Day 128

Wednesday 15th Aug

I rolled out of bed and went to visit the loo. Then began to pack up . although I had stuff everywhere

i grabbed my pack and carried it down to.the hostel and sat it on a bench. Then i grabbed a lemonade from.the fridge and necked it, before pouring myself a coffee.

I repacked my pack putting it in in its correct order.

I sat chatting to other hikers as I watched other hikers walk out the door heading for the trail. I was finding it hard to leave. I brought myself a breakfast croissant and as it cooked in the microwave refilled my water bladder and finished packing. I woofed my breakfast then paid my bill.

I put on my socks and shoes stowed my flip flops and I was ready.

Samaritan, Sasquatch and shortmile had just left .

i walked back to the trail with a hiker Named Badger

We crooosed the first creek. Then began climbing. This first mountain was called moose xx

and was 4 miles up I climbed at my normal.pace , slow and steady slow and steady . it was fairly mice switchbacks and then it began to get steeper and steeper .

soon I was clambering over rock and it was slippery. I eventually got to the top just gone 12 pm almost 2.5 hours and was there a view . Sadly not the mist wirled around . the Sun teased but the mist was in charge.

I stood at the summit admiring the fog then found a sheltered position to have some snacks and drink my can of red bull that I had carried in case I needed the energy buzz.

So once up it was down..again itvwas a nice trail for the first half hour . THEN it dived sharply down and was huge rocks to navigate aground or over . Once again slow is safe and safe is slow. as I neared The next hut the boys appeared .Samaritan, Sasquatch and shortmile.

I began to follow them.down that seemed to take forever, But no-one wanted to hurry and hurt themself.

as we decended we passed many beautiful waterfalls. In some places the trail was so steep thst wooden steps had been fixed into the rock.

sat lasted were all down..I walked into the car park. where a triple crown hiker. was doing trail magic.. the boys shortly joined me . she cooked us each a breakfast roll . cheese, pesto, egg and potato which we delicious and then gave us beer .

The other were hiking on but I was Heading to TOWN.

I was staying at the hostel. as I had stuff yo.get in the morning from post office.

I soon got a Hitch checked in ..grabbed loaner clothes..en took a shower..had a panic as I had mislaid my phone ..almost calamity as in had dropped it on the road.

I then got a ride into town..brought some beer and snacks then hitched back

now chilling after woofing.a pizza and supping beer .

Start. 1792

Finish. 1801

Miles. 9

miles to go 389

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