Still Repacking

Repacked my kit and pack Again today , I really must leave it alone

Do I really need all this stuff, ?
Answer:- probably not (Again)
But Its packed and its going , I will decant it all when I get to San Diego and post several boxes up the trail to pick up later and my Bounce Box
I was bringing a roll of Tyvek (roofing felt) to go under my tent to protect it ,until I  received a costumed made ground sheet from Vaude ..
But then whilst reading a Hikers update
The tumbleweed stickers are tiny and sharp. I was carefully and had a lot of luck. Use Tyvek as a ground cloth. The window film plastic, polycryo or whatever it’s called, sucks. The extra weight of Tyvek is worth it.”

So now it looks like im taking both  but will switch and leave the Tyvek in a Hiker box for future Hikers to make use of once out of the Desert (maybe)

Hiker Box: noun: a supply of food, gear, or any other item left behind by hikers for use by future hikers (usually found in post offices, motels, and trail angel houses)



Tyvek weight 700gms   Verses  Vaude   300gms



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