4 Days

My Final work day for Staples  and a step nearer  to  the PCT I have worked for Staples a little over four years and absolutely loved it.
During my time at Staples people have come and  gone and I have had the privilege of   working with every single  one of them, From setting up  their Pc or laptop, offering guidance  at times  sarcastic but never demeaning  ( I hope)  and  always  trying  to being helpful in my own original way :0)
I was thinking that I would slip away quietly, But my colleagues had other plans, It seemed that the whole of staples had turned out to say goodbye to me I was completely overwhelmed by the large turnout. And lost the ability to speak and got sparkly eyes I was actually lost for words that’s unusual for me
So thank you so much Guys for the Huge Send-off
I will miss all of you and thank you so much for the lovely messages in my “CARDS
I have to say special Thanks to Caroline  for making the two best leaving cakes ever and  to John for his amazing support over the years
Good luck  Guys and of course   Staples




image009 image008


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