Appalachian Trail Roll of Honour 2018

I have to say  it was a pleasure  meeting you all
Many of you I met numerous  times  but only took video so do not have your photo so sorry

The Lazy Hiker Brewery Franklin  mile 110
Snail trainer, Tom ,Tank and Tentless

Tentless,Stephen,???,Big Red ,Beth and Dan
Too much Bear Fontana Dam

Mr ?? Beth & Dan

Standing Bear Hostel

Unknown, unknown,Beth, Tentless,Dan,Big-red ,Tom,Red-stripe

Laughing Heart Hostel, Boiling Springs Mile 274

Crispy & Big-Red


Uncle Jonnies Erwin

Jess and snail

The Legend White Rice

Brear Rabbit

Mountain Harbour Hostel, Mile 393

Dan & Beth again!

Beth, Dan,Bob,Snail


The legendary Tarzan

Snail, Bob and Pig-pen

???,Snailtrainer, Peach, Mousetrap, Bob, Zippy’s Wife, Zippy, Pig-pens Mum, Pig-pen


Happy Feet & Bob Knarley


Angels Rest Perisburg

Snailtrainer and Jess

Preacher & Robinhood


Peach & BumbleBee

Red Fox And Snailtrainer I started the AT with this guy

Devils Backbone Brewery

Snailtrainer & Bob

Silver-Back & Jingle

Squirrel, BumbleBee & Snail

Pappy the Oldest Hiker

Snailtrainer & Zippy

Dan,Beth,Big-Red and Tom

Tree Hugger, Snail, Noproblama


Snailtrainer, Freight-train & Pace

Sasquatch, Snailtrainer and Samaritan

??,Snail and Pippin

Wander-woman, Passenger, Snail, The Commander , ??

snail and the German

Vermont sorry Vermud

Mira (Aquamira Snotrocket)

Mary Poppins or Muddings ?

Short-mile, Sasquatch and the Samaritan

Her Dudeness

Sunshine,Snail,Moustrap, Peach

Snailtrainer, Kaleidoscope and So-hum.

The Invisible Man

Spider and Snail