DAY 117 Zero at Macs Inn

AUG 8th

I slept  well maybe its the knowing I don’t have to get Up well nor early.

Okay plan d.

I went to the loo then took my back to the laundry room and  put it and a  dryer sheet into  the tumble dryer.

Then I quickly jumped I to the shower. OMG THATS A GREAT Shower  for a RV Park.

I then headed to reception to see if I could  stay  another day.

Normally it’s a big NO.

but he seemed to like me and so yes .

I then brought a breakfast burrito  and a coffee satchet and retreated to my tent. 

The burrito  was bloody tasty in fact I’m begining to like these a lot.

Okay I went to check on my laundry omg  my bag looks slmost like new..the loft  is back and thanks to the dryer sheets it smells okay  lol.

I then relaxed with several coffes and caught up on my blogs (mainly this one wordpress)

Chores snail. I headed off to the post office and posted a box of gear to my  freind Tartan 

Next a vist to the garage to see they have in the way of resupply although there is a grocery store 2 miles up thd Road ( 2 MLES !!)

I grabbed a few goings then went to the pizza place that overlooks the river for lunch. 

A meat feast and a Ipa

It was nice to chill and watch people fishing canoeing and generally having fun. 

The pizza arrived and was so bloody  good.  I washed it down with another IPA.

Well there was still room so I had a large huckleberry ice cream and a brown ALe for a change. 

Okay now I’m full and fat so headed back stopping at the gas station for beer and a few more bits.

Once back at the RV Park I grabbed a bag of ice and the owner lent me a cool box.

I really like him

So back at my tent  blog catching up. It was so nice to sit in the sun and enjoy a few ales and do nothing.

So all caught up all uploaded .so I sorted out my food bags and a quick tent tidy.

Disposed of the ice and cleaned the cool bag then retreated to my tent to relax and rest .Back on trail tomorrow. So an earlyish night

Miles zero


DAY 116 Heading to Macks Inn


I slept well but was woken at silly A clock  by rustling.  It turned out to be wonderwoman getting her food down from the hang. 

So I rolled over and went back to sleep. 

My alarm went off at 7am and I dozed until 7.30 when I pulled the plug on my mattress. 

I packed up and was ready to go.

There was one hiker left who was just leaving  his name loose cannon

That name  sounds familiar  did you hike the ,pct it 2014?

Yes I did 

Well we leapfrogged each other for a while I’m Snailtrainer

Wow what a small world. 

He’s going sobo on this trip.

Okay I need to  make some miles.

I put on my rain jacket as it was soaked and in  several miles it would be dry. 

Aldo it was  a little chilli, as I set off down the trail Idaho was in sight. WHOOP

The trail  snaked around the lake  where I had camped  before heading into the  forest. But not for long as it soon emerged into a large burn area  which looked so  desolate.   I pushed on meeting my first sobo of the morning  his name oklahomy

I thought thst rather funny  and wanted to burst into “The  cows are asleep in the meadow ” but resisted .

As the morning went on i met more and more sobos.This appeared to be the front of the  herd.

I’m rather impressed  as on the other two trails  there has always been a bit of a irk between sobos and nobos but on this trail every one seems so enthusiastic  with each person they meet.

Ie   well done congrats.  Etc etc.

I pushed on passing numerous sobos  and then the border  came into view. 

Nothing elaborate  just a sign in some rocks saying welome to Idaho.

Perfect to me I took a break took the opportunity  to stash my rain jacket and generally rejig my pack

Okay Idaho treat me gently.

I continued through the forest ,the trail was fairly clear although most of the trees on trail could do with a good pruning.

Further on I met 2  hikers  having a lazy start or maybe just a tent drying exercise.

I would do mine later.

The trail circled down until  i  was in a dry water bed again like walking in cat litter. But it wasn’t for long and soon  I was on a wade asphalt  road.  It was a pleasure to walk on  ,although  steep in places, nothing scary.

I followed this for numerous Mile’s until it became a single track. It was lunch time and as the sun was warm I decided to stop and dry  my gear

 I did the fly and the footprint. I should have done the tent too !!

As I was chilling the two boy’s came past … see you up trail snail. 

Once my gear was dry I  set off and decided to take the alternative route.

Flatter and perhaps a bit boring 

But better for my knee and me .

This trail was a forest road  and nice to walk on .

 All afternoon I was meeting sobos, a good sized herd.

At last i was dropping down and joined yet another forest road and yet more sobos. Seversl  atvs came by dad and the kids. 

I pushed on as Macs Inn was my target but wasnt really  sure what was there, although I fancied a hotel and comfy bed, Tv etc

But one checking my app it was still a long  way away.

Not sure if I can do that 

At last I made it tothe main road 3.5 miles to go

I  was hoping for a hitch but nothing . I was exhausted   as i arrived in town .I headedto the hotel it looked really expensive but I dont care

But they had no rooms Fuck fuck.

I tried  several hotels on Google but they no longer existed.  That’s really crap 

Okay the Rv park as it’s getting late. I wandered though looking for receptipn or similar. The owners were having a staff party and on seeing me the boss leaped to my rescue.  

Okay i have a spot thank god !!

I quickly put up my tent. 

Then headed to the local Mexican

I had seversl beers and a great dinner god I’m full

I wanted wandered back to the Rv  site and zzzzz

Okay bed

Mileage 24

Plan b tomorrow.

DAY 115 old faithful


I woke  about 6 30 as i needed the loo. Wow my battery block is still here and it’s charged.

I retrieved it and headed back to my tent and I to my bag. I’m not getting up yet!!

Around 7 I heard the other two (Jeepers and wonderwoman) getting thre stuff ready to head out.  Good luck you too I called

Cheers snail they replied.

The rain had stopped but my fly was still soaking. I lay there looking up  at my tent .there appears to be small hole in the right side so  a patch might be useful. 

Okay im bored  so  I begin to pack up.better now before the rain returns.okay once packed I make a cup of tea then I  am ready. 

I do a sweep of the camp then head off down the road. 

I hold out my thumb just in case  but nobody stops

As I walk past the garage I decide to get a breakfast burrito. Mmm that’s bloody good  and quickly scoff it.

I take up my stance at the exit of the gas station. A van stops  she’s heading south but will drop me at the main road..

Perfect.  Once there I thank her. 

I am standing at one of the washed out sections of yellowstone roads.  Yellowstone has had massive Floods and not all the roads are open.

Great I have a ride not bad less than 30 mins. But I’m in the back..

No problem.  One the way to Old faithful  we go over about 15 sections of washed out road..


SOON I’m here.they pull into the parking lot. Wow thank you so much. Thry insist that I take water so I do not refuse.

Okay wheres what….

As I made myway along the path this lady  shouts CDT hiker?

Yes I reply. 



For some reason she is so excited to see me.

I have a van full of food  come take a look.

Gabrielle Murray

Indeed she has  and odd animal parts. I think she’s some sort of ranger.but I grab a gatorade  and can of something an apple and satummer. Then thank her.

But she really helpful  she tells me what time is the next eruption.where I can leave my pack and what I should do  .ie what to see first. 

I walk into the Inn and leave my pack. Then I head to the basin wow its vast and the wooden walkways snake off into the distance. I’m in my toursist  element and I am just loving this  .sulphur hangs in the air As I make my way around  some are just pools others amaxing colourful  pool some bubble  some errupt some  just shoot steam.  But  they  were all wow to me so I’m in no hurry to race around. I’ve just completed one loop  I will do the other as I exit  out of the park.

Great I thank her again. 

Okay  Old Faithful.. I go to retrieve my pack and the sign says she’s due to errupt in 10 minutes cool.

I go stand where Gabrielle told me was best.

There were several hundred gathered all around waiting.

Then one shedule …. Well a few minutes late she errupted I have to say i was impressed and excited  but maybe it’s an age thing. Okay I really enjoyed it.

As I walk walking back to the Inn I bumped into several freinds. They had got here yesterday and crashed a room.

Okay im hungry  so I went to find Old faithful Grill. It does a reasonable burger.  I opted for a double bacon cheese burger  and fries. Washed down with a gallon of coke.

It soon arrived and I dug in. As I was earing a man asked if I was hiking 

I said yes.

Your not snailtrainer ?

Yes I am …

Well we hiked together  in idlywild.

Spooky  so we chatted for a while.

Okay a quick bit of being a tourist  then I’m heading out.

Okay done. 

I checked my app the trail starts just in front of the inn.

Great  I headed on passing more and more spectacular geysers and springs (not sure what the difference  is)

I spent 1/2 day  here and d really likect visit again with more time.

I really wanted to see Bison  but  they are in a different part of the park as the park  is Vast!!

As I’m walking the rain returns. Great.  I stop to put on my rain jacket then noticed this huge bird in a tree. Not sure what it is  but he was large.

Okay im not  ctosding thectoad to another part of the park  and this then turns back into my trail.

The cars stop to let me cross . I’m impressed with that.

I look at a few more pools  but I desperate to push in and get my tent up before the storm hits.

The first part of tge trail is very busy with tourists  until it branches off. And goes from a lovely path  to typical Cdt . Boggy.  Wet etc etc….but then a real trail reappears  and then the climb and its steep and with my rain jacket on I’m soon sweating. 

I chug on up eyeing any suitable spots… but when I check my app I can see a campsite in 4.4 miles.

I can do that.  I stick in my ear buds and cruise. 2 miles to go.

But then the rain  gets harder and harder. . But great there is the marker.  The rain is now lashing down. I quickly scan and see a flat spot. My tent is up.

I throw everything in. 

Inflate my mattress get out my bag.

Take of my wet coat

 Put on my puffy and get into my bag as I am freezing cold

I lay still trying to make  heat.

The rain is lashing down outside.

After 20 minutes  it’s all quite and the sun is trying to shine. 

I hear  voices.a voice asks who is in this tent snailtrainer.

Omg it’s wonderwoman.  

I thought you were going somewhere else I said.

Well yes  but….

By the way snail you tent is under the bear hang

I didnt see a thing when I arrived,as it was tipping it down and just spied this spot I said

Okay I’m now warm enough to make a hot drink.

Actually I made 1 drank it and made another.

Ate all my gummy bears and bag of ritz crackers.

So now to relax.

Mileage …..

From old faithful 

DAY 114 ZERO in Grants Village


I Woke around 6 from the voices of other hikers getting ready to head out but as i wasn’t so rolled over

It wasn’t until I needed a wee

Did I move.

The two cyclist were heading out  and hopefully before it rained.

I joined in the conversation for a bit then made  tea.

It seemed a relaxing morning but then the rain came.

I grabbed my gear and headed for my tent. 

I finished my tea  as the rain became  heavier and heavier

I pulled my bag up to get warmer. 

I woke several hours later. 

And silence …..

Okay to the shops.  I went to the bathroom and plugged in my battery block then headed to  the shops. 

It’s a mile walk such fun.

I visited the gift shop first and brought myself the obiligotory Yellowstone hat .

Okay now to resupply.

But once out side I bumped  into Graz xxx and special K .

They had a ride to old faithful.. I had planned  on doing that tomorrow.

Okay shopping I did the rounds and mmm a bit pricey but hey its touristy. 

I had brought a sub for later but fancied something hot

 So visited the grill. 

It was very disappointing  hotdog or pulled pork sandwich. I went for the hot dog. But because of covid there is no eating inside. So I sat outside and scoffed my food.

Then it began to pour and they only issue paper bags for your shopping

That would make it back to the camp site.  So I went  to buy a carrier bag. The lady took pity on me and found me a  box and some plastic to go over it.

Okay I headed back hoping for a lift but no.

Once back I put the box into my tent and went to check on my battery block.

Horror it’s not there.

So.i headed back to camp registration. Phew had been handed in as the janitors presumed it had been forgotten. 

So I walked back and plugged  it back in.

Then back at my tent I decanted  my foods then  woofed my sub and drank a   few beers. Until.i got bored 

Okay laundry.

I grabbed my Stinky clothes and headed again up the road  only 1/2 mile this time

I found a machine  and began the cycle.  More exciting than lying in a damp tent. WHOOP. drying time. 

Okay all done. I brought a cornetto  to eat on the way back. Once back I dropped  my

Clothes back into my tent then went to  check on ny battery bank.

Omg its missing again. 

So yet another  walk back to camp registration. 

The lady  was very apologetic  and added that she had plugged it in.

So I headed back to my tent spot and plugged it in once more.

It was now teatime so  time to eat i cooked a packet of ramin with baby sausage. Very tasty.

Then as the rain returned headed back to my tent.

I had a good tidy  dumped all my trash then settled in.

Oh forgot to say they have bear boxes so every thing is stored. 

I got into my bag  and enjoyed a story from an audio book that I had brought and relaxed listening  too until I dropped off. So need to find where I got to ha ha

DAY 113 To Grants?


 Several alarms went off I snoozed them 
But snail the miles I pulled the plug  on my mattress as it had just gone 5am and for a change I burst into action  I was packed up and on trail by 6am good, effort snail
I was impressed as I  set off down the trail, I had planned to do less  filming as the constant stopping was costing me miles.!!

The trail was fairly kind a few ups  and downs but nothing serious. 
My knee was stiff although they both are first thing ,it should relax giving me less grief. 
It was a clear cool morning as i headed down the trail but I’m sure it will heat up.
I was fairly high up but following the contours of the mountains and looking down on the meandering river. I wondered how many times I would cross it today but for now I was just following. 
The trail meandered  in and out as it followed the river around the contours of the mountain, climbing high when it needed  to, then dropping straight down again.
To be fair I was enjoying this and wasn’t bothered about the target I had set myself .
The trail then dropped down in to a wide open meadow. There appeared to be no markers, no cairns or anything just the trail to follow  I checked my app just  to confirm i was heading in the right direction
The trail was sometimes a path and easy  to follow other times it was just a faint line in the grass, sometimes the grass or vegetation  was so thick you wondered if any hikers had been this way at all. Then the trail  would suddenly reappear.
I pushed on trying not to think about mileage or my knee. But my knee often reminded me, so I had to stop to take a break.
Another hiker appeared who I hadn’t seen before I tried to keep in touch  with him but I’d often stop to grab a shot  so he soon vanished.
I pushed on and soon came to my first river crossing of the day, I stopped to swap shoes then waded across. Once across  I thought that it was time for a break, i walked a few yards and found a suitable spot .I took off my shoes and swapped socks .
I should have checked my app as several more  yards was yet another river crossing F*uck, so I changed shoes again otherwise  the exercise  would have been pointless. 
Once across I noticed a marker  for a campsite ,It sounded familiar. So I checked my permit ,wow mine should be the next one.!!!
I did my campsite reservations all on line using my phone so it maybe a complete f*uck-up.
Planning people. I should have done this weeks ago and so I was completely naïve about the whole process. So people plan it before you get on trail and then book it when you are near to Yellowstone.  I would suggest Dubois. So I’m a dork …
I pushed on and it wasn’t long until  I came to my campsite * ( the one I have booked for tomorrow)
Now this has cheered me up as I am heading to Grants so I am 1 day ahead of shedule so my knee can relax a little. (ha ha )
The rest of the day was spent mostly in the forest so very little to see or report  on. Eventually  I  could see Heart Lake. As I got nearer the thunder began and as I set foot onto the beach the sky turned black and the wind grew strong. Its really not ideal to walk along the beach, to me it was like walking on kitty litter with a howling gale.
On a hot summers day I’d been in the water But not today.

AT last the trail turned sharp right and past the rangers hut.
But no-one was at home.
I was passed by several sobos and day hikers all cheerful and chatty , we wished each other good luck and continued in our opposite directions. I pushed on until  3pm then stopped to make tea, the one I had been promising myself all day .

And mmm my cuppa tasted do good.
As I was resting when about a dozen hikers came past heading south. Weekend hikers maybe.?

Red dragon fly

I was just drinking my tea when Special-K came past. She looked  like she was on a mission. 
I finished my tea and headed on.
I was soon passed by special k,’s partner and then Shepherd came past.
I continued on until I came to my first proper hot spring. I was fascinated with all the colours of the pool and the strong smell of sulphur.  But miles , I need the Mile’s. 

I passed several more hot springs, pausing but not for too long.
Then in front was a climb, a bloody big climb  I was annoyed with myself for the long tea-stop, should have pushed on !!. I began the climb but I appeared out of juice and so it was a struggle. 
Omg the climb was long and steep, It took all my reserves to get up it 

3/4  the way up I had a great view of another geyser/ hot pool. This one bubbled away  but was too far for my camera. 
At last I was up but I was flagging. 
There were several spots that I could stealth camp. But no ,it was 6 miles to go and I wanted those  6 miles.  F*uck  yeah 4 miles to go. It was at this point the mossies decided to attack in full force, F*uckers 
I was hiking and swatting and checking my arms and swatting.  F*uck off. It was no good I was loosing it with these bastards . I stopped and got out the 100% Deet and splashed it all over,
That’s much better. 
I pushed on and staring at several suitable camp spots but no , and pushed on.
It then it began to rain, bloody perfect i muttered to myself
What is this? A five minute shower a10 minute shower or longer?
I pushed on and luckily the rain quickly stopped. 

Then I was at the trail head , Wow how did that happen ?
Well done knee it has taken us numerous breaks but we had made it.
Whoop whoop, Okay Grants.
I stood by the road.  and No, no, no no
Then a van coming the other way beeped and turned around.
Omg it was Molly getting back on trail so I had the ride to Grants 
My driver dropped me at the gas station where I brought a six pack then headed for the camp site.

Then this lovely German lady picked me up and took me to the  campsite. I registered then the lovely German lady drove me there.  Brilliant. I found a spot then set up my tent.
I then joined several hikers and bikers (cyclists) at the picnic table.

Great evening 

Mileage  23 whoop


AUG 3rd 2022

Get up Get up

I kept saying to myself. Finally I pulled the stopped and moved slowly into action  the fly was soaked  due to all of the rain and maybe dew from the River.

I was almost ready to go but this morning I needed 2 cups of coffee.

Okay lets get up this  hill.

When I first start my right knee is just stiff.. it will not bend so there were many  swear words as I hobbled up the trail. 

And yes it was steep after about 20 minutes I stopped to look back at the valley. It was so beautiful  with the mist rising .

Okay snail onwards, buy  this hill seemed to go on for ages  luckily there were switchbacks but it  was still steep. Eventually I got too the top,but it wasn’t the top and it wasn’t over. I now followed the contours of  the hill trying to navigate over  blow downs  as a 1 legged man and  oh yes a few swear words.  I pushed on my feet soaking wet  from the vegetation  that lined the trail. 

That made me cross too. 

Eventually  I began to head down that wasn’t very helpful to my knee. So grimaced  almost every step.  At the bottom I had a small creek to cross. but it was a few hops  guess what I’m now climbing up the other side. 

God  this is crap and steep.

 Yes crap and steep. I pushed on following the switch backs  

Did I say that it was steep!!

For a change I crossed over a small stream to my left Then headed into the woods.

The back drop was a huge escarpment.  Funny it reminded me of Tarzan ..

The trail still climbed. Omg  does this ever end……

Eventually it flattened  out  but there was still plenty to climb..

But I needed a break.

When a huge rock appeared I dropped my pack. 

Took off my shoes and socks  and aired my feet. 

Then woofed some snacks. 

Thre wasn’t much as it’s in my main food bag  and I wasn’t  organised to organise it.

I was just adoring the view  (as the mist was parting) When hotsauce appeared. 

I must have camped just before you. She said 

Did You  like thst climb? I asked?

@#%^££&  was the answer  or  rather F*uck no

Thst made me laugh.

Wheres Kid  I asked  (as they are a couple) 

He’s at the top. I couldn’t go on, and the rain..

Okay may see you at Grantsshe said and headed off.

I put on dry socks then returned to the trail and the climb.

Typically  the trail then vanished and I scanned the horizon for clues.

In the distance was a cairn. And when I got close the trail was plain to see. . I headed  off and passed  one lake  that looked like it was drying up. Then a second that looked more healthy

The trail now began to head down and once again I was  greeted with amazing views of the valley .but the down was steep even with switch backs my knee soon began to complain and I began to swear alot. Then a hiker appeared  a sobo ? (Southbounder) I nodded I was in too much pain for a conversation.

I continued down and down croosed a small field then back into the trees and down

Then another hiker  appeared his name was Gazelle. I think Japanese.  In his broken English  he said he passed  7 other hikers.

I thanked him and hobbled on .

At last the trail was level  but not for long.Once again I was heading down. I could  do with some water . The trail meadered through this forest heading down 

But i had to detour around a tree,the trail would disappear. 

So that was annoying as it wasted time and effort finding it.

Then another hiker  appeared  a SOBO  free bird  from Oregon.

She warned  me about  trail junction and to head  right.!!

She then said  your going to have wet feet by the end of the day. As plenty of crossing. 

I thanked her and set off.

It want long until I reached the first crossing bur as I needed water I took a short break and topped up.

Okay the first crossing was easy. I’m sure the others won’t be.

Once across I had to push through tall bushes  another of  my annoyances. 

Okay flat  so I tried to push but my knee said  stop that so I did. 

 The flat  stooped as I took a sharp  right into another forest. 

I came to the junction I was warned about and headed right and up the Cdt  is always up.

I chugged up several rises and falls croosed numerous steams and  just kept  going. I stayed in this forest  for  sometime.

Okay snail  let’s look for  some open space  then I can dry my tent.

It was almost another 30 minutes until I said  that will do.

I dropped my pack then pulled out the flysheet  and lay out the soaking thing.

While it dried I decided to call it lunch  and ate the rest of my snacks. Jerky, peanuts and apricots oh and a few skittles

Okay  the fly is dry. I stuffed it back into my tent sack. Mmmm I need to order a new one as its ripping  .

Okay trail  let’s see where I can get. I pushed on swearing on any  steep inclines… I then came  to a large creek so stopped to change shoes … which is also a pain.  I quickly waded across then stopped to change back. This is because the insoles of my new shoes can ruck up.

Thus is my 4th pair. The other 3 it didn’t happen so why these.

(But it’s happened before in the past so l am aware,)

Okay snail let’s go but a combination  of knee and teraine  were  killing me

I don’t think I will hit my milage target  which was depressing me  as the miles are still there to be hiked..

As I walked along  I noticed more horses,/Mules  under a tree and several tents. The Mules then began to made an awful din.

Maybe they thought I was a wolf lol

The  trail now headed sharp  right across a wide meadow.

I have to  check my app as the  trail markers have been so poor today. 

There was one large cairn  by the edge of the field then nothing.

I headed off into the distance  until I reached another creek so the  same  ritual 

 I sloshed acroosed then headed  through tall bushes on duckboards. If the bushes were cut you could walk on the boards much easier. Once across I did my routine  before heading back along the trail 

I pushed on through another  forest which spiralled down and I exited onto a large meadow.

I pushed on  crossing many small streams until once again it was change shoes for yet another creek crossing.

I kept my watershoes  on as I pushed hough more tall bushes then there was a small climb.

On the other side was a large open meadow halfway way across 

In the middle by the trail was a sign marking Yellowstone border

Whoop whoop I’m now in yellowstone. I pushed on along the trail  and it wasnt long until  I came to the wardens cottage 

(Logcabin). I went and had a look 

Then back 

Okay im knacked and hurting  but let’s see what I can do.

I pushed  on  crossing several more creeks .

Come on a bridge maybe !!

The trail now headed into some trees  and began to climb. Bloody hell no… but the climb was short  and I was now following the hills contours.  Okay I don’t think I have much in the tank. So at the next stream I watered up.

It wasnt long until I passed several campsites. 

But I wanted just a few more miles  or at least 1.

I pushed in until I came to yet another creek i looked left and right said F*uck it and waded straight across.

Okay tent spot… I had passed several good ones earlier. 

Should have stopped.  As the trail was going to climb shortly.

Mmm maybe there. I walked up and right.

But its a compromise  but it will do I quickly put up my tent before sitting  on a log to cook tea.

I had just packed up when Molly came through.

Okay bed

Mileage  17 but I wanted more

DAY 111 Heading to Yellowstone day 2

August 2nd

I woke early to rain, I guess I must have switched off the alarm luckily the next one woke me but I was late. I stripped down my tent then put on a brew 

Just then Keebler and Pittsburg came through we chatted for five  then they were gone they said see you later but I wasn’t confident with my knee. Next to come through was cross-creek she is always happy.  Then Jackoby he carries an 85 LITRE  pack Respect!! 
 I was just about to get back on trail when Shredder arrived 
Good to see you snail 
See you later maybe.
Then finally Monk appeared snail how are you always ahead of me we both laughed.  
Won’t be today knee issues.
He gave me a list if things to try 
I thanked  him as I hobbled  on after him 
Thankfully for the first part of the morning, the trail  was fairly flat  and my knee seemed to behave.
Although it wasn’t long until I got to my first river crossing. I stopped to swap over shoes then stepped into the icy water. The bottom and rocks were slippery and so I took my time. This river wasn’t wide but deep in places and flowing swiftly. 
But I was soon safely across  and switched back my shoes.  The trail climbed sharply  but that was only a detour around  a tree..  with several blowdowns it was make your  own trail……
At last the trail became easier to follow.. as I made my way along I caught sight of several horses  through the tree’s, then I noticed the tents.
I waved  to one of the men in camp before moving on.

Then I almost got run over by 2 llamas I must have zoned out for a minute .3 guys led the animals.The Llamas  looked rather content. I’d like to borrow  one to carry  my pack or  just me lol.
Once past these  beasts the trail began to climb, i was dreading  this and so was my knee, Luckily it soon levelled out and I found myself in wide open planes 
Then out of nowhere  came another large pack train of about 12 horses /mules. As they past I noticed another 4 horses tied up under a tree with one person resting I think the others were fishing.
As  I carried on up the trail, to my left on a hill were 6 tents maybe the four horses were from there.
After several more hours I stopped for a break , as i was resting another hiker came past. I think I have seen him before  he made me laugh as he was wearing bells. They are sensible but you will get ridiculed
I pushed on and was soon climbing again though yet another burn , after another hour I took another break and decided I needed a cuppa.
I was just finishing off when Google appeared we chatted for five then he was gone
Okay snail we need those miles  but my  knee wasn’t going to play.  I have downed far too many painkillers but they do not seem to be kicking in….

I struggled up the hills. Then the rain came  bugger  that’s just what I didn’t need. I took shelter under tree hoping that it was just a shower putting on my rain jacket just in case. 
I filled  up a bottle of water in case I had to camp, The rain  was only a shower and so soon stopped , I put on my pack and set off again.
I was following the river again for a mile  before running into more horses. Seems everyone is out on horseback today. I moved over to let them pass, they were quite chatty.
Okay snail miles, but it wasn’t long until the sun reappeared and began to roast me. Okay next log.
The trail opened and a little further ahead was my log. I quickly dropped my pack and removed my rain jacket I hadn’t sat long when yet another mule train appeared this one had about 18 horses.
The leader asked if I’d move back as some of his mules were a bit skittish. 
Well I definitely haven’t seen this many horses in one day
I set off down the trail following the many hoof points in the soft  sandy mud….okay crossroads it wasn’t clear on my map. 
I was  just trying to decided when three other riders  appeared.
They didn’t seem sure of where they were going either
I pushed on but everything was hurting. I came to another river with half a bridge that I managed to cross. By the banks were chewed  trees, beavers!!.
As I looked up stream I could see their dams. Okay I am done ,I just a flat spot. I passed by several and kept going I wanted to do at least 15 miles and I was short. I then came to a wide river. I crossed over then sat on a log. No I’m done I dropped my pack and  began to set up.
Then the same 3 riders appeared. I think they wanted yo camp here to.
The main man was Norwegian  but now lives here. I couldn’t follow the rest except his wife is American.
I finished setting up when Lady-bug appeared we chatted and compared  Yellowstone camp spots, asked about Monk and then she was gone.

I was halfway through dinner when the typical Wyoming  weather reappeared thunder lighting and torrential rain .I quickly relocated to my tent to finish dinner, not wise in bear country  but needs must.
I began to feel sorry for lady-bug as it was a 2 mile climb ahead and in this weather

Okay  that’s me done

Mileage  18

DAY 110 Heading to Yellowstone day 1.

Aug 1st 2022

Last night I realised I had miscalculated  the distance to Yellowstone so at normal hiking pace I would be there In three days  not 5. So I didn’t need to get up too early as there is no need to push.

Saying that my knee didn’t feel good so the mileage thing could be a blessing 
I stripped down made a cuppa and swallowed a few ibuprofen and 2 painkillers just  in case.
As I Hoisted up my pack, my knee complained in the strongest  words.
F*uck this is going to be a slow  long day. I set off down the trail limping  and sort of hopping after 40 minutes I spied a tent I guessed that it may be Sound-effect I had the urge to shout out get up you lazy cow!!!!.
But I didn’t., she had found a great spot as I quietly walked by.
I was managing just about okay down the trail along as it wasn’t a steep incline the ups no problem.  I pushed on through a forest  heading down and began to encounter  loads of blowdowns.
Some where a nightmare..when I’m climbing over if I can help other hikers I will break off branches. I was just finishing off when Sound-effect  appeared. 
If you go down it easier than up I said pointing out the way. I then moved onto the next  puzzle I started to go down  Sound-effect  went up we then both appeared  in the field trying to locate the trail . I took some video  and smiled to myself as Sound-effect  went one way then turned around and came back and went the other way.


I laughed as that’s usually me.
I set off after her and as the trail went down  the hill via switch backs I could see where she was going. I eventually caught her changing into her campshoes to cross a huge river. It was waist  deep and flowing quite fast. I watched her wade across. 
Then I went to change my shoes. 
I would normally just go across but on the last crossing yesterday the inner soles began to ruck which is bloody annoying and uncomfortable to walk in.
But my camp shoes were at the  bottom of my pack  so it took me a few minutes to get ready ,by the time I began to cross Sound-effect  was long gone. 
I edged into the water F*uck it was cold  and so I crossed as  quickly as I could . Omg that was cold. I quickly changed  back into my trail runners  and set off.

 The views were amazing  and so had to keep stopping to gaze at the Vistas in front of me. 
But then it was climbing time and once again my knee began to complain.
I found myself talking to my knee urging him on but he didn’t want to play, eventually I needed s brake and plonked  myself down under a tree. Phew it was hot and I still had more of the climb to do

Okay knee sre you ready  my knee said NO….
but off we went. My knee was now hurting like crazy and my pace was crap, especially as we were  now headed  down
I did my best as I crossed several large meadows before heading into another large burn area, So no shade but plenty of logs to climb over or around. 
This was bloody hard work and being  slightly disabled did not help, I was also becoming annoyed with these bloody trees.
I was impressed when I came across several that had been cut by an axe. Wow  
I limped on through this maze of blowdowns  until i saw  a red pack, it was  was Sound-effect who was taking a break behind a huge downed tree

Hello again I said as I carefully clambered over it. 
See you soon I laughed.
I pushed (limped slowly) up the trail passing a huge lake., then something caught my eye…
Across the other side standing  in the lake was a huge Bull moose..I watched him for several minutes until Sound-effect  caught up I pointed to the moose. Then there was a huge splash to my right another huge moose had leaped into the water and set off to chase the other moose

 I believe they are very territorial. both were huge and I was pleased that there was a lake between us.
Sound-effect  headed off , and i soon hobbled on after her but I was struggling  with the pain  and lack of pace  but I wanted to do 15 miles today that was my target  and it was looking doubtful. 
I watched  Sound-effect  go and brought up the rear. As I dropped down I to the valley I could see a small wooden hut. When I got to it ,it was locked but belonged to the national forest the back where two large bear boxes and a place to tie up horses. 

I took a break drank down lots of water before getting back on trail.
In the distance I saw Sound-effect  double back I quickly checked my app.. now I’m on trail, maybe she’s going to the bathroom.?But when I got to the river I understood. She was looking for a safer place to cross. The river was wild, not to far across but raging white water it looked really scary!

F*uck……I changed shoes again. I really didn’t like the look of this I tried to cross but the rocks were very slippery and i almost lost my balance so I came back then headed up stream where I could see a gravel bank.  It was still hairy scary but I managed to cross.  Phew I didn’t like that 

Think this is the one my friend Tartan warned me about.!
Okay shoes changed , now to find the trail, I hiked on soon coming to another creek but no where near as fierce.
I stopped to water up as it was 4.30 and my knee was really hurting. I was just finishing when Sound-effect  appeared she had found a safer place to cross and admitted  water scared her.
I said I didn’t like it either. 
Next flat spot I’m stopping I said so I may see you in the morning 
I watched her march off as I finished with my water, I set off after her ha ha .
It wasn’t long until I stopped again to video another great amazing backdrop
In the distance I could see another hiker approaching. It was Axle , wow again I hadn’t seen him since new Mexico.
Maybe he had flip -flopped but I didn’t ask.

Okay a flat spot  and typically once again I was in a huge burn area so no chance of camping, Bollocks I’m tired, I hurt I want a cuppa. I limped on until I found myself lying on my back. I said I few off my favourite words several times before cautiously  getting to my feet. The fall had jarred my knee making it more painful so a few more rude words and I limped on again  the trail was now a roller coaster  sequence, again bloody annoying I wanted a flat place with shade and if possible water. ALL three seemed very unlikely. Arrrrrhhhh. 
After an hour I began to drop down into a valley that looked promising but I had to get down and it was the roly gravel tread such fun…..
But I’m down as I crossed a small meadow I spotted a stream and perfect.

My tent was quickly up,and  water boiling 

Night all

Mileage 20

DAY 109 Leaving Dubois

July  31st

My alarm sounded at 7am I snoozed  it twice  before rising. I was excited and nervous about my Yellowstone permit. I began to tidy up as I couldn’t call unit at least  8am. 
Suddenly my phone rang .
I answered it as it was a Wyoming number…it was Howard  from the permit office.
How good is he !
I read  out the camp numbers that I had picked out yesterday and with Howard’s magic we managed to book them all  whoop whoop  and big relief. Now the fun part paying for it . It was at this time Howard’s system locked up he couldn’t go forward or back .Howard tried many thing and I could hear the desperation In his voice.
“I’m going to have to call support, it may take a while can you hold.” ?
Of course , as once I leave town I will be blind.!
It was 40 minutes later that I heard his voice again and luckily was able to complete the transaction.
Whoop ,I have a shinny permit.
Well thank you so much Howard  for sorting this out for me as it was a  big Challenge  lol.
Okay I’m done let’s get out of here as now it was almost 9.30
I did a sweep of the room, dam USB cable that was lucky. I stuffed it into my pack before hoisting it up and leaving the room.
Today my knee hurt, not a little hurt ,but a full on hurt. I can’t really walk on this F*uck why I screamed at my knee. I put on my knee brace and downed a handful of ibuprofen. Then limped across the road I was just passing the grocery store when I bumped Into Redtin . He and his partner were leaving a little later but then they are speedy. 
I hobbled a little further up the road then took up my hitching stanch and waited and waited and waited…
God this is crap I said to myself. 
Not  going to get in a lot of miles like this. An hr passed F*uck this is no good, at last a car stopped oh thank you thank you it was a couple whose were out to camp in the Tetons for a few days.
Thank you. They were a great couple and soon I was back on trail.
I adjusted my poles and  set off  but omg  it’s one of those I spy  trails so the first hour was rubbish, wandering around meadows looking for a signs of  life. Eventually  the crap stopped and I was on a forest road  with Omg  such amazing views of the mountains.  I stood in awe for several minutes before pushing on down the road.

Pair no 4

Just then a truck came up the road, the driver stopped too ,to take  photos

As I wandered down the road I could see a huge lake in the distance.  I believe this is where the campsite is, but I’m not staying. As I got nearer I passed a large ranch and was amazed  at how many horses were in the corral . If fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many  horses together. I carried on down  to the lake passing the campsite on my right. Okay trail where do you go….as I opened a large gate to the trail 4 riders on horse back appeared. I stood back as the lead horse was a bit dancie. Lol

Once they had passed  I carried on only to be passed by 3 stable  girls from another nearby ranch.
They chatted to me for a while but then I took a different path. 
I wished them well and carried on my way.  As I made my way around the lake I met another couple who were interested in my walk. I chatted to them for a while  before dragging myself away.  Then as I dropped down onto another trail I ended up walking with another lady for a while  until once again our paths went different ways.
I soon came to a river but luckily there was a bridge so dry feet. I pushed on through the afternoon my knee complaining  when any steep gradients appeared and there were many. 
Time for a break, I guzzled a litre and ate some cheese sandwich biscuits followed by  several more ibuprofen 
Okay miles to walk. I hadn’t planned on walking late as I didn’t want to make my knee worse. 
5pm should do it. ..I pushed on down a meandering trail popping out  every now to view the amazing mountains before  hiding back into the forest.

The trail had also been heading down for most of the afternoon ..that’s never a good sign to me as there is always a climb.
When I emerged out of the forest, I could see another river, it was fairly wide but appeared shallow.. no bridge. My new shoes got a dunking.. yes I could stop and take them off  but they seem to dry fairly quickly so no issue for me. 
Okay it’s getting late and the next water after this is 4.6 miles hum, not sure if I want to do that. So I watered up just in case. Typically this is where the trail now decides to climb, and climb and climb a little more.
Phew and it’s hot , I dragged myself up several of the hills my eyes searching for possible tent  spots….NOTHING . 5pm came and went and so did 5.30 oh come on I moaned as 6pm passed  by.
Okay it’s going to be a compromise but I am camping. That might work… ! I dropped my pack and scouted the area and soon my tent was up. Next a branch. PERFECT.. and on the third throw  I got the hang..

Well that made me a little smug.
Okay dinner. I soon had a cuppa made.  Omg  it tasted so good.
I next made a pasta and rice dish, but I remembered last time  I used this brand I only needed to use half and the rice takes days to cook!!!
So after several re-boils  the rice was still crunchy so F*uck it.
 I ate half then disposed if the rest many yards away from my tent. I then attacked my Ritz biscuits and cheese spread. That’s much better than crunchy rice.  Okay im done . 
I was just packing up when a female hiker came passed her trail name was Soundefffect and she was Italian. she is just doing a long section Lander to Glacier park.
She was such fun to talk to. She starts at 8am which made me laugh but she goes on late.
I do the opposite I start early and stop early.
So I promised not to shout  “Get up you lazy Cow ” when I go past her tent in the morning  lol 
OKAY I moved all  my cooking gear  and  food  back to my tent then went to hang my food bag
Okay all done now to relax. I had just walked back to my tent when Redtin, Joker and mona-lisa  appeared we chatted for 5 minutes  then waved them good by. They hike much later and faster than me .

Okay  all done relax time

Mileage  16 late start ouchy Knee

DAY 108 Zero in Dubois

July 30th

My alarm went off at 6 am.i snoozed it several times before switching it off.
Okay I am up.i went and booked a second night . Okay done .
Breakfast, the cafe belongs to the motel so i walked across and in and grabbed a booth. At the back was 5 course, behind me was a couple whose names I haven’t got yet and across the side was Gerber, Joker  and the no name.
I went for bacon and eggs  with coffee and and orange juice.

Bloody tasty. 

Okay chores .
Post office was first as It was near,  as I walked in Kid and  xxx was there.
I bounced 3 boxes  to Darby picked up my new shoes and my extra  battery.
Shoes no 4.
I then headed back to try and sort out my resupply and  Yellowstone permit.  I really need a pc  rather than my phone as its hard to see the maps .
Typically the library in town is not open until Wednesday ,Crap oh well.
Okay I’ve decided to bounce my old shoes . I don’t want to hike in them as they are done but they are still good for off trail. 
Whilst I was in the post office I  heard a few customers talking about the “,beer festival “

Well that’s worth a look, but I need to go shopping first .I didn’t need much but I still seem to spend $80.i took my bags back to my room and decanted most into Ziplocs.
Okay lets seem what  the beer festival has in store. ?
There was several bands playing, about a dozen local breweries and several food trucks and stalls.
I brought a wrist band for $30 and began to sample the ales , there were some really tasty ones and a few odd ones .It was a beautiful day and I mingled with with  several locals, who insisted  that I come back  at 2.30 to watch this fairly well know musician from Wyoming .

As I needed to try and get Yellowstone permits sorted, I have to say the man from Yellowstone was so patient with me as I haven’t a clue what I was trying to do maybe I should have tried to do this in Pinedale when I had access to a pc but  hindsight. I really needed a map to plan my route and I didn’t have one. The Yellowstone man helped me and gave me the info that I needed to try and plan a route I will try to download a map later this evening and ring him back in the morning, once again fingers crossed.
Okay I headed back to the beer festival and sampled more ales , I stayed to 4.30 but I felt I needed to pack up and sort out my stiff and generally get ready to hike out.

Then the main act came on his name Jalan Crossland ,he was really good and  fun to watch  and listen too. I spent the afternoon enjoying the music ,beer and sunshine until I reluctantly I had to head back ,grabbing two cans  and chips for later.
Once back I went on line and downloaded several maps of Yellowstone to help me plan my campsites for the next section .Its much easier when i can see where I am going .
So I have 4 campsites marked, hopefully I can book them tomorrow ,Once again fingers crossed.
I jumped in the shower and once out began to pack up


That’s my day