Day 147 Labour Day

Monday 3rd September.

Such luxury to be in a real bed.
But I have to a get up .although a real zero would have been great.
I slowly packed up going around the room to check that I hadn’t forgotten anything. My power block appeared to have charged but I still believe that it has a dead cell. so will await their support email. Okay I’m ready final sweep of the room and I’m out of here.

I stood by the road outside the White wolf and stuck out my trusty thumb. A police car passed I waved he waved back but no lift from.him. oh well . But the next car stopped. wow that was good and I was soon stood at the trailhead. I extended my poles and began to walk it was 9.30

A little late but it’s my hike I laughed to myself. it was going to be A climbing day so I didn’t expect big mileage but I would of liked 12.
It was a beautiful morning as I made my way first climb that was called south horn. but the Bigalows were my target for today.

I climbed and climbed it was a nice trail to begin with then it became scrambling then some climbing hand over hand then some mud jumping and duck boards then back to nice forest.I passed several beautiful ponds and water meadows and hoped to.see more moose but sadly not. I pushed on untill 12.30 when I took a break and ate some snacks.

Come on Snail.lets get this done as there was still a lot of mountain to climb. It was another 30 minutes to I crossed the peak of South Horn and was imeaditly invaded by a swarm of black flies so retreated backwards. I waited till a strong gust of wind moved them so i could carry on..

The flies !!

I began to decended into the forest and escape the flies . as I walked I passed several weekend hikers. in the distance I could see another lovely pond lake and shortly came to the signage about the next campsite . I walked a little way and came to the shelter.There was a man there who introduced himself as the care taker and ridge runner. i ended up chatting to him.for at least ten minutes as he was very informative.

Okay I need to get on as I still haven’t got to Bigalows yet.
I pushed on and on I came to the odd clearing with amazing views. and wondered if I was here yet but no there was still another huge mountain staring at me . It was over another hour before I began to get near to the summit and as I did the winds come . surely I don’t need to climb up there do I ? I get blown away by the wind. But yes that’s where the blazes went . really really I said to myself as I go gingerly combed along the knife edge. Whoop. whoop finally I’m at Bigalow mountain west peak and wow what amazing views.

as I made my way to Bigalow Avery peak spots of rain began to fall ..Great I thought .it’s 3.45 I think.i might call it a day if I can find a place.
must be my lucky day as in 10 minutes I stumbled into a camp site with tent platforms . that will do me and my tent.was soon up. Then i went and got water. It was down a little track and was from a spring. I noticed another tent on my way back but didn’t see anyone. Once back at my tent i quickly got a brew on and began to relax.

made my supper then switched off oh only 9 miles that’s not good but I did start late and finish early

Start. 2002
Finish. 2011
Miles. 9
miles left. 179

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