Day 146 2000 miles !

Sunday 2nd September

I was just finishing packing when the 2 south Africans of Springbok and quarterback came past.
So being Anti-social Springbok said .It was a really nice campsite.
Yes ,well maybe I should have camped there.
Okay Snail we will race you up the mountain!
Ha ha funny . I set off After them but they were soon out of sight . Until I caught them on a an over hang admiring the view. I stopped too as it was an amazing sight. some mountains poking out of cloud a beautiful day and mist in the valley

I returned to my climb South Crocker mountain first then north Crocker. The first climb seemed to take forever . a path to begin with then screaming over rock until a nice trail reappeared at last was at the top. Several tents were slotted in a clearing. This was my possible goal last night. but then I decided I would climb it in the morning being fresh.

I carried on along the trail and began to head down .I stood to the side as two other hikers came up the other way .
Snail the girl Said !!
Omg it was Amazonian. I hadn’t seen her since celebrating the 300 mile marker back in Virginia. we caught up on gossip who was still running etc hugged then continued in different directions as She was flip flopping. Oh the South Africans said dinner at 6.30 at the wolf.

The next climb wasn’t too bad and so didn’t take long to summit . after that it should be a fairly easy trail to the trail head then town.I pounded down the trail lost in my own little world.thinking of the end the finish at Katahdin. and finally getting home.
I was miles away when I arrived at the 2000 mile marker. Omg I said to myself, dropped my pack. I stared at the sticks on the ground forming the numbers. before grabbing my camera and snapping away.

I was overwhelmed a bit so decided to sit and have lunch.
I was happily munching when 3 smiley faces of Sasquatch, short mile and Samaritan appeared .We gave each other abuse. posed together for more photos and caught up on goss and what they had been.up to

They were going to head to town resupply, eat and straight out again .I had planned to stay have a shower catch up.on stuff and hike out in the morning.
Okay guys see you in Town. as they sped off along the trail.
It was almost 3 More miles to town and still down hill.
I shortly appeared at the trail head . I asked a couple of passing cyclists which way was town. I thanked them and crossed over the road. Put down my pack and held out my thumb. Soon I had a ride. my pack was in the speedboat I was in the back of a pickup.
It seemed a long I passed some beautiful cabins .
At last we stopped and the driver let me out.
I grabbed my pack and walked over to the white wolf motel. There were about a dozen packs lined up outside so I dropped mine there too.
As I walked inside the boys were there. I joined them ordered a beer booked a room and enjoyed my MASSIVE Wolf burger. washed down with another beer and Pecan pie for desert.

I paid up then headed to my room . It was clean and tidy . I dropped my pack grabbed my phone and money and headed to the shop. as I walked along the veranda I passed a hiker box. always have a rummage! I grabbed some breakfast a Ramon and a few other bits .
The boys were still shopping when I arrived at the store .
I brought some fruit 2 apples, 2 oranges, 2 plums a 6 pack, ice cream and lemonade
I wished Sasquatch, short mile and Samaritan good luck .
“Catch you guys up the trail.” then headed back to my room.
I put the food and drink into the fridge then jumped into the shower. Oh hot water feels so good .I emerged all clean.
Then began to go through my chores. ordered new shoes .logged a support call about my sleeping pad, ordered a suit case to get my stuff home.
It then dawned on me that it’s Labour Day on Monday a USA holiday so I can’t contact the post offices bugger oh well I am only chasing socks so no biggie. It will wait.

It was now 6 pm and I was joining the South Africans for dinner.
I got dressed and went to the restaurant, which was fairly busy.
I joined them at their table, they were eating onion rings so I ordered some too. plus a beer I ordered another Lobster Roll as I had the huge burger at lunch time .

We chatted away as we ate . in the table behind was the other crew of sir mix-alot, bleep etc.
I finished up paid the bill then joined Wander woman, Passenger and Ossie at the bar before retiring to my room.
My power block had been plugged in all day now appeared to be charging. Maybe it just needed more time though I think 1 cell is dead .

I switched on the tv and watched a few films whilst eating my ice cream and drinking beer.

Start. 1995
Finish. 2002
Miles. 7
miles left. 188

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