Day 73 Beldon or Bust

26th June
I  woke to a misty foggy day
I packed up then unpacked to get my rain jacket just in case.
Friend and I set off we were both a little sore from our 24 miles yesterday. The last hill sapping our strength.Think we were going to spend the day in the mist as it didn’t look as if it would clear..A mile on we met two section hikers camping.we laughed this was our spot.on we went through the forest till  we came to a road. We met another hiker here.we chatted to him and asked his to look out for smokes


For most of the day we spent in various forests  until at last we came to a trail head.we stopped for a break here. I wanted to remove my coat but it was still cold .We continued on and up climbing and then the sun came out and I was roasting so stopped to take it soon as I began walking again it got cold.but I continued on .St the top we could see lakes in the background .The largest silver lake looking inviting with the sun glistening off of the service.we sat and ate lunch looking at the amazing views.i had cell service for 5 minutes hurrah. We could continued on  through several meadows before dropping back into the forest. Then Ninja Tank passed up he had stayed  at a trail angel house over night been fed steak potatoes and watched the football USA V Germany. Germany won.he also gave us news about our friend smokes. He’s resting there for a few days. We expected a few more hikers yo catch up  with us as they had been staying there too..
For the rest  of the  day we were on a rocky path but again with great views of Beldon  far far below had planed to water up and camp but the path was narrow and no camping spots. There was no option but to continue to Belden. Which was a 5 mile walk down.we set off switchback after switchback after switchback. I was exhausted and my feet were aching but down and down I went.

Poison Oak
Poison Oak

Trying to avoid my new found friend poison oak.but loving the wild gooseberries and currents.  The time ticked by but I was a still a long way up .switchback after switchback St last I came to railway tracks and waited as a long train trundled by.
We crossed the tracks and headed for the store. I went inside smiles and ninja tank were drinking beer so i went back outside and  said to friend I’m in for a few beers.
I dropped my pack grabbed a bar stole and orders a ice cold glass of beer a huge burger and a few more beers
Before our ride came to take me to the Bratton a trail angels home.i had a bed a hot shower and hurrah my new shoes and poles whoop
Several more hikers were here Tent stake  was resting. We all chatted for a while before I turned in
My highest millage so far 28 yeah

Beer Yeah
Borealis, his lady and REI

Day 20 Hot Springs

6th May 2014

Hurrah yes I chose a good site last night. The wind howled high above but the tent wasn’t affected so I slept well.
I had set my alarm for 5 am wishful thinking! Get up get up it played snooze.snooze.It was too warm and cosy in my tent. Then 6 came along I had better move so broke camp but then decided to have a hot chocolate.
Then I’m on my way. Through forest to begin with following a bubbling stream. Then I climbed higher and following the contours of the hill. All around the clouds looked menacing. And you could no longer see the tops of the mountains. ..Mm my rain jacket is at the bottom of my pack. I walked on. I was back into the forest again love the smell of pine and it’s just so pretty .Then began the game of leap the tree it’s a fab game  sometimes you can play go under and in extreme cases you have to go around, but most of today’s were climb over. Ahead was “miss red”. We said our hellos and then I followed her up the trail. I was just about to cross a stream when I tripped and face planted a rock. I lay in a heap stunned. I think I was lucky that I was wearing my “Staples” beanie as it took some of the impact. But I still received a gash to the head. I crossed the stream unsteadily then sat down seeing stars for 5 minutes before stumbling on. Soon I was backup to speed, but it was cold today and I wished that I had another layer on Come on  out Sun
my watch pinged 12 pm. Time for lunch , good I need a rest tortillas with peanut butter and cheese yummy followed by  Cheese biscuits and power bar. I was just chilling when Dan cruised up and joined me. The PCT is something he has wanted to do as a child and he’s fulfilling it… I walked on, today’s trail was kind and the miles were flying by. The rest of the day I  followed the River that  wound its way down the canyon  many feet below whoop whoop whoop 300 miles yeah or just over 10% the way there lol Come on Snail. Then I did an amazing thing a first for me…I overtook two people bo-peep and Colonel Mustard. I was flying, later as I was taking a break Missred came by hey how did I pass you? I said. We walked together for some miles. It helps as you pull each other along and soon we only had 2 miles to go to reach Hot Springs my target for today and there it was. I dropped my pack took off my boots and soaked my weary feet in one of the hot pools Heaven! Time to put my tent up then I went to the bigger pool which was full of naked  some quite attractive :0) So I joined them, Its bloody amazing lying in the pool of hot water in the middle of nowhere watching the clouds and fantastic scenery. This was my 3rd wash lol I soaked for an hour, it was just so relaxing now I know why people like hot tubs. Then streaked back to my tent and into warm clothes. Next came the chore of filtering water I did 3 liters. Then cooked tea cheesy pasta with broccoli rather scrummy and cuppa tea. Let’s hope the trail is kind tomorrow.
Mileage 21:0)

log climb
my injuries
Feels  Great
Feels Great
Follow that trail
Follow that trail
Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Hot Springs

Day 18 Big Bear.

Slept well always good.
I was hoping to get up early but that didn’t happen. But hey I did the miles yesterday so less to do today.I hit the trail slowly….always takes my body about a mile to realise we are doing this again today.After that we are up and running.i am still in the forest so a good walk. Not hot in fact chilly but I’m feeling good..oh a sign 1 mile to go fantastic. Then more trail magic I

Yeah slept well too well.
I was hoping to get up early but that didn’t happen. But hey I did the miles yesterday so less to do today. I hit the trail slowly….always takes my body about a mile to realise we are doing this again today. After that we are up and running. I am still in the forest so a good walk. Not hot in fact chilly but I’m feeling good. Oh a sign 1 mile to go ! Fantastic. Then more trail magic I grab an orangeade and continue I can now see the road. There are about 12 hikers, 6 are about to restart the trail others are waiting for rides. Several friendly faces. 2 guys are grabbing a lift and offer to take me too brilliant.  I’m dropped at the door of the Hostel :0). Sat in the sun is Pink panther wow good to catch up. She had damaged her foot so was recovering so had been here a few days.
So she helped me catch the bus to the shops, of course I have brought far too much. The problem was I didn’t have enough snacks so have gone way over. But I have to carry it…well if it fits in my pack I will!!! Omg well I’m still learning
almost caught the wrong bus back grr. Its $1.50 and you drop it in a slot so the driver can’t give it you back luckily he radioed the next bus so I was okay. .Once back laundry in, my second shower whoop .then the task of decanting all the food from boxes into Ziploc bags. Yes I’ve got too much .But it’s the stores I want 2 or 4 but they come in 12s .
The Hostel is good everything you need plus a bed my first .I would really recommend staying at this hostel ★★★★
Once my chores  are done Pink Panther and I  go and get  a take away plus beer, two bottles of IPA yummy. Now chilling with other hikers watching a film on VHS yes a tape. It’s called Super Troopers Then some hikers made chocolate brownies and served with ice cream yeah!!

Day 10 Heading to Idyllwild

I knew choosing that spot lat night was a mistake.  As soon as I lied down the wind started.I had double staked the tent and fastened extra lines with rocks. .. The wind blew then the rain came I don’t think I slept at all and was surprised to see a tent over my head in the morning. Thanks Vaude for making it strong. As soon as it was light 4.30 I knew I just had to get off of that mountain. So at 5 am in the rain I broke camp. I was freezing and wet my hands were frozen no gloves as I had dumped my gloves earlier when I was losing weight Doh.
I threw my pack together and trudged on my feet feeling like ton weights. It’s was so cold I had three layers on plus my woolly hat but I was still cold and miserable.
It’s was rainy misty rainy cold!!! I trudged on .A fellow hiker caught me but after no sleep I had no speed and soon he was a spot in the distance. I think a total of three hikers past by me
I was feeling miserable and  didn’t want to be on the trail in fact as soon as I saw a note for trail magic I walked off the trail to find it. By a picnic bench were boxes of goodies sodas, chips fruit etc. I drank two sodas and an orange before re-joining the trail feeling slightly happier
Time to climb .on the climb up there was a fair bit of snow omg…mm need to deal with that .But my first stop is the Paradise Cafe. I have the Paradise cafe on my mind a hot coffee I need a hot coffee
Oh a sign Paradise cafe this way. I trudged along the building getting bigger as I got nearer, at last I arrived at 1 pm, coffee please. It took three more cups before I could at last feel my fingers Then I ordered the best Burger ever yummy washed down with some  YUMMY IPA.
Ah now I’m much happier , I paid my bill walked out of the door and across the road .It was time to hitch into Idywild
I didn’t have to wait long  before I was sat in a warm car heading to town, I was dropped at the garage then walked to the State Campsite $3 a night
I found the  campsite set up surround by many great hikers they soon informed me of the important  places  i.e. shop, laundry post office .Then it was a quick walk back into town where I treated myself to a pizza now going to get into my bag and sleep and enjoy a Zero day.
There was a big storm yesterday and a large dump of snow. So maybe Monday is a good day to climb!!!

Horny Toad
Trail Magic
Fantastic Burger
State Park

Day 5 My first 20. Miler

I woke to an empty campsite, I topped up with water and was on the trail by 7. (Still not early enough)  My pack feels so much better so the miles flew by and wow what fantastic scenery I’m actually enjoying the trail today :0) But it’s just so hot, no shade at all but the climbs were not too steep. Oh great a water cache… I was just filling up when Eric appears. We have been swapping miles for the last two days. But he’s fitter than me so was soon in the distance. The trail then came to an energy sapping climb and in the heat unbearable. Once at the top there were several hikers sheltering from the sun, so I joined them and had an hours sleep as the sun was melting!!
Then off again heading for the next water source… I arrived around 6 refilled and then rested in the shade .There were about a dozen other hikers here some resting some cooking then CNC arrived. This was the couple I camped with on day one. It Was good to see them. After they refilled their water they headed off
I thought I could do a few more miles so set off too , but typically the trail was steep and nowhere to put a tent. I was done ,but needed to find a flat spot ,I climbed a few more hills just looking for somewhere to camp Then hurrah a tent ,then I saw CNC’s tent . They invited me over so i so joined them. Wow what great views I quickly made dinner then crashed

Perfect View
Hikers Resting

Day 3 mount laguna

I slept so well at Boulders oak. I woke about 7am  and noticed that Bison was also camped here , but  by the time I had broke camp  he was gone. I  Must  get more   organised !. I refilled my water ate breakfast then back to the trail. Today I didn’t have any mileage in mind. id just walk. The trail started in a wooded area which was cool and easy on your feet. Before beginning it’s normal climb. Later in the day I caught bison and began swapping miles with him.By lunchtime I was struggling and began to look for some shade to take a nap. Later I was passed by an English guy who had hiked the ADT TRAIL he gave me lots of good advice. Most I already knew but it was good to hear it again. He tried to encourage me to push myself. …!!!! And get to Mount Laguna
But the heat and this bloody heavy pack I was struggling. He towed me along for a while but he was too fast. And I needed to rest. But plod on I did or rather trudge .Then I met Eric. Eric had a good pace and as we chatted he pulled me along and the miles fell away. Soon we were approaching Mount Laguna .whoop. But then I ran out of energy and let Eric go as my pace became a slow trudge. At last the campsite came into view. It said closed! But their was water as I walked through I met Eric who was beginning to cool dinner … I was exhausted so pitched camp and began cooking too. He decided to take a walk into town, but i was done .Eric seems to be like the Duracell Bunny he just keeps on going!!!
But whoop whoop I had done 15 miles today amazingly But I’m done.
Tomorrow hope to get shake down of my kit and weight reduced

My Huge Pack
My Huge Pack
My Home
My Home
Supper Time
Supper Time

Yes i ready did take this monster oh a stove !! was i mad  YES I WAS !!

Day 2 Boulder oaks 10 miles

After two low flying helicopters I was fast asleep. I  woke at 7 am  .Pop tarts for breakfast then I’m off. The first part was a two mile climb  I’m heading for Lake Moreno. God it’s hot and steep
I can’t get any speed up lugging my huge pack.. then disaster.!! Is my bladder empty. Did it leak in the night as I didn’t check  it that’s morning Dam dam  am I going to have enough water. ….After the climb I needed a rest  doh!! I had put the bladder in upside  down so I was just sucking air  phew
Several hours later the lake came into view and at last the campsite. Can’t wait to loose all this small change I’ve been lugging.  But couldn’t find  the shop  ; 0 (
So i washed my stinky shirt under a tap had lunch  and  lazed in the sun while my shirt dried, then it was time to walk.
But  god I’m knackered! !! The heat, my pack. after another 5 miles trudge I arrived at Boulder Oaks campsite . …..Water!  The water is  on .This will do me, 10  miles today.
I found a flat spot for my tent, just as I was setting up Ryan past by.
I cooked my supper then zzzzz

Boulder Oaks
Lake Moreno

Day 1


The alarm  screamed get up get up get up. IT was early just gone four am and bob wanted to leave at 5 am We loaded all of our kit into the back of Bobs car , Checked one last time  if we had everything , enough water then we strapped ourselves in and the adventure began
It was about an hour to the starting point so no turning back,this was it .
We arrived at about  5.54 just as the morning began to get light. We posed for the obligatorily photos. Then it was time to walk ,At 6 am we set off together Hendrick,Kevin and Myself on this cool morning
The trail began as a meandering walk but it soon began to climb and climb. Lesson 1  have a light pack. Lesson 2 don’t carry too much food. Lesson 3 carry more water.  By mile 7 I was shattered The heat ,my heavy pack, so I took an hours sleep..I was finding  that  every ten minutes I was needing  a rest. Then omg by mile 9 my bladder was empty leaving me with under a litre. I may be in trouble
I had wanted to start the hike with 6 liters. But Bob the trail angel said you will be fine with four!!!.There is a saying on the trail. “Hike your own hike” .so yes another lesson learnt!
I should of taken more water  but then water is heavy  another thing you soon learn. Luckily for me some fellow hikers helped me out. by giving me a bottle of gator aid and a huge swig of water.. I set off slowly keeping an eye on my dwindling water. I’m resting again at mile 12 when two fellow hikers stopped and gave me 1/2 a liter each.. I looked across the valley and the switchbacks that climbed up the other side OMG i said again to myself and then set off down towards Hawsers Creek
I finally made it to hawsers creek at 6 pm. Omg
There was a water cache there thank you god and the great bloke who put it after drinking my fill . I put up my tent and got chatting to CNC a hiking couple.I made hot chocolate and then mac cheese then got into my tent I was asleep just after the 3rd helicopter sweep zzzzz

Almost time

Woke at 9 am. Today is a rest day
I need to resupply, visit a phone shop and post office to mail supplies and my bounce box
when I awoke there was another Hiker in the Lounge his name was Hendrik was from Germany. Hendrik was waiting for his pack at it was “lost”…… Good start. But the airport promised him it will be here by 7pm …And it was. Phew
but OMG the size of his pack was a ¼ the size of mine mm I’m a little worried!!
We walked to Ralphs, a large supermarket together and brought two weeks of supplies 1 week to carry and 1 week to post to Warner Springs. It was quite easy to go wild inside and so my basket was soon full I compared mine  with Hendriks  just to what he had purchased
Then  home to decant my supplies between my pack and my resupply box. Once all boxed it was time to visit the post office. Boxes to be mailed here, Ice axe to Lone pine phew done.
Next job, Sims card I went with AT&T 2 GB of data $60 a month I thought this was good value at the time!!
When we got back another Hiker had arrived his name was Kevin  who was from Canada, and OMG  his pack was also small,
When we were all relaxed we went out to dinner  to a Mexican restaurant, The meal was  yummy but can’t remember what it was called.
Well as it’s an early start for me so bed Night

My Resupply
My Resupply

here we go

Wow what a long day flight . got to La at 2 pm local time.then Immigration oh my god that took an hour then off to terminal 5 for my next flight. ..
God I need a beer my first one was $17  really !!! The second was $8. I’m learning to look at the menu first !
My connecting  flight is 8pm yawn is it. Bed time
I arrived at  San Diego waited for my case to be unloaded  then made my way to the exit.
I found a phone  and  dialed Bob , He advised me  to wait outside and  he  be  there shortly . I was now  excited and  nervous
Bob the local trail Angel picked me up just past nine. I loaded my gear into the back then we went to pick up another lady before being dropped off at Bob’s. Bob then went back to the airport to get another hiker.
Bob had two hikers upstairs already asleep ,I slept in the motor home  with another hiker who was starting his hike in the morning
I was now  geting nervous  but so so excited

Here  I come

Here I come