Day 11 Buro homestead

My first cowboy  camp and I slept really well.the rest of the guys began to move around 6 so I  I let the air out of my mattress and  began to pack  I was quite surprised how quick I was packed up compared with my tent..

As I was packing I heard the voice of Kevin and Hawkeye.  . Okay to the trail. It started gently but then became an epic climb. I was   not   able to get any speed. Omg  I was slow  so slow and the climbs kept climbing  this going to be a crap day. I came to s great clearing   with amazing stopped to look the back to the climbing . This is crap I Said to my self  trying to urge myself on .then around the next corner was Kevin & Hawkeye.   .they had stoped to get their breath too..

I took up the rear  but first have their stamina. Well not yet.the trail then went through dome lovely woods and the aroma of cedar was delightful… 

Then we crossed on to a more rocky trail but was so lovely to walk through. But in the distance I could see another mountain  and that   meant one thing another  climb and climb we was steep..and up and up.but there was shade. Finally we got to the top  

Phew . Then it was  of course time to go down. The down meandered  down through more cool forest.i spied some rocks so went yo take a break.  I waved to Kevin and Hawkeye  as they passed. Okay back to the trail.  It continued down through the forest still smelling  lovely. 

But then it got steeper. And I’m not thst confident my feet would stay. So my pace became a crawl again. Once down I crossed many zigzags.i tried to work out where the trail was going to take me.i pushed on as the sun grew hotter

I was planning to call in a the Burro they have WiFi there as I need to get my phone fixed as guthooks  has stopped working correctly so I can not calculate  milage  which is last I came to the road and turned right  it was a mile off trail. 

I kept plodding until the campground  came into view.  Hurrah .it was still a fair way until I came to the complex. In the distance I could see hikers so made my way over.the 4 where here plus Kevin snd Hawkeye. 

I signed in  dropped my pack then nt and has a shower. Omg that was so good.i the put tent then from about 12 yo now  I have been trying  to get my phone fixed. Finally.but what a waste of an afternoon.oh well

As I sat here many deer just strutted up the road obviously  it safe for them here

I seem to be having do much bad luck on this trail hopefully things will start to way…please 

Kevin and Hawkeye  just filled  up with water and headed straight out. The four  are staying and I am too need to get on trail early and try and push miles. Its 20 miles to the next water  omg.

That’s a long long way.

Well a wasted day but an important day.

Nero  6 miles.

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