Day 120 Yellow Deli Hostel

Tuesday Aug 5th

I lept into action when my alarm went off.
I let down my air mat then went to the bathroom ( privy,)
As I had slept with my food I had nothing to retrieve . I put my bag away then rolled mat. Then i slowly packed up. Omg so slow as in was distracted last night I had stuff every where and again when I rolled tent had no stuff sack . Where’s the he’ll is that ! Eventually I was done a full 30 mins late if that make sense. One last sweep and i was away.
A small climb to begin with then a roller coaster for an hour on the next climb I could see Rutland Airport. then it was down . i eventually came to the river. There were so many places to put tent. But I was done yesterday. and there was good company.
I crossed the bridge noticing several skinny dippers below lol. Then as I came up to the trail head there was a ice chest and it was full. I grabbed a Gatorade and drained it then ate a chocolate bar that was left. yummy
I  crossed the road walked through a field and then looked  at the cliff face in front of me.
It was a scramble and exhausted me as it was steep. Omg it was steep and I arrived at the top puffing and panting.

I hadn’t checked the map so was surprised when I climbed hill after hill .

I eventually got to a shelter and was fait pleased with my mileage I had done 10 miles and it was 12. whoop. I had a long lunch before setting off again it was a big climb next almost 4 miles up .
But as I continued I came to a great sign whoop

Only 500 miles to go such a great sign and a fantastic feeling WHOOP!
then the big climb started and my joy ended. Omg it was a climb a never ending climb up and up about 3/4 up I met Sasquatch and Samaritan coming the other way. I gave them abuse then pushed on it was almost another hour till I reached the top shelter. I took a peek before moving on .

It’s one of the oldest on the trail but gets a lot of abuse by vandals shame.
I had just began to head down when the sky turned black and everything went quite. Followed by tremendously loud thunder as the storm hit. It was 7.5 miles to the road and a hitch to Town . Omg the rain fell and I tried to go faster without falling over. The Appalachian trail has an annoying habit that when you feel that you should be going down off of the mountain the trail makes you climb even higher such fun.
The thunder was now so loud it felt as if it was in my face, Very scary then the rain Intensified. I pushed on until I began to get cold, very cold a first for me. I began to shiver which is not a good sign. It was no good I had to stop and put on my rain jacket ( i usually wear as a wind break)  ..I also put cap
I was still cold ,so tried to go faster to warm up but by now the trail was slippery and I didn’t want to fall. As the rain continued the trail soon began to fill with water so it was slosh slosh and I soon gave up trying to keep my feet dry. Again the trail began to head up, bugger I may just get to the next shelter and call it a day as I splashed along the trail trying to remember songs to screech along to. Then if by magic the rain stopped and the sun appeared. I was soon sweating, bloody weird weather.
I passed the shelter, cool 4 miles done I can get to Town now!!.
I passed Tab who was adjusting his outfit. hiya man .
He sensibly had taken shelter in the shelter.
Eventually I arrived at the trail head. thank god !! in front of me was a police car with its lights on with a stopped car in front..
Tab decided to walk the few yards to the parking area. but I just crossed over and put out my thumb
A car stopped and I asked if he could take 2? he could so I shouted to Tab .
It wasn’t long until we were both standing outside the Yellow Deli Hostel in Rutland.

We walked into the deli where we both received a iced mint tea which was remarkably good.
We were then showed to our rooms where there were some familiar faces.
Once we had dumped our packs we received the tour.
Now. RELAX !!
Well almost I did laundry and put my bag in the dryer as it was fairly flat. but wow what a difference when it came out.
I then sorted through my gear through out all my trash. Then jumped into the shower. Omg that’s so good.
Now Im hungry, I found a brewery pub and walked in, I was just about to sit at the Bar when I heard SNAIL!! It was Samaritan, Sasquatch and short mile I chatted for a few minutes then grabbed a place at the Bar.

Ordered a pizza and a glass of stout that they had recommended then dug in.
Great pizza and great beer

Start. 1681.5
Finish. 1702
Miles. 21
Miles to go 489


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