DAY 53 Heading to Lake city (The knife edge)


The alarm went off I silenced I am not getting up yet.

Think there were 4 other hikers at the lake last night

I hadnt  heard  them leave but I presumed they had.

At 6.30 I let the air out of my mattress  and slowly got up.and began packing up. 

I put ona brew.the people who sent me a resupply / care package. Included some tea.

It’s is oh so delicious  its by 

Bigelow  and is called  constant gourmet and its tea with orange and spices.  So quenching and tasty.

Okay time us getting on miles to crush. It was fairly warm so I packed my puffy .

First to get back in the trail  so a scramble   up the side to rejoin.

Okay lets go. As I climbed higher I said goodbye to the  pond and ny sleeping  spot.

The first part was nice undulating  so no real  stress yet!!

As I  continued a small heard of elk ran infront of me.sorry still no footage…. 

Okay now time to climb. And then I was facing the knifes edge.

I was going to bail on the alternate  to Trout Lake  if I wasn’t happy.

I walked the few yards to where it beg and put out a foot all the rocks were loose and a huge boulder gave way and went hurtling into the vally below.

Not sure . In fact I was bricking it.

I tried again and another loose rock  rolled  down.

Nope i do not like this. I walked back to where the trout lake.  

The trail wasnt exactly  fantastic either.

I went back over to the knife and looked again . Nope dam too scary for  me. 

I sat down on a rock and began to ponder. 

Then i put on my spikes.  And removed my ice axe .

I stowed  1  tracking pole  but collapsed  the other.

I then put on my pack,before winding my iceaxe lease tightly around  my wrist.

Okay snail 🐌 

I walked back up to the knifes could hear the sound  of my heartbeat in the valley.

This time I stepped lower . Bloody scary I jammed my axe  into the ice and then reached  out with a foot. My other pole was a nuscience. But I couldn’t sort  yet.

I kicked on either my other foot it seemed to hold . I then hacked a handhold in the ice . (Probably not the best way to cross) but it worked for me .I kicked in another  foot hold.  Swung   my axe to make another hand hold.  Gripped it.then another foot.

I was soon across the first ice Chute. My heart was racing and sweat  was pouring  down my face.i stood on the small part of trail,to enable me to get my breath back before moving onto number 2.

To be fair it wasn’t as bad..Thank god and do I was quickly across that then the next and the next. 

I have too say thst the mud  is far slippery  than the snow.

Once across I was on trail but the trail was littered with those scratchy  shrubs.  That  just scratch your  legs  abd I hike in shorts .arrrrrhhhh.

Oh about 6 more ice chutes then I’m done .

Now where  is that bloody trail?

Gotyer.  I crossed  Meadow then began to climb .there was still snow and trying to spot the trail was  taxing. So I headed straight  up and there it was. 

At the next big rock I took a break.then noticed another hiker  far below. I signalled to him where the trail  was but he kept on his course and amazingly 

He intercepted  the trail.

Now why can’t I do that 

His name was kaleidoscope .spooky. and he was heading into Silverton. I told him I was going straight to Lake city

He sped off and I men sped  off.

He was one of the hikers at the 

Lake  last night 

Oh 1 other behind me Snail.

Once I was at the top. I could see which way he went and the other hiker  on his way to me.

I sat here for a few minutes  then began my descent.

I t wasn’t  long until he caught me.

But a little  way up he called  to  advise me of a  turn that he had missed. 

I continued climbing  but again once ip it was a meandered  down.

I then heard voices behind, it was the other two hikers  who had stayed at the lake. 

We chatted a while then they were gone.

I chugged on eventually  catching one who had stooped  to refuel

Good plan I said. I will take mine when  I finish this climb

I chugged un several more layers 

Until I dropped my pack. I took off my shoes  and socks.then poured ice over my left foot as it was feeling tender  today.

I ate a few snacks and relaxed for  15 minutes. 

Okay more to climb .the climb was steep.  But then thst avoided the snow banks.

Once up i could  see the trail snake up the side of the mountain and disappear into  a snow overhang. Mmm thst also looks scary..

I set offup the path and eventually reached the  snow overhang.  Here I could see footprints.  Climbing  up and through  the snow.once up I could see several cairns  direction me

The trail then disappeared  over the edge. I set off after it.

And it was down a very long way down. The trail snaked down and trough so may of the scratchy  shrubs. BASTARD things!

I think I was travelling down for 40 mins +

The trail thenvented the forest. A few tree jumps but nothing scary. 

I could now hear he sound of water rushing down the hillside

When i imerged from the forest I could see it.

I followed it down the hillside,until the trail crossed. I decided to take  a break.I dropped my pack  and went and grabbed two litres 

I was so warm sat there I   put up my umbrella 

I used my magic pen then guzzled down 1 litre before flavouring  the other bottle and adding to my bladder. 

I checked my milage . Omg that’s crap….Oh well.

I think we need some inspiration  and motivation. 

I got our my headphones. Okay snail .

I cranked up the music, grabbed my poles and I was  gone I wanted 6 more miles but 4 will do.

I stomped  down the trail.  Jumping logs and crossing  muddy bogs. I was on a  mission

I pushed and pushed .butvto bd honest there  wasn’t much more in the  tank.

I did as much as I could but at 4pm I was done.

I found a sort of level  spot and thew tent.

I then went to visit the pond and grab water. 

On the way back.xxxx hiker arrived .

We chatted a while.he bailed from he knife edge.he hopes to be in Town Thursday 

The Aussies and his girly are behind and I think struggling.

I got my kitchen together  and fired up my stove. Tea first.then couscous with bacon bits and a cheese wedge

Bloody tasty. Okay i have finished cooking and too my tent

Milage 10 but happy 

DAY 40 Day 2 Chama

23rd May

I sleep really well when I don’t have to get up

I put on the coffee machine and stepped into the shower.

Oh nice hot water , treat  😋 

I got dry and drank my coffee.

Okay snail Positive thoughts !!!!

I grabbed the paper work and headed for the post office

I joined the queue,as I was waiting  Chameleon  arrived. 

Okay my turn.they still were unable to locate my box that says it was delivered here. But they will look again after lunch. They advised me that my other box was at chama  Colorado and try to ring and the other was at Elpaso Texas.

I tried customer services  no help. 

Okay I rang the first PO The  man was helpful and said it had been returned to sender. So Lordsburg. 

I rang  Lordsburg  next ,it wasn’t  there yet so.i left a forwarding address.

Next was Texas but no answer after a dozen rings 

Okay I need some fresh air  so went for a walk up the road  .I called in at the local store.  But most of the shelfs had been stripped by us hikers there appears to be  high numbers this year. But I managed to get needles and thread to repear  my pack.

My repair

Wandering back through town I recognised  several hikers in the garden of the coffee shop,sat by a huge fire pit. Seems every body is waiting for a box or missing a box .

Okay mind made up now   I will reorder  kit when I get back to my hotel and hike out tomorrow..

So ordered and sent to Pagosa

I then visited the post office 1 more time they again were really helpful. But sadly no box.but again I left  forwarding   address just in case.

Okay I feel a lot better even though I’ve spent another $300  on replacement kit.

Okay relax .I finished off my potato  salad and ham.followed by a fruit jelly washed down with a beer.

I then repaired by  looks okay well will do .(hopefully)

Now to do nothing 

Well I heard from fellow hikers  out on trail that there are blizzards up there and they are bailing  so …..

I have booked another day  in town.

Omg just had email office they have found a box .

Not sure which one . But I’ll go grab it tomorrow . Excited !!

So now tv beer and chill.

Mileage  still zero

DAY 13 Heading to Silver City

Well it was a little blowy last night. But I think I slept well.

I had set my alarm for 4.45 but silenced thst I lay there for a while but I had to get up so let the air our of my mattress. And slowly packed up. I was in trail by 5.30 and set off along the river back to water. After about sn hr  I spied the cattle trough.

I bottled up  and headed on   eventually the river bed became dust .I crossed over the cattle grid and headed to the main road.

It was a long winding road   passing by several very smartd ranches..

As the road where several boxes left by a church group. i dumped my cow water for fresh then headed out  yo walk the 13 miles to Silver city. Luckily there was a dust road besides it so  keeping you safe from the traffic. As in began to walk the wind got up and typically it was in my face.

Although I guess it kept the temps down   bur  it just made my nose run   great .

I pushed on passing a dead and decaying horse  nice. Eventually my foot path ran our so I crossed over and  continued my yomp

Afte several hrs I thought why am I carrying so much water. So stomped and dumped 2 litres.

Well that felt a little better.

After another two hrs I notices a pickup pull up on the other side of the road.  As I got nearer I noticed it was Tim.  I crossed over.are you going to give me lift in ?

DO you want  lift in?

Yes…no not really.

He handed me a gatorade  omg how good that was ice cold so I couldn’t neck it. We chatted a while as I drank my  drink.

Okay back to the trail soorry road 

I pushed on and the sun appeared.  Wow  its amazing hope wrinkly she can heat the tarmac .roasting my feet.

Hr and miles passed but I was no closer to silver city.

But once I past the sign it still seemed miles until I was there.

I found the hikers hostel but it was rammed  no I headed down town. Next hotel was also full fuck fuck.okay the next 1 room but v expensive I will have it

But fuck fuck fuck my credit card is not working. I think the chip has just failed.

 So back up credit card.

At last a room I dumped my kit stripped off and straight to the shower. Wow that was so good.

Once dried I called the credit co

They were  werse than useless. Not impressed

So maybe I will get a call in the middle of the night….Maybe.

So I put my uk sim into my back up phone.

Next I went to find a ATM

Tried my worked  but then funds were refused. Bollocks . So I drew money on my spare card.

Not going to plan.

Okay money so now


Found a place called Little toad crew brewery  so several beers and a Mexican Ruben’s 

Okay home  to watch telly and maybe upload videos .On the way back inopped intonthe place to Sk if they had any rooms for tomorrow?

Sadly not but he was really helpful even saying where I am now is showing as having rooms. He also gave me names of others.great one back at xx.i Sked again and yes there were rooms so I vooked it it s a different room but who cares its a room on the way to the lift I bumped into Rock & her freind sorry can’t remember

Milage.  17 phew

Day 12 leaving Buro

I had set my alarm to 4.45.  But I began to hear noises far earlier. And when I stuck my head out the gang had gone omg that really really early. 

I let the air out of my mattress and began the task of waking up.

I had slept well but was still tired.

As last I was ready  I walked the distance to the club house used the facilities .hoised up my pack switched on my head torch and  headed out.

Omg  I don’t know what was wrong with me but I  was puffing and  panting  and wheezing.  . Fuck come on snail. I slowly made it out of the complex and back onto the dirt road.  It was still pitch dark but again the stars looked amazing. I hadn’t gone far  but thought I would just check as there were several roads  in….

To my utter shock guthooks had decided to go blank on me again .fuck fuck really I spent all yesterday trying to  fix it and it was working but no not today 

I made my way up the road hoping that it was the right one

At last a Cdt marker. Thank fuck i said.  And  pushed on down thectrail e and  my legs were working. The trail appeared easy to follow and I felt I was doing great. As the day progressed I passed several tents.the occupants we’re just rising. Morning.

I pased by and continued on the 

 trail.  The trail was really nice just how I like it. I came to my first gate . Near by was another tent.

On i pushed.  It was  going to be  a long day 20 miles to water. I wasn’t sure if I could do that. 

But it was still cool  as thecsun was yet to rise and I felt good . 

The trail and the miles passed by .several hikers passed me  not hard to do lol. Then I came to a   climbs  and it was steep and long and by now i was hot. At the next crossing I stoped and removed my outer shirt (it was cold this morning).

That’s better I pushed on until  9am and took my break. I took off my shoes dressed any wounds . And ate some snacks . Okay back to the trail.  I went to open the next gate but  it was so tight

Luckily a   a German hiker appeared ,  her name was  bbq chicken. We opened and closed the gate together then i hiked on . The sun was now  hot at 78  phew and it was uphill for a while

The next section was littered with felled trees..

 I wondered why maybe not a proper species ? In the background I could heat chain saws so they must be still at it.

I then came to a large bottle of water.great I drank a few Swiss itcwa cold.

AT the next road I came across the tree fellers. I asked why ,?

One of the Katie’s said these tres drink too much water so the others

The trail now had become a mystery  which way do I last I found it . But the trail was messy and of cours up and the sun was now trying to melt me .

Okay i will push on  until 1 pm

After my last climb I saw people it was the 4 who were now 3 

Wheres he gone ? He had pushed onbto the next water. 

I dropped my pack  and relaxed.

I said to shoes about my phone and guthooks again . He was also amazed. 

While I had the time I deleted it again and with service  downloaded a freah install and again it worked. 

Guthooks was fine . But the new owners keep adding g crap that no one wants  grrr

Shoesxwas caring far too.much water so he gave me a a litre. 

They moved off 9.6 to water.

I wasn’t sure if I had 9.6 in me but set off after them.

It was stillmelting out there  98. So I stopped and rigged up my brolly so a lite extra shade  but it was hot.

I pushed until 4 thrn took another break  still 6 to go ..NO

Okay back to the a road junction I took a wrong turn and rhre was a wat  cache. Bloody great. That gives me options. 

The trail marched down a dirt track before switching to a river fav A its just sand crap to walk through. I marched on for hrs I would have put up mt tent but there was  no where

The time ticked by. Then I spied a place. It would be a  compromise  but in done.

I threw up my tent then began to cook.i made a cup of tea and a cup of hot chocolate. Then cooled couscous.  But the mix made fat too much.i havnt yet go my trail  hunger.  So ended up loosing about half.

As a treat I had another hot chocolate  in bed.

Mileage  20.6 whoop.

Highest ever. But it felt like 

Mileage 20.6

DAY 10 100 MILES

The alarm went off at 4.30. I silenced it but I missed the 5 am one. I woke with a panic at 6 am .it was a cold morning as I undid the stopper  from my airbed.

I seemed to be getting ready in slow motion.but eventually I was l packed by 6.45 and on trail.

I noticed another hiker in front of me.  But he was soon out of sight.

I tried to push on but nothing seemed to be working this morning. I blamed it on the cold.

I shuffled on down the trail .annoyingly the sun was in my eyes  so couldn’t really see where I was going. But the trail was really nice nice, should have gone on I muttered to my self. 

In the distance I could see a farm house but as I got nearer the trail took a tight right and started to climb my eyes are squinting into the  sun

Then it was there marked with rocks in the sand.100 miles 

Whoop I known its only one of many  but  it does lift the spirits. 

I pushed on climbing climbing at once the scenery  began to change. Trees appeared  with shade  something I had really missed. I wanted to stand under each and every one of them. 

But miles  need to be walked.

I kept on following the trail. Through numerous  gates and sandy tracks . At 9am I decided to take a break. Scoffed a packet of spam,some prunes. And a packet  of  gummmie  bears. That  seemed to give me the  pick up I needed. My legs now apeared to be working. And then a trail appeared a proper winding trail wow at last.  I sped up and  relished this new trail or how I think the trail should be.

The straights were great  but they downs  scary as they were covered with marbel like rocks that   wanted to throw you to the ground.

Once down again I was in woodland with the great smell of cedar.oh I love this.  They trail meandered on its way .I struggled with the  climbs  but excelled on the straights.After  several hours of this I emerged  at a trail  head. An actual marketing ha ha.there on the rock was a message   from a trail angel with

I sat there for a minutes  then she appeared in her white van. 

We introduced each other.go sit down there snail grab a soda and chill.i did as I was told she was nipping to trail days but would be back. I topped up my water then opened a can of lemonade. OMG.the taste. I could have drunk more  but this wasgreat .I chilled for a few more minutes  before crushing my can and heading out.

4.4 to the next water. But my far out app (guynhooks) was mis behaving it would tell me the milge of this only my milage… Really really useful..maybe needs reinstalling.  But out in the wilds not a chance. Fuck …

Only back to the water 4.4 I can do that the trail was being kind but  I was still tired. I’m always tired. I pushed on climbing and going down then climbing ..  at last I came to the road and headed left. At last I could see it as I got closer I noticed two hikers there. To my amazement it was Kevin  and Hawkeye.  OMG. I didn’t think I’d see you two again 

We  caught up on the trail them they said there goodbyes as they had been there a while. 

I dropped my back Nd has a long lunch then topped up on water from.thec  cow  trough. Yummy.

Thecboysxwere going to do acfew more to get into  resort tomorrow. Okay I’ll try and match  that. But after lunch I was sluggish.. my pace was a plod.

But the miles were falling . I wanted to get to mile 115. 

I pushed and pushed arriving at another park and the was a cache of water. I loaded up then carried on .typicslly  the trail winded up and nowwhere to put a tent .

I had had enough when I noticed hiker the 4 shoes.etc etc.they were cowboy camping so after tea oh well ill give it a go .

DAY 9 leaving Lordsburg

I don’t think I really sleeped. Maybe the odd doze but was awake at 3.30 at 4 I got up for a wee and started to pack up. 

I wasn’t too sure how cold it was outside do i need another layer ?

Finally I marched out into the cool morning air. As I passed reception two othe hikers were discussing the shuttle and they were both wrong. I’m heading out I said  shall I show you  where it is ?

We walked and talked this fellow hiker had attempted it before but failed at  Hist ranch so was out to try again

I left him at the post office and carried on .annoyed there was no signage  to the trail. Woof woof woof bloody dog jumped at the fence scaringvrgw shit out of me. Bloody he’ll. And carried on walking. I walked by the  busy freight yard.  Things where humming and the smell of diesel  hung in the air .I walked down under the bridge and began the fun 3 hr road walk. back to trail

In places it was sketchy.  As the path disappeared. And the toad began to get busier

Several hours later and I should almost be here. 

Standing at the fence were my two partners in crime . Kevin and Hawkeye. Hi guys good to see you.

Now you would have thought this would  be well marked.  But no. An orange disc on the cdt badge or logo in sight.. very poor

I pushed my bag under the fence then wriggled under. Okay now where is the trail .nothing. we all set off across the field  like we were comeing for evidence.  Funny made me laugh. 

 Kevin got out his GPS 

We are on trail… really.

We marched across.still not a sign in sight.  After an hr I heard voices  it was the 4 shoes .Ducky. jredus and chameleon.

They called us over to were a gate was. 

Once together we set off as  snake searching  for  signs.eventuslly they began to appear.  And we were all moving quite well. Eventually we stopped for or first break. 

Back to the trail we went and we we making good pace maybe a little fast for me but I was hanging on in there at last came the second break phew.

The 4 moved off they are youngers and have a much better pace than us old guys. Blink and they were out of sight.

For most of the morning we played hunt the sign as well playing leapfrog with kevin ,hawkeye .

E were goingvwell pace wise unrill we rlised we were off trail and by a lot. Its so easyvwith the numerous cow paths and with footprints othes have down hectare arrh. We bushwacked back to where we think it was . Hurrah and then stuck at it like glue for most of the morning.

The sun had now began to heat up. So e began to look for shade. .there that will do .Kevin and hawkey spotted another Bush.

I took off my shoes and socks and began yo relax. In hidesight maybe I shod have pushed on more.

I stayed far too long must have dozed off .dam ans a few rude words. As i emerged for my green canopy at 4.30. Bugger should have gone on onger   bugger. 

I pushed on as the wind grew more fierce..  it looked like a amazing sandstorm behind me . The whole town had vanished .

I plodded on i was tired even though i had slept for several hrs inder my tree. The wind was now pulling and pulling me but in all the wrong directions. As i passed another dip i noticed e remains of a cow .poor thing uts brutal out here. I was getting nearctonthe well but the terrain turnedcro sand which is rubbishbto walk on and saps thd rest of your strength. Please go away sand. When your tired this is not what you want. At last I could see the tower of the old windmill. Whoop I said to myself. When i arrived it eas dessereted all my hikers chums probabnly left seveal hours ago

I surveyed the green water topped with an array of insects. Yumy. I filled my empty water bottles and then begsn to filter the water. .i coulsnt make up my mind what to do.i shod have cooked here a s hiked on but i couldnt make up my mind. I decided to walk 20 mins and to camp as soon as i tried to put up my tent then the wind arrived with different ideas.

At last it died down enought to pitch it. .but as I crawled inside I had thoughts should have gone on

Oh well there is always tomorrow but I’m annoyed I don’t yet seem to be able to push the miles arrh .



I was awake  before 2 light does it need to before I can hike .at 4 am I pulled the stopper on my exped mattress. Iove the sound of the roar of air escaping.

I unzipped my tent door and peered  out in the darkness. In the distance you could see the lights of Lorsdburg twinkling. Not long now snail I said.

I began to pack up and was almost finished when a beam of light came out of the darkness.

I introduced myself.this guy had hiked this trail twice. Omg!

He gave some great tips.then he was gone.i finishes my packing. .put on my headtorch  and slung on my pack. I must admit to feeling a little worried about navigation inthe dark considering I have got lost in daylight.

I set off and found it easier to see the trail with my light off.thank you moon. My light didn’t seem that powerful maybe new batteries are required. 

I was doing well. Few  double checks  and soon I was approaching the exciting prospect of cow water. 

I put down my pack  and took my two empty bottles  to the cow trough. The water was not  that bad.a few floaters  but  still fairly clear. I submerged my bottles one at a time. Then I popped in a bleach  tab to sterilise the water. Once done I slung up my pack and began to search for the trail. There was one tent still here the others having long gone.

I located the trail and set off. It  Wasn’t great the first part was littered with rock which I struggle with and  my earlier pace had now gone. 

Luckily  it was over cast today with a great breeze. I came to my first fence  crossing of the day. I want able to step  over this one  so pack off  i  rolled beneath the wire. Then grabbed my pack.

I took 5  to get my breath back. Then I was off and making good pace that I missed a water source. Dam,but I have enough

I took my first  real climb ,su h great views so took a  another break.. As I was  chilling zero came by.  We said our hellows then he was gone.

I removed my two bottles and squirted  a good squeeze  of Milo into each bottle. Milo is a  electrolyte. It’s also to disguises the taste of the bleach from earlier.

I transfered the contents to my bladder which was  was almost out. I repacked and I was off.

As I passed  a great  tree  i noticed my two colleagues  hawkeye  & kevin resting we caught up on pleasantries.  And I  fell in at the rear. We  had gone about an hr  when I needed a break. And there wa the perfect  tree. We sat here for about  30 min. But the miles do not do them selves. So time to go. We hadn’t gone far when a  lady rancher.  ppeared on  her quad/ gator. she was missing 2 cows we said there were two down by the tree.  We chatted a while we thanked her and off we went.

Our next target was another water tank.

Soon we were here and there was and the water was good. As we relaxed a stream of other hikers appeared,grabbed water and left

Then it was time for the Boys to leave .I stayed a little longer  before setting  off after them.

I appeared to have a great pace  as I crunched the miles . 

Snail I heard a was hawkeye  and Kevin who had found a great tree with massive shade.

Now I should have stopped and joined them but as I had pace  I wanted to crunch more miles.


I pushed on thinking shade would arrive  but it never did and it was getting hotter . But I still apeared to have I great pace so on I went.

I frantically began searching for shade   nothing maybe over this hill nothing. I soon met a Sobo.

Any shade I asked. Sadly not but water is in a mile.!

Wow  I had  pushed miles  but I really wanted shade.

The cache soon came into view. And as usual no shade. I sat beside the box  debating my options . Which turned into several hrs . Eventually hawkeye and Kevin arrived.  

They filled up on water and then decided they wanted 3 more miles as it was still early

I watched  them go .

I was just about to leave when Cal arrived he’s one of the CDT shuttle drivers .he was checking on the water and restocking.

He was so chatty it took a while to leave.

It was cool  as the wind had now got up.i wanted 2 more miles if possible to make an easy walk  to Town. 

This part of the trail seemed to have  many climbs. I was hoping for flat.i pushed on  as the wind grew more fierce. Mm no where to put my tent. After several more climbs  I came to a sheltered river bed.Maybe that  will do!

But as I explored  it, it was still too windy.  Hopefully it will die down I hoped. 

I set up  but my  tent flat  but didn’t pitch.then git ready.but I had a banging headache  too much sun.

I put on a brew then cooked some dinner. I m still struggling to eat maybe the heat.

Dinner was tasty and the wind  had now died down for me to put up my tent.

But it was still too hot to get inside. But was cooling

milage 15

DAY 3 More brutality

Gaps in this story!!

I was up fairly early and  soon packed. Okay snail to the water source.

I headed off thinking I could cut across  and join the trail

MISTAKE..I ended up walking into a figure of 8 and  again cutting my legs to shreds.

At last I found the trail and pushed on I had probably lost an hr. Why didn’t I just walk down the road.

At last the next water cache came I to view i dropped my pack, signed the register and began to top up my water.

All done  I set out again and into the brutal furnace of this sectionm

It was 4 pm and today I have not been able to get anypace. My hip is hurting  which is annoying.

But I pushed on it was at least 6.5 to the next cache and i was struggling  and my water was getting  low. I began to get doubts of my abilities.  I have completed 2 thrus but I’m struggling with this part of the cdt..The temps  with in the 100 and it was only 4 pm . At last some shade. 

I dropped my pack and hid from.the sun. No way can I do 6 more. I think I will camp and try to get there early in the morning.

As I sat there feeling sorry for myself.a sobo  came by. 

He told me that there was a cache  under the tree in 3 miles.

Perhaps wait a few hrs and  you could make that.

Yes I can do that  so around 6 I headed out . It was still hot  but there was last in the distance I could see a tree.

Come on snail you have got this .

At last  the tree and beneath it sat 6 water containers   2 still full whoop. I quickly threw up my tent,put on a brew and then cooked dinner. It was getting dark as I crawled into my bed.

Okay  so  to hike this section get up early go as far as you can before you melt. Find shelter.Stay there eat dinner hike out around

Mileage 14 not included my mad detour 

Ps sorry for lack of photos it will get better

DAY 2 into hell

woke at 5 and stripped down stepping on trail by 7.go to get  slicker at packing up.

The morning was delightfully cool and the trail nice to walk on.

The sun was coming up but I was able to walk in the shade.i soon came to an amazing  tree if I hadn’t had my silly diversion  I could have got here.grrr.

As I went around the next corner I ran into my first cow. Almost surreal.  Well it made me laugh.

At last the cache came into view.

I quickly dropped my pack.signed the register and began to top bottles.i put  in some nunn another type  of electrolyte.  I headed out with another 5 L.I took the road as  the shuttle drivers had suggested as this part of the trail  is in need of  some attention !!.

An other hiker  was heading south was carrying 6 L and another hiker named CC was carrying 7 L wow that’s heavy.

it was 10.30 and already HOT,I was making good  pace then I hit a wall.i needed shelter..I luckily spied a place and dove in.put down my tyvek and hid from the sun.  I stayed here for 30 minutes well until the sun stole my  shade .As I packed up to leave disaster.i must have put my pack on my bite valve as my bladder was empty OMG. FUCK FUCK.

I heard a engine  luckily it was Tom on his way back .I flagged him down and he was able to give me 2 liters. Phew.  Although water was in 4 miles. 

I pushed on down the road it was still roasting. My feet were okay  but  just cooking from the heat of the ground so needed to stop to let them cool. The two guys I started with then appeared Hawkeye and Kevin. I shadowed  them for several miles as they apeared to have similar pace.This is Kevin’s first  attempt at a thur hike so I’m fairly impressed.

as another shuttle driver passed  I asked about water.1.8  to well water and  4 to the cache..

Okay well water will do..As I approached the cows  sped off in all directions.The water was a large tank fed by a solar pump.

.inside the tank was thick hose that was flowing great water.

I had had enough for today so thought I’d put up my tent. MISTAKE. it’s just far too hot.

I joined my fellow hikers under the tree. They had  their feet  soaking inthe cattle  trough. I joined them omg.Joy..

After a while they left to crush a few more miles. I should have done the same!.

I sat by the tank under the shade but I was still too hot.  I was fairly annoyed  with myself.

I am learning lessons  here and quickly.

Once it was cool  enough I went straight to I am getting behind schedule (I don’t have a shedule)

mileage 12  oh dear!

Day one First steps

I was awake a 4.30 excited and nervous. I packed up my bag. It groaned under the weight but I was fairly confident.
Okay time to go to the pick up point which was near to the post office. So I new it well.
It was fairly cold so I put on my puffy and made my way down and onto the street. It wasnt long until I was there. I gave my name then went inside to wait. A guy called Tim sold me some gas so i was good .then another guy wrapped my pack in a bin liner to protect it from the dust.!!
We were on our way 12 hikers were being taken out. It was several hrs to get to the start. Every now and then they would stop to show us the water cache location.
At last the monument came into sight…wow

We had our pictures taken followed by group picture.
Time to go first steps I was heading out hauling 5 litres of water.(just in case)
The trail started flat and i was enjoying my first strps on the CDT. But then it began to get hotter and hotter and my pace fell to a plod.
I decided that I needed a break then another hour i needed another i took about an hour hiding from the sun
They trail now followed old water beds full of sand which is fun to walk on.The trail markers where really sparse. And i missed one and carried up the canyon for an hour before realising something is not right.
Guthooks was not helping. So I tried to bushwack.but every plant here wants to hurt with dozens of gashes I still was no where near the sadly I turned around and walked back the way I had came. Dam there’s the bloody trail marker.
By now had lost time and miles and was drastically short of water. And it was 5 miles to the next cache. I couldn’t do that on the heat and was spent.
I threw up my tent as it began to get cooler.
And was soon in bed.
Milege 9.6 poor first day