DAY 115 old faithful


I woke  about 6 30 as i needed the loo. Wow my battery block is still here and it’s charged.

I retrieved it and headed back to my tent and I to my bag. I’m not getting up yet!!

Around 7 I heard the other two (Jeepers and wonderwoman) getting thre stuff ready to head out.  Good luck you too I called

Cheers snail they replied.

The rain had stopped but my fly was still soaking. I lay there looking up  at my tent .there appears to be small hole in the right side so  a patch might be useful. 

Okay im bored  so  I begin to pack up.better now before the rain returns.okay once packed I make a cup of tea then I  am ready. 

I do a sweep of the camp then head off down the road. 

I hold out my thumb just in case  but nobody stops

As I walk past the garage I decide to get a breakfast burrito. Mmm that’s bloody good  and quickly scoff it.

I take up my stance at the exit of the gas station. A van stops  she’s heading south but will drop me at the main road..

Perfect.  Once there I thank her. 

I am standing at one of the washed out sections of yellowstone roads.  Yellowstone has had massive Floods and not all the roads are open.

Great I have a ride not bad less than 30 mins. But I’m in the back..

No problem.  One the way to Old faithful  we go over about 15 sections of washed out road..


SOON I’m here.they pull into the parking lot. Wow thank you so much. Thry insist that I take water so I do not refuse.

Okay wheres what….

As I made myway along the path this lady  shouts CDT hiker?

Yes I reply. 



For some reason she is so excited to see me.

I have a van full of food  come take a look.

Gabrielle Murray

Indeed she has  and odd animal parts. I think she’s some sort of ranger.but I grab a gatorade  and can of something an apple and satummer. Then thank her.

But she really helpful  she tells me what time is the next eruption.where I can leave my pack and what I should do  .ie what to see first. 

I walk into the Inn and leave my pack. Then I head to the basin wow its vast and the wooden walkways snake off into the distance. I’m in my toursist  element and I am just loving this  .sulphur hangs in the air As I make my way around  some are just pools others amaxing colourful  pool some bubble  some errupt some  just shoot steam.  But  they  were all wow to me so I’m in no hurry to race around. I’ve just completed one loop  I will do the other as I exit  out of the park.

Great I thank her again. 

Okay  Old Faithful.. I go to retrieve my pack and the sign says she’s due to errupt in 10 minutes cool.

I go stand where Gabrielle told me was best.

There were several hundred gathered all around waiting.

Then one shedule …. Well a few minutes late she errupted I have to say i was impressed and excited  but maybe it’s an age thing. Okay I really enjoyed it.

As I walk walking back to the Inn I bumped into several freinds. They had got here yesterday and crashed a room.

Okay im hungry  so I went to find Old faithful Grill. It does a reasonable burger.  I opted for a double bacon cheese burger  and fries. Washed down with a gallon of coke.

It soon arrived and I dug in. As I was earing a man asked if I was hiking 

I said yes.

Your not snailtrainer ?

Yes I am …

Well we hiked together  in idlywild.

Spooky  so we chatted for a while.

Okay a quick bit of being a tourist  then I’m heading out.

Okay done. 

I checked my app the trail starts just in front of the inn.

Great  I headed on passing more and more spectacular geysers and springs (not sure what the difference  is)

I spent 1/2 day  here and d really likect visit again with more time.

I really wanted to see Bison  but  they are in a different part of the park as the park  is Vast!!

As I’m walking the rain returns. Great.  I stop to put on my rain jacket then noticed this huge bird in a tree. Not sure what it is  but he was large.

Okay im not  ctosding thectoad to another part of the park  and this then turns back into my trail.

The cars stop to let me cross . I’m impressed with that.

I look at a few more pools  but I desperate to push in and get my tent up before the storm hits.

The first part of tge trail is very busy with tourists  until it branches off. And goes from a lovely path  to typical Cdt . Boggy.  Wet etc etc….but then a real trail reappears  and then the climb and its steep and with my rain jacket on I’m soon sweating. 

I chug on up eyeing any suitable spots… but when I check my app I can see a campsite in 4.4 miles.

I can do that.  I stick in my ear buds and cruise. 2 miles to go.

But then the rain  gets harder and harder. . But great there is the marker.  The rain is now lashing down. I quickly scan and see a flat spot. My tent is up.

I throw everything in. 

Inflate my mattress get out my bag.

Take of my wet coat

 Put on my puffy and get into my bag as I am freezing cold

I lay still trying to make  heat.

The rain is lashing down outside.

After 20 minutes  it’s all quite and the sun is trying to shine. 

I hear  voices.a voice asks who is in this tent snailtrainer.

Omg it’s wonderwoman.  

I thought you were going somewhere else I said.

Well yes  but….

By the way snail you tent is under the bear hang

I didnt see a thing when I arrived,as it was tipping it down and just spied this spot I said

Okay I’m now warm enough to make a hot drink.

Actually I made 1 drank it and made another.

Ate all my gummy bears and bag of ritz crackers.

So now to relax.

Mileage …..

From old faithful 


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