Day 152 Zero in Monson

Saturday 8th September

It was such a luxury to have a lie in .
once up, I sorted through my pack to discard all the rubbish that i always acquire after I grabbed my sleeping pad and set off too the post office. but detoured to the information Centre first.

They were very friendly giving me advice one how to get to the park where to camp the options etc and also how to get back and to Boston, she also printed off some information for me too.

Okay too the post office.
“Good morning ,you should hopefully have 2 packages for me” I said handing over my I’d.

We have one she said returning with my new shoes, but no pad.
F@#$% I said to myself.
The post office lady was really helpful and arranged for it to bounce it to Millinocket . But suggested that i pop back at 11 just in case.
What a lovely lady

I posted my other bits before heading to the grocery shop.
They had some stuff but it was limited and a little pricey . but if you need it you buy it!

I headed back to the post office. She sadly shook her head.
Oh well more sleeping on my crap mat , i made my way to Shaw’s the other hostel as I needed fuel and other bits.

When I came out of the resupply shop Mousetrap and Sunshine were here. I caught up on gossip before heading back to my hostel.
I packed up my unneeded gear before putting my clothes on to wash.
It was such a gorgeous day so I went and sat in the garden with my sandwich and apple that I brought earlier .
As I sat there relaxing a seaplane came in and landed on the lake behind me , how cool is that .
When hiking I find it difficult to sit still for a long , so went back inside, opened a beer and caught up. with my blog.
I am having issues with my phone as the internal memory just keeps filling up and I am not sure why ?
After several hours of successful blog editing and posting i rewarded myself with ice cream, whilst watching Ace Ventura 1 & 2.
Bilbo arrived , good to see you I said, before briefing him on the layout of the town

Okay i now have the munchies so decided to visit the garage to see what selection of food they had, it was getting cold so I put on my freshly laundered puffy its so lovely to put on clean smelling clothes
I grabbed a selection of different flavoured Snickers, skittles, several pies, Doritos ,jerky and jelly snakes before wandering back and to my space on the sofa.

Bilbo asked if I wanted to join him for dinner.?
Yes why not. At 6pm we went down to the restaurant. We were found chairs at the bar and promptly ordered beer a PBR for me a Guinness for Bilbo.
Bilbo orders a chicken salad with fries and I ordered crab won-ton, mozzarella sticks and fries
Bilbo’s appeared almost immediately, but I waited, finished my beer, had another and waited and waited .
But the wait was worth it, It was a well presented and tasty. after we were done we closed out and went back upstairs to have beer from the fridge .
We ended up watching just go with it with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston until it was time to turn in

Start. 2076
Finish. 2076
Miles. zero
miles left.114.9


Day 149 to Caratunk

Wednesday 5th September

I was up early and ventured down to the bog in hope of seeing another moose. I don’t know what i expected. There was no moose. I walked back to my tent and put on a brew whilst slowly packing up
I hit the trail at 6.45
It was a beautiful morning as I hiked on . I was shortly greeted by yet another beautiful lake, called East Carry Pond. It was stunning in the early morning sunlight. When I walked around it, I came to a gorgeous beach. Shit maybe I stopped too soon!!!.

I pushed on around the lake until I heard voices it was Kaleidoscope and So-hum.
“Hi guys nice to see you , great spot
I pushed on I knowing that they would soon catch me .
Once past the lake the trail climbed before flattening out, Such a nice change.
Again as I crossed several muddy patches I could see numerous Moose tracks, sadly no moose.

I soon came to the ” hut” but hiked straight past , the trail then opened out onto a huge lake again so beautiful this time the trail navigated around the outlets over rocks which were a touch sketchy.
I began to follow the outlet that turned into a lovely creek that bubbles it’s way over the rocks with large waterfalls. I began to follow it down the mountain, eventually I emerging out onto a road and saw the familiar motor home of Ossie’s ,but it looked deserted.
I crossed over and began to follow the creek, this would be my companion for the rest of the day.
Two hikers came past, who I had seen several times before .
“Don’t rush snail, there’s about 30 queuing for the ferry” he said
“Thanks ” I was planning to take a break shortly,
I pushed on following the creek, stopping now and then to admire it’s sheer beauty.
I then met Ossie’s wife coming the other way
“Hi ya SNATRAINER how are you “
She repeated the same information regarding the ferry
“Don’t rush there’s a big queue Snailtrainer”

When I eventually arrived at the river Kaleidoscope and So-hum were already here waiting their turn for the ferry.
The ferry was a canoe with a Pilot and he took two at once across the river.
I was pleased to see that it was only these two waiting and so it would soon be my turn.
I watched as Kaleidoscope and So-hum got into the canoe, then slowly made their way across the river to Caratunk
The river is dangerous and can rise dramatically and so the AT provide this ferry service.

The ferry man was soon back and then it was my turn .As i had to paddle i was unable to video my crossing , oh well.
I was soon across and thanked my boat man. It was a small walk through some woods . As i began to leave I turned back to see So-hum dive into the water and swam back to the other side . “He’s fucking nuts !!
“Later’s guys” I called and headed towards town and the hostel . As i walked in i saw many familiar faces including Samaritan sat on the Porch .
“Hey Dude how are you?
I dropped my pack and joined him on the porch.
His companions had hiked out and he was trying to decide what he wanted to do.
As i sat relaxing I found out that the post office didn’t open until 2 pm and it was only 12 so I decided to book a room then returned to the porch with several cold tins of lemonade .

I took my gear to my room then borrowed some loaner clothes while mine got washed . At 2 pm i set off to the post office to hopefully get my replacement charger.
Fantastic it was here , God it was sweltering as i made my way back to the hostel.
I managed to get on line and answer a few emails and order a replacement mat and possibly my socks . I also managed to order some clothes to go home in.
So-hum asked me what I was doing for dinner.?
“The brewery sounded good” i replied
We manged to organise a ride and walked in at 5 pm. Wow what a great place .

We sat outside , I ordered steak fillets with loaded fries and salad.
Some how they messed it up so I received double Omg it was vast. so I was completely stuffed
I fancied a few beers to take back but they only did a growler, Okay 64 flozs it is
Once back we all sat on.the porch just relaxing with beer until the bugs drove us inside.

Start. 2028
Finish. 2040
Miles. 12
miles left. 150

Day 146 2000 miles !

Sunday 2nd September

I was just finishing packing when the 2 south Africans of Springbok and Quarterback came past.
“You being Anti-social , It was a really nice campsite”. Springbok said
“Yes ,well maybe I should have camped there.”
“Okay Snail we will race you up the mountain!”
“Ha ha funny ”
I set off After them, but they were soon out of sight. I caught them later on a over hang admiring the view. I stopped too as it was an amazing sight. some mountains poking out of cloud a beautiful day and mist in the valley

I returned to my climb, South Crocker mountain first then North Crocker. The first climb seemed to take forever, a path to begin with then scrambling over rock until a reasonable trail reappeared, at last I was at the top. Several tents were slotted in a clearing, this was my possible goal last night but then decided I would climb it in the morning being fresh.

I carried on along the trail and began to head down .I stood to the side as two other hikers came up the other way .
Snail the girl Said !!
Omg it was Amazonian. I hadn’t seen her since celebrating the 300 mile marker back in Virginia. we caught up on gossip who was still running etc hugged then continued in different directions as She was flip flopping. Oh the South Africans said dinner at 6.30 at the wolf.

The next climb wasn’t too bad and so didn’t take long to summit after that it should be a fairly easy trail to the trail head then town. I pounded down the trail lost in my own little world thinking of the end the finish at Katahdin and finally getting home.
I was miles away when I arrived at the 2000 mile marker. Omg I said to myself, dropped my pack. I stared at the sticks on the ground forming the numbers. before grabbing my camera and snapping away.

I was overwhelmed a bit so decided to sit and have lunch.
I was happily munching when 3 smiley faces of Sasquatch, Short mile and Samaritan appeared .
We gave each other the customary abuse before posing together for more photos.
They were going to head to town resupply, eat and straight out again .I had planned to stay have a shower catch up on stuff and hike out in the morning.
“Okay guys see you in Town”. as they sped off along the trail.
It was almost 3 More miles to town and still down hill.
I trail head soon appeared as i got to the road i had to ask a couple of passing cyclists which way it was to town. I thanked them and crossed over the road, put down my pack and held out my thumb.
Soon I had a ride, my pack was in the speedboat and I was in the back of a pickup.
It seemed a long drive passing by some beautiful cabins .
At last we stopped and the driver let me out.
I grabbed my pack and walked over to the White wolf motel. There were about a dozen packs lined up outside so I dropped mine there too.
As I walked inside the boys were there. I joined them ordered a beer booked a room and enjoyed my MASSIVE Wolf burger, washed down with another beer and Pecan pie for desert.

I paid up then headed to my room . It was clean and tidy, I dropped my pack grabbed my phone and money and headed to the shop. As I walked along the veranda I passed a hiker box, always have a rummage! I grabbed some breakfast a Ramon and a few other bits .
The boys were still shopping when I arrived at the store . I brought some fruit, 2 apples, 2 oranges, 2 plums a 6 pack, ice cream and lemonade
I wished Sasquatch, short mile and Samaritan good luck . as they were heading straight back to the trail.
“Catch you guys up the trail.” I said as i headed back to my room.
I put the food and drink into the fridge then jumped into the shower. Oh hot water feels so good .I emerged all clean. I began to go through my chores, ordered new shoes, logged a support call about my sleeping pad, ordered a suit case to get my extra stuff home.
It then dawned on me that it’s Labour Day on Monday a USA holiday so I can’t contact the post offices bugger oh well I am only chasing socks so no biggie. It will wait.

It was now 6 pm and I was joining the South Africans for dinner.
I got dressed and went to the restaurant, which was fairly busy.
I joined them at their table, they were eating onion rings so I ordered some too. plus a beer I ordered another Lobster Roll as I had the huge burger at lunch time .

We chatted away as we ate . Behind us on anther table were the crew of Sir mix-alot, Bleep etc.
I finished up paid the bill then joined Wander woman, Passenger and Ossie at the bar before retiring to my room.
My power block had been plugged in all day now appeared to be charging. Maybe it just needed more time, although I think 1 cell is dead .

I switched on the tv and watched a few films whilst eating my ice cream and drinking beer.

Start. 1995
Finish. 2002
Miles. 7
miles left. 188

Day 141

Tuesday 28th August

I had set the alarm for 5 am to hopefully hit the trail by 6 and claw back some of those miles.
But typically I woke to the sound of heavy rain so didn’t move until it began to slow.

Once it did I quickly packed up before making a brew and breckfast . I was sitting on a tree stump doing my tea when the rain returned with vengeance. I covered up my pack and finished my tea.
My back groaned as I hoisted my pack I blame the wet tent.
It was just over 4 miles to the next shelter and up . As I walked my mind argues with it’s self ….You should of gone on . I needed to rest. I let them argue!!!!
The trail wasn’t that nice rocky and twisty such fun…… As I made my way up the sun decided to come out and so it soon became humid and me soaked. It was just over 2 hours before I reached the shelter. It was deserted except for one lonely sleeping hiker ..Bless.
I carried on past and down the other side. It was bloody steep too steep for my knees that complained. It was another hour till I was down and emerged into a lovely little campsite. This was my actual target for Yesterday. But the pond was my choice.
As I made my way through I noticed some huge tarps ad wondered if there was trail magic ? But couldn’t see anyone. I then had to cross a wide river and in the morning light it looked beautiful.

I was now time for my second climb again steep, as I made my way up wyman MT I began to hear voices I presumed other hikers coming down .But as I got higher I could see it was a trail crew. They were replacing/ building new steps. It’s quite fascinating to watch as i stood there panting the lady crew said yes this mountain kicks your butt.
Thanks for that I said you could of waited till I was at the top.
I carried on up and 10 minutes later came across another crew doing the same. They had a large block and tackle to move these giant rocks I’m so impressed and thanked them for their hard work .
Yes she was right this mountain did kick my butt. at the top I collapsed and took off my shoes it was a great view. I rested and ate a few snacks
Okay let’s go 1 down 2 more to go Old Blue mountain was next and  was a killer lol.
Its not a gentle path up these mountains it’s hand over hand climbing and it’s not straight up, you climb a bit you go down a little then you doodle through the forest navigate a bit or two then you climb some more. then it’s s huge down before you climb again. Old Blue took me 2 hours and as soon as there was a place I could collapse into then I did.
Omg I am completely knackered and I still have about 8 miles to go for my target and it was 2pm,
I made a brew and ate the rest of my snacks, as I sat there another exhausted hiker appeared.
Take my seat im done.

I hoisted up my pack and continued on and of course down . After a while I came to a spring and watered up. I still wanted to get to the shelter but in case I didn’t make it there was water on the trail and nearer but I like the dog I will  get water if possible as I do not filter. I pushed on ,come Snail you can do this and headed for mountain no 3 Ben is mountain.
The climb started similar then I was back to the boards, these had seen better days and so it was a challenge trying to keep you feet dry. I  was pushing but didn’t want to fall as the trail here was so slippery.
As I climbed even higher the wind came. It was fairly terrifying as many of the trees were bending and groaning and the roots were lifting on some. Great I thought crushed by a tree

As I came to an opening I  had some great views of some amazing lakes in the far distance one is Lower Richardson lake they look huge.
I was taking more photos  when Peach zoomed past.
You going to  the shelter Snailtrainer,?
Yes if my legs hold out i said
Peach then vanished. I’m sure he’s half goat , the way he skips down the mountains.
I was beginning to tire it was 6.30 it would take me at least another hour as the trail was rock, bog and steep slabs. and when I’m tired I go slower as that’s when I fall and hurt myself.
Where is that shelter I crossed over big plates of rock
I was worried that may be I had missed it as I should be there by now,
It seemed to be taking  ages  until I spotted a tent. Thank fuck I said to myself. as I had, had enough.
The best flat spots had been taken but as I was so tired I didn’t care. and quickly threw my tent up. Imeaditly made a brew then made a Ramin bomb (, ramin and mashed potato ). but I added cranberries and bacon. Bloody good .washed down with a second brew.

It was now pitch dark so straight to bed. The wind is howling high above me @!

Start. 1936
Finish. 1953
Miles. 17
miles left. 246


Day 140 Heading to Bemis Mountain Lean To

Monday 27th August

I slept really well maybe it was Jason’s burgers or perhaps the half dozen cans of beer.
I got up on my second alarm . visited the loo then began to pack up when I was almost done I put on a brew and made breckfast. My tent was fairly wet but I have known wetter.
I said my good byes to iron man and strolled out of the camp, my back groaned under the weight  and of course I was heading up.
Jason was telling us about the climb yesterday but I had completely forgotten .
It was an overcast morning perfect for climbing mountains but there will not be any views.

The climbs weren’t actually too Steep but it still took me 2.5 hours to reach the top. As I was resting Guber came past
“See you at the top snail” he said and raced off into the fog..
Mm. I thought I was at the top!
I set off on the ridge .which were solid sheets of rock , following the cairns that appeared in the fog as you got nearer. I realised that I was climbing and as I got higher the wind came and it was fairly terrifying as I had to climb up a solid rock wall and because of the fog clouds I couldn’t see the top.
The wind ripped at my rain cover and I expected it to go sailing away, up and up till I was at the actual top but I couldn’t see anything .Time to go down again the wind. howled and it was difficult to stand up straight or walk in a straight line. Every now and then the clouds to reveal amazing landscapes but blink and they vanished. As I made my way down I noticed Kaleidoscope was behind me .

The trail down then became very challenging and down right scary . The slabs in the dry take some doing but in the wet they are lethal. I inched my way down trying to stay upright. I eventually came to a bit where there was a rope to help you down. I have to say Maine has given us the toughest trail so far with everything. deep bogs, .ladders, rock mazes and scary climbs .

I used to class myself as a hiker but I can now add rock climber to the list. I pushed on still spiralling down. I stopped to let kaleidoscope pass then followed them until they vanished. Today I was hoping for a better trail as I have really been struggling to do the miles. I’ve gone from 20s to 10s

Fantastic at last I’m in a forest on an almost flat trail whoop but it still had nasty stairs every so often and typically the last one I came down on my arse Fuck and @#$^& I grazed my knuckles .I seem to be sat on my arse every day since getting to the whites  and now we are in Maine I’m still doing it.
I was really annoyed with myself but dusted myself down and pushed on down the trail. To cheer me up the sun came out hurrah 😎
I pounded down the trail leaping rocks and jumping over small bogs .Soon I came to my first lean-to (Hut Every state has a different name for them) It had the moat in front to deter porcupines.

I decided to stop here for lunch ,as I was relaxing iron man arrived and then from the other direction Rodrigo’s arrived I hadn’t seen him in months. but he was now flipflopping . Headed north to New York . then moved to MAINE and heading south
We caught up on gossip , who is still waking and who’s gone home.1
Time to hike I hoisted my pack and headed up the hill once up again the trail was pretty good a few ups a few downs but all sensible . I was Hoping to get  to the next  shelter ,that would give me 16 miles and I was good on time .I was felling happy as I hiked along.
Until I walked down an innocent slab..For fuck sake I screamed not again. I got to my feet mud dripping from my shorts . I had words with myself and decided at the next water I would change.
It was almost another hour till I reached the perfect spot it was rather idyllic. Lying on a rock in the sun was Kaleidoscope, Ahem was on the river bank and another hiker was sat on a rock in the middle of the river. I  crossed over dropped my pack got out my spare shorts then returned to the river to wash them and my socks . I also topped up water. then  washed my hair as it was gross
It was 2pm wheni eventually set  off again but i didn’t seem to have any energy ,I was flagging  and i normally try to hike until 6pm.
Come on snail. I urged myself on, then jumped back as a snake shot into my path. It wasn’t a rattler but as I didn’t know what it was I wasn’t taking any chances.
So I videoed him Instead until he took a lunge at me that  startled me. so I moved on quickly.
It was still a glorious afternoon as I dropped down to another glorious lake, I followed it around and at one side there were several large spots suitable for camping. I checked my watch 4.30. and it’s 4 more to the next shelter and it’s up.. So I decided to camp early and to  let my tent dry too.
Time for dinner and a brew.

Start. 1924
Finish. 1936
Miles. 12
miles left. 264

Day 106 Heading to Great Barrington and amazing Ribs

July 27th

another great sleep so up at 5.30 and was on 6.30.
I pushed on stopping at the first shelter for a call of nature . It took me a while to find my way out as it was a maze embarrassed.
Most of the morning was climbing more rock and more rock and then the rain came. Which then brings water . I began to climb and climb and climb I was climbing through rivers of water whilst trying to keep my feet dry ha ha. eventually I reached a plateau. and the view was FOG !!

But I wasn’t finished I was still heading up and up. eventually I was at the top and was amazed to see a monument and a inscription .

But then it was down but OMG IT WAS bloody scary I was climbing down a sheer face with water flowing. I have to say it was bloody sketchy. and I didn’t like it especially when I slipped several times .

At last I was down and then began to follow the creek down the mountain..It was here that I bumped into a dozen girl scouts heading south .I wished them well and to be aware of the climb.
I continued on following the creek as it began to cut its path down through the ravine . sometimes it made amazing falls .

The trail.then crossed the creek and on the other side was the welcome to Massachusetts
Whoop.whoop another state down!!

i walked through the forest for almost an hour before the inevitable climb and again it was sleek and slippy after about an hour I emerged out on to a cliff top it would of been amazing if not for the fog !!!!!.
After walking the cliff face for almost an hour I decided to stop.for a break and made tea.

I then pushed on and started more climbs again it was very slippy as I sloshed through water then the steep climbs began but unlike Connecticut the trail.guys had fixed wooden steps. to help you climb

THANK YOU so much trail.people I was soon At the top of Everett mountain  there was once a fire tower here but it had been dismantled.

so now the down . and yes it was steep and so took me ages to get down
As I walked down the road towards the park there was trail magic..I downed 2 cokes several biscuits and snickers. bars and packed out another coke for later

As I headed down through the park. I was amazed on how much Water was flowing around as I tried to cross each stream , creek with out getting my feet week .

At 3 pm i stopped for a break and enjoyed my coke. Checked my map

It was 4.4 miles to go , 2 hours to go. I pushed till I hit the road. I was lucky on the hitch the man took me to the grocer then dropped me at my motel.
After settling in I did my laundry then had a great shower. When I was all clean I went to he restaurant next door. It wasn’t cheap but I had the best steak that I had eaten in a while


Start. 1504
Finish 1521.7
Miles. 17.7

Day 93 Heading to Water Gap

I was all ready up when a hiker came past my tent. okay I need to get going .I was on the trail by 7am and back to my Friend’s the Rocks. I stumbled and tripped my way along passing several other hikers who were breaking camp. I knew that it wouldn’t being until they raced by me.

And yes it wasn’t long before strider came past and he was almost jogging !!

The morning was fairly uneventful rocks rocks and more rocks. But I pushed on as it was beginning to get hot. I began to meet several day hikers . a grandad with his grandchildren.

I began to hear cars and began to drop down , I crossed the road where the sign said .6 to the shelter. I decided that it stop there for a break.

I followed the blue blaze and the shelter appeared. I grabbed the book and signed in then relaxed and ate some snacks .

I was still chilling when Hills arrived and then went to get water. . When he reappeared I asked what it was like.

It’s good Snail it’s fresh water . so I imeaditly chugged a litre ad went and filled up again.

Time to hike .I hoisted my pack and set off down the trail I was imeaditly in a large open.pmane with great views . a great place to camp.

After several small ups and downs I was on a dirt road and was a me to increase my speed as there were no rocks . i followed it for several miles untill it ended at a substation .

Then itvwas back to the Rocks but I was heading down . lots of the ants were dying probs from.lack of water . I passed through several Rhodadendrum tunnels before dropping down into the forest.

now I was spiralling down and could see the sprawling river below. Finally i emerged out by a huge lake covered with water lillies . then I was in the town I saw the pub /bar but walked a little further to the church . which is donation.

Happy feet & Bob Narly are here I chat to them then chill.

they are going to Wal-Mart so I give them a list meaning I can’t spend too much .

While they are gone I relaxed in the sun and rested my foot.

As I resting. Granite Gear, followed by Sunshine and Moustrap appear . how did you beat us ?

Getting up early and pushing the miles. Although I wasn’t that far in front of them . and they take longer breaks than me. The Church was now full so they went to put up their tents on the grass behind the church. Then the Father and daughter team team arrived .

Im glad I was I front of them

HAPPY feet soon returned and great she had every thing on my list and I onlybowed her 4 bucks. bargain. so grabbed my lemonade and ice cream and sat outside to devour it

When that was accomplished

I sorted out my food then took a shower and had a shave. then the Invisible man and myself went out for a pizza and beer as we can’t drink at the church.

But we weren’t late as j wanted a fairly early night and a good start in the morning.

Start. 1280.4
Finish 1294.7
Miles. 14.3

Day 91 Heading to Palmerton and Sunny Rest Resort

Wed 11th July

It was a slow getaway but I was on trail by 6.45..
The trail started as it ended yesterday Rock and more rock.
again it’s the small pointy ones that hurt most. I cautiously crossed rock field after rock field . and after 2 hours I had had enough of the rock .Suddenly the rock turned into lovely path and then i arrived at the first shelter. I walked down to have a nose and take a 5 minute break or basically rest my foot. I had a few snacks wrote in the book then continued on my way.

The rocks had gone and in.its place was a lovely trail and so I was able to push . it was fairly smooth for several miles.

In the distance I could hear traffic and shortly I exited onto a busy road. crossed over and continued on my way . I pushed on for several more hours as I wanted to get to the second shelter as I needed water.

The water here was miles away and down another trail

But as I needed water I dropped my pack and went to get water.

Start. 1218.9

Day 89 zero in port Clinton

Monday 9th July
I heard several other hikers moving around at 6 am but I had chores to do so there was no hurry. at 8 am I got up for the customary see but as I was in public, I wandered over to the porta Potty.
I then returned to my bed. and was dozing when several ladies appeared bringing in food.
There’s going to be coffee and eggs one of the ladies announced.
so, I got up . and walked over to where they were setting up.
There was indeed bacon . boiled eggs and a sort of omelette that was so tasty. I also had coffee. then the ladies brought around juices . and bagels . then insisted that we have more .
Well that was unexpected and really nice .
Okay haircut time .I walked to the barber’s carrying my old poles and bits that I wanted to post.
I walked into the barber’s and was amazed it was like Aladdin’s cave. filled with memorabilia and brick a brack and all the chairs where rocking chairs
There was a man having his hair cut so good I will be next then I can get on
But No.
Once the man had paid .The barber began doing other stuff.
Then he looked at me . and asked do you want your hair cut?
Well yes, I do .

A few minutes he said and began to fill cases with silver coins and other trinkets .
Get yourself a coffee and pastry, there are cookies there and relax
Then the father and daughter hikers arrived but they just wanted a lift. One of my customers will take you just relax.
Almost 40 minutes later he’s ready for me, but as he starts to cut my hair, he keeps having conversations with everyone as the shop gradually fills up.
Then 2 more members of staff arrive and again he starts to cut my hair then wanders off to chat to more customers .
I’m still sat in the chair when noproblama arrives, but only to charge his phone

omg a 45-minute hair cut but it did look good. I pay and go to retrieve my phone and noproblama laughs at the amount of time that it took .
Yes, I said as I need to get to the post office.
Snail it doesn’t open until 12.30 ,!!
Really, I say . bugger ,I was hoping to head straight back out well after tree hugger gets in
I grab a chair and continue begin to charge my phone whilst editing video
Tree hugger appears .
“Snail is this yours”.  he says passing me my puffy that I had left in the last motel. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it thanks again .

I grab a photo of us and me in the chair.
Tree Hugger decides to get his hair cut , I say my goodbyes as he is staying in a hotel in the next town.
I walk to the Post office,hand over my I’d “There should be a couple of packages for me.
He comes back with 4 packages ,my new poles, new tips, new socks and a case for my phone.
When i had finished sorting gear I wander back to the pavilion. I put the new ends into my poles before sorting out my other gear . The case for my phone is good but the glass is the wrong size and it’s not worth returning it. oh well my mistake.

After some planing i drink a few beers left from yesterday before deciding that as my foot is still painful  i will take another Zero and rest it.
There appears that several other hikers are resting so decide to grab forty winks with my foot elevated.
At 5 pm Robin hood decides to go for food
Where are you going, I asked
To the Hotel snail?
” I don’t think they open on a Monday, but the fire station club is, and they do snacks and cheap beer” i say
“You fancy coming Snail?
“Yeah why not .
On the way to town  we decide to check  on the Hotel., but  it as we approach a lady shouts out
“They are closed on a Monday”
We arrive at the fire station and push the bell. when the light goes orange, we can open the door and can enter.
As its a private club we have to be signed in so ask several patrons if they would mind signing us in then we can order beer.
The local ale is Yuengling and is served in frosted glasses.

I ordered some food , which I soon dispose of before making the whole bar laugh by asking for a serviette as the barman is confused.
Oh, sorry i mean a Napkin.
Several of the locals buy me beer and I’m just about to leave when 2 more beers arrive I must go after these I insist .
When at last I exit the fire station there is a nip in the air and wished I had brought my puffy which I now have back.
I must admit I enjoy the walk back at dusk watching the fireflies dart about

once back at the Pavilion I pack up my gear so I’m ready to go first thing.
Start 1185
Finish 1185.
Miles. ZERO

Day 88 Heading to Port Clinton

As I had put in the miles I treated myself to a lie in , Although I heard my tenting companion packing up to leave. Finally I emerged at 8am and began to pack up I had enough gas to make tea.

I finished my packing and stepped back onto the trail. and attacked the rocks again.

My left foot was hurting . I put it down to the Constant rocks as the sole seems bruised. so I shoved more ibourfin down me and tried to blank it out. although every now and then my foot landed on a stupid rock sending pain shooting up my foot and a few choice words spilt from my mouth.

I slowed down and tried to concentrate on how I placed my foot. The big ones are easy it the small pointy ones that kill me and they are almost impossible to miss.

I pushed on and on the rocks being replaced with more mud and swamps which I have to say is far better than the rock. Then some nice trail whoop allowing me to push and make up time.. But then I thought why push there is no hurry as I will be in town for 2 days.

It wasn’t long till I got to my first climb which of course was steep and long. I puffed and panted up it. Once up the trail was gentle until I reached the next rock challenge . well the challenge was looking for the blazes. and I hate it when you step on a huge granite slab and it moves putting you off balance. Once over I pushed on and the trail was now littered with blow downs to climb over . One was fairly huge and as I tried to get over it my pole sunk into the ground sending me crashing into the ground
Fuck bollocks and a few other words escaped from my mouth. But luckily no damage.. but I was annoyed with myself and the tree.

Okay time for a break and in the distance I could see a perfect spot. yep that will do
When i got there , there was a lady called Judy who was on her way home from a few days hiking. We chatted fora while and then she offered to take me to Cabelas a large outdoors store.
Brilliant and she offered to wait for me to.
Judy headed off saying your soon catch me. but I will be in the car park
After 20 minutes I set off after her stumbling over more rocks. Then had to wait until another big snake moved off of the trail.
Finally one more descent then i would be in Port Clinton, BUt the descent was stupidly steep and gravel so you were almost sliding down .
It took me about 10 minutes to get down as it was so slippery.

I finally emerged onto a bike track and Judy was waiting. we crossed the railway. which is a steam and coal museum then walked to her car

Wow Cabelas was amazing.
It had rows and rows of fishing rods. rows of lures and floats . Then rows and rows of guns and ammo. Then camping and water sports I was hypnotised with the quantity of stuff. and in the more a huge collection of stuffed animals laid out in amazing scenes .

I headed upstairs for the camping department. sadly they didn’t have the size gas I wanted so I had to but a huge one but it will last. I also brought a few other bits and pieces
I could have spent hours in this store but my ride was waiting to take me back to town.

As I got out of her car I saw sunshine, Granite Gear and mousetrap. As we chatted a guy said do you guys want a cold beer?
We were sat outside the fire station but they have their own private bar. The man signed us in and we enjoyed several cold beers .

Next it was off to find the pavilion where I would stay that was a little way down the road.
It was a large pavilion with tables and free items donated by kind people
I found a space. and lay out my pad and sleeping bag.
I was relaxing when an oldish man asked did any one need a ride.
I would love to go to Wal-Mart, a
Soon two other hikers and myself were heading to the store. I brought a few bits plus memory card and a large usb to clear down my phone.
Our driver then dropped us back to a bar in town . I ordered a burger and washed that down with a few more cold ales. I was just eating when Granite Gear, Mousetrap and noproblama appeared, Sunshine had a migraine so had crashed.
I enjoyed my burger had one more beer then grabbed a six pack to take back to the pavilion.
I quickly put all my food in a bag to hang in case of mice before enjoying another beer with mousetrap, Soul-man and Robin hood. before hitting the sack

Start 1207.5
Finish 1218.9
Miles. 11.4