DAY 114 ZERO in Grants Village


I Woke around 6 from the voices of other hikers getting ready to head out but as i wasn’t so rolled over

It wasn’t until I needed a wee

Did I move.

The two cyclist were heading out  and hopefully before it rained.

I joined in the conversation for a bit then made  tea.

It seemed a relaxing morning but then the rain came.

I grabbed my gear and headed for my tent. 

I finished my tea  as the rain became  heavier and heavier

I pulled my bag up to get warmer. 

I woke several hours later. 

And silence …..

Okay to the shops.  I went to the bathroom and plugged in my battery block then headed to  the shops. 

It’s a mile walk such fun.

I visited the gift shop first and brought myself the obiligotory Yellowstone hat .

Okay now to resupply.

But once out side I bumped  into Graz xxx and special K .

They had a ride to old faithful.. I had planned  on doing that tomorrow.

Okay shopping I did the rounds and mmm a bit pricey but hey its touristy. 

I had brought a sub for later but fancied something hot

 So visited the grill. 

It was very disappointing  hotdog or pulled pork sandwich. I went for the hot dog. But because of covid there is no eating inside. So I sat outside and scoffed my food.

Then it began to pour and they only issue paper bags for your shopping

That would make it back to the camp site.  So I went  to buy a carrier bag. The lady took pity on me and found me a  box and some plastic to go over it.

Okay I headed back hoping for a lift but no.

Once back I put the box into my tent and went to check on my battery block.

Horror it’s not there.

So.i headed back to camp registration. Phew had been handed in as the janitors presumed it had been forgotten. 

So I walked back and plugged  it back in.

Then back at my tent I decanted  my foods then  woofed my sub and drank a   few beers. Until.i got bored 

Okay laundry.

I grabbed my Stinky clothes and headed again up the road  only 1/2 mile this time

I found a machine  and began the cycle.  More exciting than lying in a damp tent. WHOOP. drying time. 

Okay all done. I brought a cornetto  to eat on the way back. Once back I dropped  my

Clothes back into my tent then went to  check on ny battery bank.

Omg its missing again. 

So yet another  walk back to camp registration. 

The lady  was very apologetic  and added that she had plugged it in.

So I headed back to my tent spot and plugged it in once more.

It was now teatime so  time to eat i cooked a packet of ramin with baby sausage. Very tasty.

Then as the rain returned headed back to my tent.

I had a good tidy  dumped all my trash then settled in.

Oh forgot to say they have bear boxes so every thing is stored. 

I got into my bag  and enjoyed a story from an audio book that I had brought and relaxed listening  too until I dropped off. So need to find where I got to ha ha


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