Day 145 it’s September

Saturday 1st September

I.snoozed my alarm several times before finally emerging .

Sandy was packed and just finishing off . i took a long walk to the privy which was far away . Maybe it was too rocky to put it else where ?

Once back at my tent I put on Brew and began to pack was a fairly chilly morni g so the hot tea helped me revive .Okay I’m ready I swapped shirts and hen hoisted up my pack and said goodbye to the remaining hikers And hit the trail.I began to climb. but was clumsy as I hadn’t yet got my body working. (it takes a while).

Once in my stride began to push I wanted 14 miles which was to the next camp site .more if possible.. It wasn’t till I caught the students who .camped last night.They were just starting again after a break but I insisted that they go ahead.

I have my own pace and don’t need to be pushed. I watched them go but could still hear their voices echoing through the forest . It seemed odd weather dull and cloudy then the sun came out lighting up the forest.I was in the zone when I almost walked into sir mixalot. Hi how’s it going he said he had the team behind him and so it wasn’t long before I met Ossie, Passenger, wander woman, The comander, a new face of Lowgear and finely Bleep..It was good to see them all we greeted each other then headed in opposite directions.

I then caught the students again .they laughed at me as I caught them So slow and steady wins one said.

I laughed .Maybe as I dont go fast.

I carried on. and soon came to a fairly large river that I managed to cross without getting wet feet.

Once across it was also climb as I followed a stream back up the mountain. The trail climbed and climbed and soon I could hear voices .it was another group of students on orientation. They asked about my hike and were all pleased for me and wished me good luck.

Which was kinda nice.

As I began to push again two runners and a Dog came down the trail.One was Jason the guy who did some amazing trail magic. we chatted for a while before I pushed on .By now my tummy was rumbling as it was 12pm the shelter can’t be too far away thought and yes There is the blue blaze. I soon arrived atvthd shelter.dropped my pack and began. to put on a Brew.

Just then Ma Angel arrived hiya snail she had met several weeks ago . so we chatted away as I took lunch.

She gave me a packet of dried Mango which Iove and 2 tahini protein bars which were weird but I scoffed the..anyway.

again. we both headed

off in different directions.

I pushed on and was in the zone when I heard my voice being called. It was Kalidascope and Ahem.Where have you guys been I laughed as i expected them to cat h me mid morning. We had a lie they said.

They are fast so can afford that luxury.

The trip was still lovely meaning I should easily make my target. to my right was sugarloaf Mountain another skies paradise. There was a side trail to it but not for me this time . I pushed on Hoping to camp early again.

I then emerged out onto a side of a cliff which had great views. I began to hear down and it was very slippery as it was loose gravel. that turned in to a hand over hand cliff decent.Bloody great !!!. It was very sketchy. I just wish I had longer legs sometimes. It took me a while as I’m not that flexible, about half way down the trail decides that you should climb back up again . What bloody nonsense!!

then Once back up guess what let’s now go down.if was hard work but at last I was on level ground.

the campsite was 2miles ahead great I thought as I pounded down the trail.. I crossed another river then began my last 1 mile climb. At last I came to the site for the campsite.It was .2 but on my left was a perfect flat slot and a stream. Snail this will do me.

My tent was soon up andj had a brew on .

as I sat in my chair enjoying my cuppa. streams of people came by several from Quebec who were really chatty.then Jason and his runing partner appeared again spooky I said. then my companions from last night began to appear .and lastly Sandy. he I thought you were already camped. but She had climbed Sugarloaf We chatted for a while

Okay bed for me

Start. 1981

Finish. 1995
Miles. 14
miles left. 195

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