Day 121 zero in Rutland

Wednesday 8th August

the free breakfast was at 7.30 so I dragged myself up and downstairs to the Deli. I grabbed a large cup.of coffee and sat at the large round table with my hiker buddies. There were several plates of toasted buns

plates of water men and sliced orange. Then i was handed a ate of omelette and rice which looked weird but was rather tasty. after several.more vats of coffee I was done.

I helped tidy up then went back to my sort out my gear and begin my chores.

First trip was to the post office to get my tent and send socks back for replacements. and also to send stuff up.the trail.

Okay post office done that was fairy painless.

Next was the outfitter. I caught the bus the 3 miles to the other side of town ($2).

When i got

here I noticed a shop.called sensible shoes that of course sold shoes. and on entering rows of socks. I was imeaditly pounced on and I have to say he knew his stuff and I left with a pair of Darn tough socks. I will trail these see how they stand up again my smart wool which havnt been coping especially with Vermont’s mud.

I then visted the outfitters but judt browsed and left. Behind was the home depot so I went to take a look . as I wanted Tyvek but they only sell by the roll.

so wandered to the shell garage as that’s where I catch the bus back . I grabbed a drink and a Danish whilst waiting for the bus.

Once back to the hostel I did a quick recap of my food bag. Then headed for walmart.

I had time to wander aimlessly around the store. envied the big tv’s. studied the suitcases ( to get my crap home) then did my shopping. My bill wasn’t too bad but I still brought too much for 2 days to Hanover lol.

When i came out of the store the heat hit me .phew that’s hot.

Once back at the hostel I recanted my gear and slowly packed up.

Okay now to chase a few orders. Under armour tick

patches tick. . and socks tick.

Okay chores done..the test of the day I chilled which is how a zero should be spent.

Okay I’m.hungry so went downstairs to.the deli ordered a rubens and coleslaw and a root beer (no alcohol)

ztbe sandwich was bloody good . I must admit i could of eaten another .

I went back to the hostel ( upstairs) reported my broken Mp3 player. sorted out a returns with Amazon then decided that I needed a beer.

Do I returned to the moose pub for a few beers bit I can’t be late as the hostel has a 10pm curfew or your locked out .

Start. 1702

Finish. 1702

Miles. Zero

Miles to go 489

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