DAY 13 Heading to Silver City

Well it was a little blowy last night. But I think I slept well.

I had set my alarm for 4.45 but silenced thst I lay there for a while but I had to get up so let the air our of my mattress. And slowly packed up. I was in trail by 5.30 and set off along the river back to water. After about sn hr  I spied the cattle trough.

I bottled up  and headed on   eventually the river bed became dust .I crossed over the cattle grid and headed to the main road.

It was a long winding road   passing by several very smartd ranches..

As the road where several boxes left by a church group. i dumped my cow water for fresh then headed out  yo walk the 13 miles to Silver city. Luckily there was a dust road besides it so  keeping you safe from the traffic. As in began to walk the wind got up and typically it was in my face.

Although I guess it kept the temps down   bur  it just made my nose run   great .

I pushed on passing a dead and decaying horse  nice. Eventually my foot path ran our so I crossed over and  continued my yomp

Afte several hrs I thought why am I carrying so much water. So stomped and dumped 2 litres.

Well that felt a little better.

After another two hrs I notices a pickup pull up on the other side of the road.  As I got nearer I noticed it was Tim.  I crossed over.are you going to give me lift in ?

DO you want  lift in?

Yes…no not really.

He handed me a gatorade  omg how good that was ice cold so I couldn’t neck it. We chatted a while as I drank my  drink.

Okay back to the trail soorry road 

I pushed on and the sun appeared.  Wow  its amazing hope wrinkly she can heat the tarmac .roasting my feet.

Hr and miles passed but I was no closer to silver city.

But once I past the sign it still seemed miles until I was there.

I found the hikers hostel but it was rammed  no I headed down town. Next hotel was also full fuck fuck.okay the next 1 room but v expensive I will have it

But fuck fuck fuck my credit card is not working. I think the chip has just failed.

 So back up credit card.

At last a room I dumped my kit stripped off and straight to the shower. Wow that was so good.

Once dried I called the credit co

They were  werse than useless. Not impressed

So maybe I will get a call in the middle of the night….Maybe.

So I put my uk sim into my back up phone.

Next I went to find a ATM

Tried my worked  but then funds were refused. Bollocks . So I drew money on my spare card.

Not going to plan.

Okay money so now


Found a place called Little toad crew brewery  so several beers and a Mexican Ruben’s 

Okay home  to watch telly and maybe upload videos .On the way back inopped intonthe place to Sk if they had any rooms for tomorrow?

Sadly not but he was really helpful even saying where I am now is showing as having rooms. He also gave me names of others.great one back at xx.i Sked again and yes there were rooms so I vooked it it s a different room but who cares its a room on the way to the lift I bumped into Rock & her freind sorry can’t remember

Milage.  17 phew

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