To Do List

5Okay You have Made up your Mind that you want To  Hike the PCT
so what do you do  next ?
Below is my checklist, I hope you find it useful

Task Comments
Purchase/READ Yogi’s PCT Handbook This is the FIRST and best thing you will do!
Read the entire PCTA website Read IT It will  save a lot of research time
Organise/apply for permits: entering Canada via the PCT, California fire permit, PCT long distance hiking permit, US visa  (if applicable) Good to get in early although you can’t apply for the long distance hike or entry into Canada permit until 3 months before your trip anyway.
Read past PCT hiker blogs My favourites: – Walking with Wired – Wandering the Wild Carrot Quin Keith Fossket
Create your own blog  My Friends  want to see me Suffer !!
Sign up to PCT-L Joining forums freaks me out but I’m sure there’s some great advice on this one.
Create a budget Mine totals £4000 – be prepared to spend if you’re a first time hiker like me. Then you have the cost of hiking I have a budget of £3000.
Research/purchase/test gear Start with backpack, sleeping & cooking systems, water filtration then clothing gear lists.
Organise travel to the start of the trail I’m relying on a Trail Angel, But I had planned a hostel in San Diego
Purchase travel insurance Look carefully at these , read the small print , I started with Nomads but they seemed expensive
Plan resupply strategy, where to resupply and how (buy or mail) using Craig’s PCT Planner. This will take a few days. Take your  time i would just say don’t over plan. Things can  Change as you Hike your layover time, days to your next resupply
Decide on items for resupply boxes Food, handbook pages, datebook pages, new bag liner, soap, new socks, t-shirt, Batteries  etc.
Become a PCT member For good trail Karma and to give back to your home for the next 5 months.
Download/print Halfmiles maps and latest water reports. There are over 250 pages of maps. Print A4 double sided in colour if you can afford it.
Download Phone apps The topo maps app and HYOH take a LONG time. Be sure to have good Wi-Fi.
Register for ADZPCTKO 2014 I’m choosing not to attend as I want to get ahead of the madness and have a slow start.
NOLS Wilderness First Aid Course I’m quite experienced in First aid But worth doing a course if possible .
Training Do what feels right, I started doing 8 mike hikes then building miles and weight in my pack. But  nothing can beat doing it for real