DAY 13 Heading to Silver City

Well it was a little blowy last night. But I think I slept well.
I had set my alarm for 4.45 but silenced it then lay there for a while but I had to get up, so let the air our of my mattress. And slowly packed up. I was in trail by 5.30 and set off along the river bank to water. After about an hour I spied the cattle trough.

I bottled up and headed on eventually the river bed became dust .I crossed over the cattle grid and headed to the main road. It was a long winding road passing by several very smart ranches..
At the road where several boxes left by a church group. i dumped my cow water for fresh then headed out to walk the 13 miles to Silver city. Luckily there was a dust road besides it keeping me safe from the traffic. As in began to walk the wind got up and typically it was in my face.
I guess it helps keep it cool ,but it just made my nose run great .
I pushed on passing a dead and decaying horse nice. Eventually my foot path ran out so I crossed over the road and continued my yomp
Afte several hours I thought why am I carrying so much water. So stopped and dumped 2 litres. Well thats much better .
After another two hours I noticed a pickup pull up on the other side of the road.  As I got nearer I noticed it was Tim.  I crossed over are you going to give me lift in ?
DO you want  lift in?
Yes…no not really.
He handed me a Gatorade  omg how good was that, it was ice cold so I couldn’t neck it. We chatted a while as I drank my  drink.

Okay back to the trail sorry road 
I pushed on and the sun reappeared.  Wow its amazing how wrinkly she can heat the tarmac roasting my feet.
The hours slowly passed but I was no closer to silver city until…
I reached the sign it still seemed miles until I was there.

I found the hikers hostel but it was rammed  so no vacancies, so I headed down town. Next hotel was also full fuck fuck. okay the next 1 room had vacancies but was very expensive… I will have it
But fuck fuck fuck my credit card is not working. I think the chip has just failed.
 So back up credit card.
At last i entered my room, dumped my kit stripped off and straight to the shower. Wow that was so good. Once dried I called the credit co
They were worse than useless. Not impressed
So maybe I will get a call in the middle of the night….Maybe.
So I put my uk sim into my back up phone.
Next I went to find a ATM
Tried my worked  but then funds were refused. Bollocks . So I drew money on my spare card.
Not going to plan.
Okay I have money so now food.
Found a place called Little toad crew brewery  so several beers and a Mexican Ruben’s 

Okay home  to watch telly and maybe upload videos .On the way back i popped into the place to seek if they had any rooms for tomorrow?
Sadly not but he was really helpful even saying where I am now is showing as having rooms. He also gave me names of several other hotel’s What a great bloke. So i raced back to the other hotel and managed to book another room tomorrow. its a different room but who cares its a room on the way to the lift I bumped into Rock & her friend

Milage.  17 phew

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