and a groggy walk to the loo and then onto the food tent.I retrieved my food bag and then put water on to boil.
Ah tea that’s wakes you up,¬† I¬† followed that with instant oats then i was ready
The boys were about, but as they don’t carry a stove I’m not sure what they do ?
I finished breakfast and headed back to the shelter and to pack up.

I walked out around 8 but I wasn’t in any hurry today. As I passed the lake it looked stunning in the morning sunlight. I stared and stared hoping that a moose may come for a drink.

The trail looked beautiful this morning with the sun’s rays penetrating through the trees stark difference to yesterday’s fog and cloud. I pushed on and the trail seemed to come alive with people. Day hikers dog walkers and families with children¬† who all looked happy as we said have a great hike to each other.
It was 4 miles to the gap where I was hoping to hitch to the store  do a quick resupply  then get back to the trail
I came to a signpost telling me I was almost there and another pointing to a water fall. A couple said it’s worth a look and showed me photos their phone. Okay I said and¬†reluctantly went to see it¬† .4 off trail so that is almost a mile in total .

The water fall was actually quite spectacular so a few snaps then I returned to the trail.
I could soon see cars so I knew I was almost there. I crossed over a railway line and then I was in the car park.
At the far end it looked as if a family was having breakfast but no it trail magic and on a big scale. A couple and two of their freinds Montreal had driven down from Quebec  to do trail magic.

He completed the trail last year and this is his “pay it forward” his friend wants to attempt the Appalacian trail next year.

I was asked to sit was given a banana then, followed by  a huge pancake with maple syrup, Then water melon appeared, folllowd by toast then more pancakes. I was still stuffing  myself when Samaritan and his crew arrived

The Canadians were on fire,  It was a production line with pancakes and toast continusily  appearing . Then they offered  doughnuts,  drinks, iced tea fruit veg. it was amazing and more hikers began to  joine us. There was another lady who had come to do trail magic too but she had been totally upstaged by this a magic magical team so she joined them. The pancakes kept coming until i could eat no more.

They then made sandwiches to go , ham sandwiches for us all with biscuits and crisps . Bloody hell they were amazing.
The other lady was very knowledgeable and suggested that we hitch to the garage about 14 miles away, As¬† it’s cheaper and less touristy then hitch back to the AMC Center then back to the trail.
We thanked our hosts then set off towards the road. There were 4 of us the crew and me

That’s normally a little tricky on a hitch but we were all piled into one car after only standing by the road for less than 10 minutes. The lady said I never stop for hitchhikers but¬† she had been watching this¬† ladies blog about hiking as she wanted to hike the At next year .
We thanked her and asked to be dropped off At the garage. As we arrived she asked how long we would be ? 10 minutes we all said in unison Well I will wait for you then. Wow.

We quickly whizzed aground the shop throwing things into our baskets . I was first out and went to get into the car . As I tried to open the boot a voice said I’m.over here. She had moved her car , and the car I was trying to open had the words Sheriff written on the side
As I walked over to the right car Samaritan came out and did exactly the same as me.

When we were all done we asked if we could be dropped at the AMC Center a huge hotel conference and base for hiking and other outdoor pursuits.
We thanked her and wished her a great Day as We a piled out. I made my way to the Center. the boys went to find a spot to put up there tents and get dried out.
I entered the hotel and made my way to the courtyard found a table and urged in my phone to charge.

I brought a lemonade then ate my sandwich and banana .
As I had cell service I did some chores. bugger I’m.still having issues with my card. I’ve managed to lock myself out of the app now Arrhhh. Maybe I’ll wait till I get to town and try again.

The boys at last came over to the hotel . Snail is there a restaurant? ,
Yes come this way. my packs over there.
They dropped their packs then disappeared inside.
Sasquatch then came out and said Snail did you see the deal?
No I hadn’t.but with our orange cards we can get a bowl.of soup bread and a beer for $6.
I was soon in the queue. the soup was surprisingly good and tasty and so was the beer.
I also loved their bread

I sat in the sun trying sort out  where to get stuff bounced too..
Okay all done……I foolishly looked on the gift shop and emerged 10 minutes later with another bag ….More to carry!!.
Right guys see you out there installed road and stuck out my thumb within 10 minutes I was in a car heading back to the trail.
The couple live on North Conway. ( where my package is) and cycle, rock climb and hike  this area and just love living here.
They dropped me off st The trail head and I was ready to go.My pack groaned under the weight and so did my back. on crossed the road and began to climb it was 2.40pm.

I was Heading to Webster and it was high. I was  carrying heavy, I was  hot and the trail steep. I was about 3/4 up when the Samaritan train caught me up. But then they must have stopped for a break as I continued alone. It seemed to take forever but at last  ipeaked and wow the views left me speechless. omg they were spectacular then it was on to Jackson . Once again there  was a lot of climbing, every now and then I   arrived onto a large  plateue  and could See Samaratin and co far below on the opposite side of the mountain .
Okay I’m tired and I needed my tent .

In the distance towered Washington that will be tomorrow’s crown¬†but nestled in the trees was today’s final goal the¬† Hut it looked miles away and I really didn’t want to walk anymore.
I set off with Samaritan and hi crew behind me it was the normal up and down a few dozen board walks and mud bogs to navigate through.
I came to a large granite slab ,I inched my way down reaching with my foot but it slipped¬† and the next minutes i slipped down the slab and fuck¬† the full force¬† of my body was on my poles¬† and one¬† bent. I had bent¬† the end of one of my trekking poles but luckily no damage to me . I was bloody annoyed as now it just doesn’t feel right any more.

We pushed on I let the crew by as they are much faster. see you later guys.

it was at least another 30 minutes for me untill the Hut arrived. It looked very grand.,I followed the trail to the campsite. I met the care taker who showed me to a tent pad ,it several  logs on it where she had been whittling I was quite impressed.

I soon had my tent up and started cooking tea as it was getting dark. The other guys came by .
Hey snail we are going to the hut to eat. dinner coming?
Mine was on the go and I didn’t think that¬† they would like me bringing my food in two the hut and so I declined.
I finished eating tidied up and got into my bag as  it is starting to get colder .I was soon  zzz

Start. 1842
Finish. 1852
Miles. 10
miles left 339