Day 12 leaving Buro

I had set my alarm to 4.45. But I began to hear noises far earlier, when I stuck my head out the gang had gone omg that is really really early. 
I let the air out of my mattress and began the task of waking up. I had slept well but was still tired.
As last I was ready  I walked the distance to the club house used the facilities, hoisted up my pack switched on my head torch and  headed out.
Omg I don’t know what was wrong with me but I was puffing and panting and wheezing. Fuck come on snail. I slowly made it out of the complex and back onto the dirt road. It was still pitch dark but again the stars looked amazing. I hadn’t gone far  but checked my app to to be sure ….
To my utter shock guthooks had decided to go blank on me again fuck fuck really I spent all yesterday trying to  fix it and it was working but no not today . I made my way up the road hoping that it was the right one.
At last a Cdt marker appeared ,Thank fuck i said. and  pushed on down the trail and my legs were working. The trail appeared easy to follow and I felt I was doing great. As the day progressed I passed several tents the occupants we’re just rising.
Morning i said as i passed by and continued on the trail. 
The trail was really nice just how I like it. I pushed on until i came to my first gate . Nearby was another tent.
Ipassed through the gate and pushed on, It was  going to be  a long day, 20 miles to water. I wasn’t sure if I could do that yet ?
But it was still cool  as the sun was yet to rise and I felt good . 

The trail and the miles passed by followed by several hikers, not hard to do lol. Then I came to a  yet more climbs which of course were steep and long, by now i was hot. At the next crossing I stopped and removed my outer shirt (it was cold this morning).
That’s better I pushed on until  9am and took my break. I took off my shoes dressed any wounds,ate some snacks before heading back to the trail. 
I went to open the next gate but  it was so tight, Luckily a German hiker appeared , her name was  bbq chicken. We opened and closed the gate together then i hiked on . The sun was now  hot at 78  phew and it was uphill for a while

The next section was littered with felled trees. I wondered why? maybe not a proper species ?
In the background I could heat chain saws so they must be still at it.
I then came to a large bottle of water, great I drank a few Swigs as it was cold.
AT the next road I came across the tree fellers. I asked why ?
One of the guys said these trees drink too much water so the others
The trail now had become a mystery  which way do I ? It took me a while until I found it . But the trail was messy and of course up and the sun was now trying to melt me .
Okay i will push on until 1 pm, when i had completed my my last climb I was pleased to see Shoes and co sat at the top. 
I dropped my pack  and relaxed. I told shoes about my phone and guthooks again . He was also amazed. 
While I had the time I deleted the app yet again and as i had service I was able to downloaded a fresh install and this time it actually worked.  Whoop.
Shoes was carrying far too much water so he gave me a a litre. 
They moved off it was 9.6 to water. Again I wasn’t sure if I had 9.6 in me but set off after them.
It was still melting out there  98. So I stopped and rigged up my brolly for a little extra shade  but it was still far too hot.

I pushed until 4 pm before I needed another break still 6 miles to go ..NO
Okay back to the trail but at the next road junction I took a wrong turn, Luckily there was a water  cache. Bloody great. That gives me options. 
The trail marched down a dirt track before switching to a river bed. Another favourite as its just sand crap to walk through. I marched on for several hours I would have put up my tent but there was  no where

The time ticked by. Then I spied a place. It would be a  compromise  but in done.
I threw up my tent then began to cook I made a cup of tea and a cup of hot chocolate. Then cooked couscous.  But the mix made far too much and as I haven’t yet got my trail  hunger I ended up tossing about half
As treat I had another hot chocolate  in bed.

Mileage  20.6 whoop.

Highest ever. But it felt like Mileage 20.6


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