Day 119

Monday 6th August

I Slept really well on my raised platform . I did my morning chores then began to dismantle my tent with the help of my friendly chipmunk.
I double checked I hadn’t left anything then slung my pack onto my back and headed for the trail
I waved to soul-less as I made my way back on to the trail.
There was a hiker in front of me but he pulled over to let me pass. I was now on the boards again as it climbed up and over the mud.. The morning was a roller coaster trail but fairly gentle then the mud reappeared then I had my first climb and it was straight up on rock and fairly slippery but at least I got a great view.
Typically once up it spiralled down and again mud until it levelled out . it was fairly level for about a mile. I then began to follow a fast flowing creek. until I came to a bridge to cross over. once over I walked along the other bank until I reached the first shelter.
Sat out side was TAB hiya I said
Hiya snail he replied.
I wrote in the book took a few photos then pushed on. I stopped at the next spring for water and let Tab go pass
i walked on emerging onto a road. I followed the road down to the trail head. THERE were about 8 kids ready to start their hike. I said hi and good luck before I began to climb up the other side and began to follow another creek back to its source . But then I hit that brick wall and I just ground to a halt. I don’t know why but I just felt exhausted

I slept well i ate well but I had no energy and it wasn’t quite 11 am I crossed over the creek and dropped my pack and set on a log
so tired stove and made tea then dug into my lunch and devoured half.. The tea was refreshing . rejuvenating.
I packed up and hit the trail.
Several sobos past by with the normal how’s it going , enjoy your hike.
Eventually I came to the second camp site by the lake

I met the care taker as I made my way through so stopped for a chat . and was curious about the job.
The lake looked gorgeous and in was tempted to . But I wanted miles so pushed on .I hadn’t gone far when i met 2 ladies walking their dog they all smelled so clean .What do I smell like ?
Further on a met a family with their dog
The mum stopped for a chat and was invested in my hike. So you going all the way up ( referring to the next mountain in was about to climb)
I said yes if it had a stupid white blaze on a tree then I must follow it and we both laughed..
The climb was steep and it was now hot very hot my forehead was like a river and every so often a kamikaze fly flew into my eye stinging and making me blind for a few seconds BASTARDS….

At last I was at the top and it was now 2 pm . Lunch!!
I found s place to sit and eat what was left of my lunch. I had done 12 miles considering my lack of pace this morning was good. I would really like 8 more if I had the energy… we will see. As there is another huge hill at the end of the day !
I took 20 minutes then hit the trail again . It seemed hotter now, where’s the breeze I said to the sky.
As I pounded down the trail I came to a lovely stone garden where people had balanced stones , I thought it looked really peaceful.
just after I met several more sobos then came to another rock garden this was much nicer.
Ping went my watch 4 pm, okay 2 more hours will do me. I crossed over another road and was at another trailhead The trail began to snake up Omg I said to myself looking up at the tree line. That’s a long way up. Okay snail here goes. The start was fairly gentle and so were the switch backs but that didn’t last. The trail began to climb sharply and I began to struggle. There wasn’t a huge amount of gas left in the tank and this was draining it fast I had to keep pausing on every new level before I climbed . Puff puff puff swear swear puff . at last I reached the summit . How far to the shelter now i wondered.

A miles to go and it should be downhill may be ha ha.
I pushed on checking my watch it was 6 pm. so it should be cooler by 6.30. But I was hot and sticky. At the next brook I paused looked left and right, then stripped off and jumped in then got back on the trail shampooed myself down then poured water over my self to remove the soap. Omg that felt so good. I got dressed grabbed my pack and continued on to the shelter. When I entered I noticed Tab was here. I walked a little way behind the shelter and found a spot. There was another hiker here called Kirsten who was hiking the Long trail north .She offered to get me water as i set up.
We ended up sitting outside my tent and chatting, Tab eventually joined us until at 9 pm I needed my bed

Start. 1662
Finish. 1681.5
Miles. 19.5


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