Day 95 Heading to Water Gap

I was all ready up when a hiker came past my tent. okay I need to get going .I was on the trail by 7am and back to my Friend’s the Rocks. I stumbled and tripped my way along passing several other hikers who were breaking camp. I knew that it wouldn’t being until they raced by me.

And yes it wasn’t long before strider came past and he was almost jogging !!

The morning was fairly uneventful rocks rocks and more rocks. But I pushed on as it was beginning to get hot. I began to meet several day hikers . a grandad with his grandchildren.

I began to hear cars and began to drop down , I crossed the road where the sign said .6 to the shelter. I decided that it stop there for a break.

I followed the blue blaze and the shelter appeared. I grabbed the book and signed in then relaxed and ate some snacks .

I was still chilling when Hills arrived and then went to get water. . When he reappeared I asked what it was like.

It’s good Snail it’s fresh water . so I imeaditly chugged a litre ad went and filled up again.

Time to hike .I hoisted my pack and set off down the trail I was imeaditly in a large open.pmane with great views . a great place to camp.

After several small ups and downs I was on a dirt road and was a me to increase my speed as there were no rocks . i followed it for several miles untill it ended at a substation .

Then itvwas back to the Rocks but I was heading down . lots of the ants were dying probs from.lack of water . I passed through several Rhodadendrum tunnels before dropping down into the forest.

now I was spiralling down and could see the sprawling river below. Finally i emerged out by a huge lake covered with water lillies . then I was in the town I saw the pub /bar but walked a little further to the church . which is donation.

Happy feet & Bob Narly are here I chat to them then chill.

they are going to Wal-Mart so I give them a list meaning I can’t spend too much .

While they are gone I relaxed in the sun and rested my foot.

As I resting. Granite Gear, followed by Sunshine and Moustrap appear . how did you beat us ?

Getting up early and pushing the miles. Although I wasn’t that far in front of them . and they take longer breaks than me. The Church was now full so they went to put up their tents on the grass behind the church. Then the Father and daughter team team arrived .

Im glad I was I front of them

HAPPY feet soon returned and great she had every thing on my list and I onlybowed her 4 bucks. bargain. so grabbed my lemonade and ice cream and sat outside to devour it

When that was accomplished

I sorted out my food then took a shower and had a shave. then the Invisible man and myself went out for a pizza and beer as we can’t drink at the church.

But we weren’t late as j wanted a fairly early night and a good start in the morning.

Start. 1280.4

Finish 1294.7

Miles. 14.3


Day 96 New jersey

Saturday 19th July

I slept well in my bunk although I was cold. I didn’t bother with my bag as I expected it to be too hot. my mistake. My alarm we t off at the usual time I silenced it then dozed. Soon other people began to move about so I took this as my que to get up. I stuffed my gear I to my pack . I will sort that later Ha!.

I then dragged my bag outside so as not to disturb the other sleeping hikers. Out side sat around a table was granite gear, Hills, sunshine and Strider. I pulled up a chair whilst I put on my new “Dirty Girl Gators” then socks and shoes. Then I drank my spare bottle of lemonade. Okay nearly ready . this stretch is going to be low water so I grabbed another liter just in case. the father & Daughter team headed off . I was hoping to beat them, oh well.

I’m.ready I said good bye to the group’s slung my pack onto my back and headed Out of the church.

The trail headed Out of. town then across the bridge which spans the Delaware. 3/ 4 across and I crossed into New Jersey whoop whoop good bye Rocksavania.

Although I knew I would still have to cross a few more miles of rock. .

Once across the bridge the trail followed the river . past several park centres which was lucky as I needed the loo.

the trail eventually crossed under the main road before entering another park and the climb.

the paths were good almost ashfelt so easy to walk on as it spiralled higher and higher . on a small side trail I noticed many stone cairns do went and has a closer look before returning to the trail and my climb. It was several.hours before it began to flatten out. and then sat at the top where the father anddaughter team . I nodded and carried on. I then met a couple walking their dog followed by a day higher who saw a bear and was scared.

My next landmark was a huge glacial lake which is one of new jerseys top landmarks.

the trail decided to go around the edge but once again it was scrambling over boulders. I slipped and almost snapped a pole. so had to had a word with myself. so continued .more slowly. By the time I had followed the lake the sun was now doing it’s best to melt me, god it was hot and I was in the shade. Thank God I was in the shade but now and then I came to a clearing normally for pylons to cross. Wow what a view first of New Jersey.

I pushed on trying to get miles in before the sun became unbearable . it wasn’t lo omg until I came to another clearing but this one was much better with almost 360° views .I stopped and took it all in before continuing. I hadn’t gone far till my foot caught rock sending me crashing to the ground. Fuck fuck I said as I lay there in a heap. Nothing damaged thank god. I struggled up it was 11.30 okay I take that as a sign for lunch.. I found a rock to sit on and dropped my pack . As I rested several day hikers came past the other way . then three hikers I hadn’t seen in a while. .The commander, Russ and Springer although they were getting off trail later today. as I chatted to then Father and daughter team came past.

I set off again running into about 12 girl scouts I chatted for 5 minutes before continuing on . The sun was getting even hotter and I was spending more time in the sun than the shade and I was melting and drinking my water fast. At last I began to decend and arrived at a bridge over a stream . I didn’t like the look of the water. and there was a spring in 2 miles I can wait.

As I got closer to the road Others were signs pointing to the Mohican Outdoor Center. nut it was .3 miles making .6 in total .As I decided whether to go or not 2 other hikers came down the road from there. it’s good Snail but expensive.

So I hiked on and up and into the roasting sun . But again once up the view were stunning . I had to keep stopping to stare . I urged my self on and began to approach a fire tower. it slowly got nearer untill I was there. Day in the shade nearby was Happy feet and Bob Narly. Hi guys I said and sat with them for 5.

The fireman is in the tower and you can go up if you want. I gazed up at the tower and said I’d love too but I want to push on as it’s hot.

It’s been hot or rather dry for a while as all the bushes at the side of the trail are shrivilling up and dying. also so are the leaves on the trees. It looks like it needs a few days of rain . Preferably in the night . Although I don’t mind in the day if it cools things down.

Once past the tower the trail follows the fire road making it easy to walk .

At last I heard water . and found the spring I guzzeld down a litre then filled both bottles.Its a bit early but this heat just saps my energy so if I it I can camp now.

okay whats the time . and where do I want to be

I was shooting for 1315 so I should be there by six. Yes I can do that as it’s only 4pm.

I pushed on and soon arrived at a large lake, again the trail likes to take you aground the edge. as I nearer the car park I could see and hear dozens of people in and around the lake.

It would of been so easy to drop my pack and jump straight in…. But no I carried on walking. I’m here in at the target . but I still felt good and it was still only 5.30 okay I said to myself I will walk to 6 then look. So I carriedon down the trail Ping went my watch 6pm okay snail… I took several.more steps left was the perfect spot.

I soon had my tent up and was eased when Happy feet and Bob Narly passed by they must of stopped for water but as usual i had plenty. I quickly boiled water then sat in my chair relaxing with a nice cuppa

Start 1294.7

Finish 1316.9

Miles 22.2


Day 93 heading to Palmerton

Wed 11th July

It was a slow getaway but I was on trail by 6.45..

The trail started as it ended yesterday Rock and more rock.

again it’s the small pointy ones that hurt most. I cautiously crossed rock field after rock field . and after 2 hours I had had enough of the rock .Suddenly the rock turned into lovely path and then i arrived at the first shelter. I walked down to have a nose and take a 5 minute break or basicly rest my foot. I had a few snacks wrote in the book then continued on my way.

The rocks had gone and in.its place was a lovely trail and so I was able to push . it was fairly smooth for several miles.

In the distance I could hear traffic and shortly I exited onto a busy road. crossed over and continued on my way . I pushed on for several more hours as I wanted to get to the second shelter as I needed water.

The water here was miles away and down another trail

But as I needed water I dropped my pack and went to get water.

Start. 1218.9



day 98

Monday 16th July

I struggled out if bed and revived my food from.the bear box then began to pack up

when I was almost done I made tea. The strange one who camped by my was just emerging wow you pack up fast he said.

well.i have been doing it for 3 months I laughed. Then he began to winge that there were too many kids in the shelter and that they should have made room for him. Well you need to be at the shelter earlier I replied and it’s great to see the kids out hiking. them I walked away as he’s a doom and gloom guy. I finished my tea cljped my cup to my pack and strolled out of camp.

I headed down crossed several roads then began to climb over boulders . I thought that I had finished with this game but oh no

some had pretty big drops others were much easier. I pushed on my watching letting me know that an hour was up.

The sun began to shine through the forest lighting up all the spiders webs so I could see them before I walked into them

some were really rather pretty so I stood for a few seconds admiring them

I should see the next shelter or at least a sign .. instead I met u happy Feet. How far too the shelter I asked ,?

Too far Snail. Okay that’s good enough for me and pushed on . happy Feet was waiting for Bob so I pushed ahead knowing that they would soon race past me .

It wasn’t long until I heard giggling behind me so I stepped aside to let them pass . See you later guys.

I followed them for a while but they were soon out of sight.

so I returned plod..a deer came to stare at me so I said good morning . I was so.busy concentrating or rather my mind was elsewhere when I emerged into sunlight

I was at high tower park . I walked over to the main offices and noticed 2 pack a sat outside so went in. Bob was sat inside in the co airconditioned building. I approached the lady at the counter and asked if they had an At stamp ..Indeed They did and as I was a through hiker I got a free can of Pepsi.

Oh that cold liquid when your hot and thirsty is divine

I just wish the cans were bigger. HAPPYFEET thought I had my water filter so she said good idea I need to backwash mine.

So I did the same . washed my hair and socks then went our side to dry. I then picked up and went back to the trail..I was hiking along then in a clearing I could see a huge oblique in the distance wow that looks amazing. I carried on omg the trail then came across a viewing platform so climbed up. wow what amazing views all around..and a better view of the monument.i was still.sdmiting the view when Happyfeet and Bob Narly arrived. after they were going to the commission to grab a shower.

I followed the trail untill it branched off to the monument trail. Yes I’m going to take a look. the moment was of course perched on top of a hill so it was a steep trail that took me there. At last I was st the top.what a magnificent monument. I put down my pack before walking around it a few times then went in. Can you climb it I asked

yes Sir she replied.

I grabbed my camera and began to climb the stairs . its only when your half way up and still have far to go when you think was this such a good idea. I eventually made the top puffing and panting. the views were amazing, I took some photos and then began the long walk back down.

I walked out into the sun so whilst here I decided to have lunch.

It was now hot , tooo hot as I set off back down the path to the trail. passing huge spotlights that light the monument at night

Once on the trail I began to push on as I had promised myself beer and ribs in town.

But I was melting . the forest parts were fine but now and then I was walking in direct sun

On my map was a mention of a secret Shelter. well that intrigued me so I thought I’d take a look when I got nearer.

I had completely forgotten about the secret shelter until low on water I saw a sign for well water.

I walked along the dirt tea k and stumbled upon the secret shelter

There were 4 rough just as I appro ached 2 marmots or ground hogs quickly ran away. In the largest of the just there was a register and sign saying please don’t cook . There was power so I charged my phone. I filled up my water bottles then went to peek at the other shelter. zit was locked but through the window it has a kitchen dinner and stairs leeding up to another floor.

As I walked around the building I noticed the outdoor shower so walked back to my pack to get soap.

I took off my shoes and so is the. stepped under the shower. To my surprise it was warm. I washed my hair again then lathered up my clothes before standing starksrs in a field as I rinsed them. then wry g them out and put them back on.

wow I felt totally refreshed and I had only about 3 miles to go

it wasn’t long before I arrived at the road that lead to town..

I followed it past a cemetery. and a antique place . before arriving at a cross roads. j checked my map it was right.

I turned right and hidden judtbon the corner was my destination the Wits send tavern. I left my pack inside. It was chily due to the aircon nut I soon got used to it. I Tried a German beer then ordered up the ribs. The owner said if you don’t like them then I’ll pay.

I sat at a table and plugged in my phone to charge. The first beer went down to quick so I had a basic beer.

Then my ribs came and omg they were good . I could of eaten a second plateful.

I had a couple more beers then set off back to the trail. As in was going up the hill I met noproblama. I told him.where I had been and gave it the thumbs up. The death of the group had gone to the pizza shop..Good luck i said

i pushed on back on the trail. it was fairly easy as it was a nice path. I then was walking through fields filled with bales. on my third field I decided that this will do.

.my. tent was soon up and I enjoyed dinner. I had my rain fly half on judt in case so watched the fireflies untill I dozed off

start 1332

Finish 1348

Miles 16

Day 99 walking the plank

tues 17th July

I packed up fairly quickly and I was on the trail by 6.30

Today I wanted those set off at a good pace .I started by decending down and in the distancd I heard traffic and possibly it was dustbin day.

eventually I emerged out on to a freshly tarmaced road to my right was a sort of builders merchant. The trail took me left past do me rather lovely homes that I would like to own. As I walked down the road I noticed a road sweeper and a man in hi-vis with a stop go sign. I guessed that they were still sorting out the road. The trail took me past the workmen. there was a lorry dumping soil over the freshly laid road. I asked one of the men why he was doing this.

He was actually dumping in on the edge. this stops the new edge from cracking. Okay !

I walked on par the guys and continued up the road, untill the trail turns right into a huge wet land bird sanctuary. the trail took me completely around the edge. In the morning sunlight it was really picturesch . I kept stopping to watch the birds. herons fishing. some other birds that kept diving . I walked on then met another hiker coming the other way we gave the usual greeting and went our separate ways . once in the forest i was walking On duckboards. But Omg these went on for miles and miles in the forest. Lucky wood is cheap here. they just went on and one and on.

eventually I emerged onto another road that I crossed over. then I had my first climb which of course is steep oh so steep once at the top there was a sign for the shelter. znut it was too early do I pushed on. most of the morning was rock climbing. bouldering, or scrambling in fact I was getting fairly exhausted. st last I left the rocks and began to work down a well mowed path. again in the distance I could hear workmen . They hot louder as I got nearer and again I emerged into bright sunlight . These guys were patching the road so I waited until I was waved across.

The other side had signs for the At and nature reserve. As I walked down the path I was one a huge wooden walkway that snaked across the wetlands for miles. it most of cost a fortune us the logistics of putting it together. Omg it goes on and on . Then I crossed over a bridge and it still went on . This is totally amazing.

Eventually I said good by to this amazing structure and crossed into a field of cows who were all sheltering under the trees as it was do bloody hot in fact my watch said 97.

As I crossed the field in the top left across the road looked like a burger van or similar. As I climbed the stile to get out of the field I noticed a table in the car park. Do you need to rest said the man and introduced himself Moose. On the table there were grapes, plums, peaches, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon . apples and crackers oh and water. I grabbed a water and chugged it

Then tried most of the fruit. As we were chatting he mentioned ice cream at the garden Center across the road and the van that I saw did hotdogs.

Leave your pack here if voice and to go sample the ice cream , oh and they will top up your water.

They had many flavours of ice cream . but I chose a pint of pineapple. plus 3 apple vinegar doughnuts and a sprite. I sat outside in the sun to devour my treats whilst my phone charged.

Once full I wandered around the shop then made my way back to Moose. ignoring the hotdog van. When I got back there were several people chatting as I hoisted my pack.

your going to get hit by the storm . I thanked them and set off it was now roasting. Omg it’s hot ..although the clouds did look threatening and the Thunder was rumbling in the background. There was about 1/2 mile approach then it went up there were switchbacks and it was stone steps to climb. Omg I struggled . maybe it was the ice cream . I met about a dozen people coming back and they all looked so fresh. not puffing and panting like me . it took me the best part of an hour to reach the top. I stood puffing trying to get my breath back . Then I realised I was stood with a bear.i quickly grabbed my phone but as my fingers were wet I couldn’t take a video then I realised that there were 2 cubs with mum so I backed again swearing at my stupid phone I hoped that I had some footage but sadly not. it was really weird I almost tried to follow them ..Not a good idea

But I was so excited really really pleased and it’s when I’m.not looking for them .

I continued on the forest getting blacker and blacker. so I stopped to put my rain jacket on my pack. and as I did whoosh. it was torrential rain I walked on as there was nothing else I could do. Your told not to shelter under trees and as I was still high on the ridge I ought to get lower. .By now the trail was a river a d my rain jacket was probably at the bottom.of my pack. I prefer to hike wet but only put it on if I get cold . The rain just kept coming . my shoes now squelched and I was soaked so pushed on no pint stopping .

Shall I stop and put tent ? but the rain was just too heavy so on I went for almost an hour I slugged through the rain

Finley it began to ease and then it was only the wi d shaking the trees . so pushed on as needed water to camp.

As I crossed another road there was a cold box. and whoop it was full of lemonade, orangeade and other cans .I glugged a sprite. wrote in the book then packed another out

after almost an hour I came to a sign saying shelter. I called in. There were 2 hikers here sheltering from.the rain.

But I didn’t like the shelter as it was dark. But I took a break emptiedmy shoes wrung out my socks and ate some snacks.

I was mentioning water when one of the hikers said there is water in this bag. Trail Angel left it.

Brilliant. I topped up my bottles . that made me relieved .

With that I hoistedmy pack and said bye to my fellow hikers as I wanted more miles. especially as the rain had stoped.

dad I made my way down the trail and crossed another road there were several more water caches. Thank you so much for these .

I pushed on as the rain came back . bollocks I said to myself. I wanted to go till 6 pm but this wasn’t working for me at 5.30 I spied a spot and got my tent up as shocking as I could in the rain.

i lay on my pad listening to the rain eventually it stoped again so I quickly made tea. With my bear encounter I emptied all smelly things pack and hung them properly.

Not far to town tomorrow


Start 1348

Finish 1365.2

Miles. 17.2

Day 97

Sunday 15th July

I was just settling down when I heardcrustling in the bushes . it was a skunk. I was going to get some closer pictures untill.i remembers other say that they can be fairly vicious . so I left him alone .

I was beginning to drift off when I feel and heard a few drops of rain. Bugger. I jumped out of my tent and quickly threw my fly over my tent I had just finished attaching the last corner when there was a huge clap of thunder , and then it began to pour. I climbed back into my tent and tried to doze off again. But the lightning was so bright even with my eyes closed and then the rain became more torrential hammering on the outside if my tent followed every few minutes with the loud claps and rumbling of thunder . Eventually I dozed off waking to the sound of my alarm. I was dismayed to hear that it was still raining and raining hard so I silenced the alarm and rolled over. At 7 it seemed to be slowing so I quickly began to pack up . I retrived my food bag .and checked my line as it looked as if it was beginning to fray when I pulled it u last night. Yes I’ve worn it out. I think i can just use the other end . I coiled it be k up then finished packing. then I made a cuppa.

Okay back to the trail it was 8 am and I pushed on down for a bit then I past 2 tents but these were not happys or Bob’s . with me further I crossed a bridge over a murky stream . But I needed water so this will have to do

I began to climb out and omg it was a nightmare there were long slabs of rock and in the dry they are quite fun but in the rain they were treacherous . They were so slippery I almost crawled over them so my speed was crap. should of done this last night I winged to myself and staggerd on them I had to go down on these too even more scary . I pushed when I could and evdntuly climbed up onto an large open area but it was now misty so couldnt see much at all . When I reached the second open ace the sun was trying to come out and so I was greeted with an amazing view of New Jersey.

I was now heading down and the him of cars began to grow louder and louder the lower I became. I eventually emerged out onto the high way. To my left looked ike a store and garage so I headed in that direction. The garage looked deserted more of a tyre place. so no goodies to buy. I was just about to walk back when a man who was filing his car said there is a shop just up there. I thanked him and carried on walking.

I was heading to the sports shop but I was just passing a bar. when I noticed what I thought was a hiker sat in the garden .So I headed there instead. just around the corner out of view was Happyfeet and Bob Narly. Why hi guys I said they had empty plates in front of them . Foods good Snail.

I went inside grabbed a soda and then ordered a burger and onion rings and a beer

The beer was so good I necked it in one so ordered another.

The place was very hiker Freidly and I was amazed how busy it was for a Sunday morning then I realised most where in to watch the football world cup final.

I really liked the bar as it backed up to a large lake. Many cabins dotted around the outside

The locals outside where very friendly and were interested in our hikes. My food came and the onion rings were amazing and my burger good. But I needed another beer. so went to get one and pay up . The barlady was so happy that she brought me a drink .

I enjoyed my beer sat in the sun watcbing the birds on the lake whilst my phone charged. But I sadly I needed to hike and now that the sun was out it was hot and I had been here far too long so my target of 20 miles was beginning to fade that with the slippery rocks this morning.

I walked the shortway back to the trail and pushed on and of course began to climb but on e I was up I stayed up and again was rewarded with some great views.

But the sun was getting hotter and hotter that the salt began to sting my eyes. so climbed up through a small corridor and was greeted with another fire tower but no one was manning this one today. But sat in front were several families who were enjoying their hike. and with a fantastic view.

I said hi then began my decent back into the forest where I stayed for about an hour . I was just about to start a climb when I met a lady coming the other way She introduced herself then asked me my name. Do you know the commander and Aussie . Yes I replied. ones my husband I’m going to meet them

I continued my climb and then I was at a large pavilion on the hill. At the far end sat Happyfeet and Bob Narly.

I joined them and took off my pack for 5 minutes. Then three children and their father arrived. she was Kenyan but lives in Florida The other man with him was trying to explain about us hikers and the Applacian trail. They were very interested. Be then offered us some water. So we followed him down to his car . he gave me 3 bottles which I topped u my bladder with. We all thanked him then returned to the trail . Happyfeet and Bob Narly were soon out of sight it I plodded on watching my clock slowly advance then I emerged out of the forest and there was the shelter.

Happyfeet and Bob Narly sat o the grass by the picnic table. Hi all I said waking over to the sheter. The shelter was full if young kids on a weekend camping trip. Snail.theres water in the bear box. I filled up my bottles.

Where are you staying Snail they asked. I had planned on several.more miles. as I had only done. 15. But then I decided that I was going to stay so went and found space for my tent. Then cooked. dinner



Miles 15

Day 91 zero in port Clinton

Monday 9th July

I heard several other hikers moving around at 6 am but I had chores to do so there was no hurry. at 8 am I got up for the customary see but as I was in public I wandered ovrrvto the porta Potty.

I then returned to my bed. and was dozing when several ladies appeared bringing in food.

There’s going to be coffee and eggs one of the ladies announced.

so I got up . and walked over to where they were setting up.

There was in deed bacon . boiled eggs and a sort of omelette that was so tasty. I also had coffee. then the ladies brought around juices . and bagels . then insisted that we have more ..

Well that was unexpected and really nice .

Okay haircut time .I walked to the barber’s carrying my old poles and bits that i wanted to post.

I walked into the barber’s and was amazed it was like Aladdins cave. filled with memrobillia and brick a brack and all the chairs where rocking chairs

There was a man having his hair cut so good I will be next then I can get on

But No..

Once the man had paid .The barber began doing other stuff.

then he looked at me . and asked do you want your hair cut?

Well yes i do .

A few minutes he said and began to fill cases with silver coins and other trinkets .

Get yourself a coffee and pastry. there are cookies there and relax

Then the father and daughter hikers arrived but they just wamted a lift. One of my customers will take you. just relax.

Almost 40 minutes later he’s ready for me. but as he starts to cut my hair he keeps having conversations with every one as the shop gradually fills up.

Then 2 more members of staff arrive and again he starts to cut my hair then wanders off to chat to more customers .

I’m still sat in the chair when noproblama arrives . but only to charge his phone

omg a 45 minute hair cut but it did look good. I pay and go to retrieve my phone and noproblama laughs at the amount of time that it took .

Yes I said as I need to get to the postoffice. Snail he doesn’t open untill.12.30 ,!!

Really I say . bugger I was hoping to head straight back out well after tree hugger gets in

So I grab a chair and continue to charge it whilst editing video

Then Tree hugger appears . Snail is this yours . Well the k you so much . really appreciate it thanks again .

With we are all together I grab a photo if all if us and me in the chair. Tree Hugger decides to get his hair cut .so I say my good byes as he is staying in a hotel in the next town .and it’s now 12.30.

I walk to the p.o. . hand over my I’d and say that you should have a few packages for me.

He comes Back with 4 my new poles. new tips new socks and a case and glass for my phone.

I box up my old poles and a few other bits then post them up the trail.

At last I wander back to the pavilion. I cut the new ends into my poles. then sort out my other bits . The case for my phone is good but the glass is the wrong size and it’s not worth returning it. oh well my mistake.

I decide to sort out some paperwork and drink a few beers from yesterday. Then I decide it’s not worth hiking out now and as my foot is killing me it would be good to rest it more.

sin the Pavilion. several hikers are resting . That seems a good idea so I decide to do the same

and grab fourty winks with my foot elevated.

at 5pm Robin hood decides to go for food . Where are you going I asked to the Hotel snail.

I don’t think they open on a Monday but the fire station club is and they do snacks and cheep beer.

You fancy coming Snail?

Yeah why not . On the way to town I suggest we quickly check on the Hotel. it as we approach a lady shouts out

“They are closed on a Monday”

Okay then..

So we head to the fire station and push the bell. when the light goes orange we can open the door.

We enter then ask several patrons if they would mind signing us in .

Then we can order some beer. The local ale is yinglang. and it is served in frosted glasses.

I then order some food . which I soon dispose of. Then I make the whole bar laugh by asking for a servette. The barman is confused. Oh sorry I say a Napkin.

several of the locals buy me beer and I’m just about to leave when 2 more are brought me.

I must go after these I insist .

When at last I exit the fire station there is a nip in the air .

and wished I had brought my puffy which I now have back.

I must admit I enjoy the walk back at dusk watching the fireflies dart about .

once back at the Pavilion I pack up my gear so I’m ready to go first thing.

Then I swallow a couple of Pm to help me sleep then I’m gone

Start 1185

Finish 1185.

Miles. ZERO

Day 92

Tuesday 10th July

The alarm was buzzing I silenced it. . I looked around the pavilion no one was moving. Slowly I u did the stopper bed and began to finish packing up..

It was 6 30 when I left the pavilion but I’m off trail. I walked along the road heading back towards the fire station .

Once there I blindly loomed aground …where is the bloody trail. I did a complete circuit of the fire station . It has this way and headed down a side road and yes , hidden from.view was a blaze.

Once on the followed the river before ducking under the road bridge then up across a service road and then the climb.

I had been told that it’s not as bad as the down into town. as I began climbi g I startled a sleeping deer who looked at me disgrugingly got up and walked away.

it took so.ost an hour before I hit the summit and rocks.

My foot was killing me . The sole bruised and I think a return of gout but in my left foot.. Fantastic.

I began clambering over rocks . then came to several campers. I toyed with the idea that maybe I should have done svfew miles yesterday . steep down soon banished that idea especially when I slid on my arse.. I got up saying a few obscenities and moved on . Short the father and daughter team came past me . I must remember their names. We chatted about my haircut and how long it had taken . then they are gone. I must be slow as they don’t mostly catch me

On well. I pushed on and on… The rocks gradually began to annoy me and hurt my foot so my pace slowed even more..But I’m.not in a hurry , but feel.i should be faster. But when ibtry I stumble and trip and get more annoyed so this is my pace. After several more climbs I emerged to a look out with amazing views over Pennsylvania. I paused and enjoyed the view. I was just about to leave when Tree Hugger and Santiago appeared we exchanged the usual verbal abuse .

tree Hugger. said you got crap for a few more miles then 5 miles of flat . Great I said. Then we both went off in our separate directions..

I pushed on until I needed to stop for water. It was a lovely cold spring so didn’t filter. Whilst here I decided to take lunch too.

It was a great spot and I didn’t really want to move but I had too.

Okay Snail where do you want to go …

more water was in 6 miles up a steep hill and the shelter was another 3 giving me 22 miles

Mm is like to do that.. so pushed on. several hours later I emerged onto a road . tjrte was a sign saying shelter. But did I want to visit it . As i debated a large rattle snake decided to cross the road . another hiker and myself watched it as it rattled it’s way across.

He then convinced me thagvfhe hostel was worth a visit. so headed the 100 yards down the road. there were several other hikers there. I dropped my pack a d went to use the loo. Whilst there I also took a shower

so wrote in the log and we just about to leave when

he caretaker offered me a beer.

Once that was gone I slung on my pack and set off.

It was flat for the first mile then the climb. it was steep it was hot my pack was heavy .

omg I puffed and panted and was soon at the top only to be greeted with rock. lots of rock.rock every where .It killed my feet as I hobbled over it . God I hate this rock . At this rate I wouldn’t make the shelter. in fact I didn’t care . get water and camp up. after 2 hours I came to the spring .

It was down a very steep trail. I dumped my pack grabbed a bottle and sliped and slides down the hill. The water was good a d soon filled up my bottles. At me climb up was fun but I soon was reunited with my pack. I walked a few more yards and noticed a camp spot.

Yup that will do me. I soon had my tent up and tea cooking Night all

Start. 1185

Finish 1218.9

Miles 18.

Day 90 Heading to Port Clinton

As I had put in the miles I treated myself to a lie in , Although I heard my tenting companion packing up to leave. Finally I emerged at 8am and began to pack up I had enough gas to make tea.

I finished my packing and stepped back onto the trail. and attacked the rocks again.

My left foot was hurting . I put it down to the Constant rocks as the sole seems bruised. so I shoved more ibourfin down me and tried to blank it out. although every now and then my foot landed on a stupid rock sending pain shooting up my foot and a few choice words spilt from my mouth.

I slowed down and tried to concentrate on how I placed my foot. The big ones are easy it the small pointy ones that kill me and they are almost impossible to miss.

I pushed on and on the rocks being replaced with more mud and swamps which I have to say is far better than the rock. Then some nice trail whoop allowing me to push and make up time.. But then I thought why push there is no hurry as I will be in town for 2 days.

It wasn’t long till I got to my first climb which of course was steep and long. I puffed and panted up it. Once up the trail was gentle untill I reached the next rock challenge . well the challenge was looking for the blazes. and I hate it when you step on a huge granite slab and it moves putting you off balance. Once over I pushed on and the trail was now littered with blow downs to climb over . One was fairly huge and as I tried to get over it my pole sunk into the ground sending me crashing into the ground

fuck bollocks and a few other words escaped from my mouth. But luckily no damage.. but I was annoyed with myself and the tree.

Okay time for a break .in the distance I could see a perfect spot. yep that will do

When i got there , there was a lady called Judy who was on her way home from a few days hiking. We chatted fora while and then she offered to take me to Cabelas a large outdoors store.Brilliant and she offered to wait for me to.

Judy headed off saying your soon catch me. but I will be in the car park

after 20 minutes I set off After her. stumbling over more rocks. Then had to wait untill another big snake moved off of the trail.

Finally there was the down I to Port Clinton and omg it was steep stupidly steep and gravel so you were almost sliding fown .It took me about 10 minutes. to get down as it was so slippy.

I finally emerged onto a bike track and Judy was waiting. we crossed the railway. which is a steam and coal museum then walked to her car

Wow Cabelas was amazing.

It had rows and rows of fishing rods. rows of lures and floats . Then rows and rows of guns and ammo. Then camping and water sports I was hypnotized with the quantity of stuff. and in the more a huge collection of stuffed Animals laid out in amazing scenes .

I headed upstairs for the camping department. sadly they didn’t have the size gas I wanted so I had to but a huge one but it will last. I also brought a few other bits and pieces

I could of spent hours in this store but my ride was waiting.

Judy dropped me back I into town. As I got out of her car . I saw sunshine, Granite Gear and mousetrap. As we chatted a guy said do you guys want a cold beer?

We were sat outside the fire station but they have their own private bar. The man signed us in and we enjoyed several cold beers .

Next it was off to find the pavilion where I would stay. It was a little way down the road.

It was a large pavilion with .tables and free items donated by kind people

I found a space. and lay out my pad and sleeping bag.

I was relaxing when an oldish man asked did any one need a ride. I would love to go to Wal-Mart. so 2 others and myself. headed to the store. I brought a few bits plus memory card and a large usb to clear down my phone.

He then dropped us back to a bar in town . I ordered a burger and washed that down with a few more cold ales. . I was just eating when Granite Gear, Moustrap and noproblama appeared. sunshine had a migraine so had crashed.

I enjoyed my burger had one more beer then grabbed a six pack to take back to the pavilion.

I quickly put all my food in a bag to hang in case of mice. Then enjoyed another beer with mousetrap, Soulman and Robin hood. before hitting the sack

Start 1207.5

Finish 1218.9

Miles. 11.4