Day 108 Great Barrington to Shaker Campsite Mile 1541

Saturday 28th July

I slept so well that I didn’t want to get up , but I need to leave.
I finished packing up .deciding what to leave and what to take before jumping into the shower.
When i was dry I walked to have breakfast , today there was the addition of a banana.
after a leisurely breakfast  i went back to my room  as i had chores to do  before I left
I packed the rest of my stuff up. made another salad with what was left in the fridge.

I will carry that out, poured the fresh water new bladder, then poured sprite from the huge bottle into my water bottle.
Okay I’m going to chase my missing bounce box one more time.
I tried. the number the lady from Cornwall post office  had given e me . Typical that didn’t work. I then tried the standard usps number but quickly gave up with that.

Then I had a brain wave, and googled the branch number. It was one I hadn’t tried before. !!! It’s ringing…. and I am actually speaking to a person . and yes my box had been there but was posted back 3 weeks ago.
But the person who posted it was on leave and wouldn’t be back until Monday. Could I try phoning then ?
Of course I would, signal allowing. I was almost a bit excited then annoyed with myself for not trying this option before .. doh well fingers crossed.
Okay let’s go . I did another sweep of my room ..then checked again . I hoisted up my pack and exited my room  both my pack and my back  groaned under the weight
Omg this is heavy and my new shoes felt tight. hopefully they will start to give a little!
I dropped my room card off at reception then walked down the road to the grocery store as they had a ATM and I was out of cash  and I always like to carry some .
Okay back to the trail. I walked along the main road then I would turn left and start to hitch.
I was in luck I didn’t have to walk long before a nice couple picked me up and soon I was standing at the trail head.I thanked my ride , adjusted my new poles then I was away . The sun was already hot but the first forest was unusually cool. I pushed on until I came across to familiar faces getting water. It was freight train and Pace
Hiya guys  we chatted for a while. they told me that the lady kucon had given up which was sad. and  informed  me of the whereabouts  of  other hikers

See up the trail I said and pushed on, crossed a road and another trail head.  before  starting to climb which was steep I was busy climbing when I ran into two woman coming down . I noticed the accent was British so we chatted for a a few moments, one lived here the other from Ringwood . They told me about places on the trail that I may like. Then we wished each other good luck.

I continued on with my climb eventually arriving at a gorgeous lake. I stopped and watched the ducks and geese fishing for a while before moving on . After more climbing i came to some cliffs that had amazing views , but mainly of forest so I didn’t pause for long. as I continued on I crossed several small streams but the water didn’t look or smell that good. Further along I came to another beaver dam .these creatures really amaze me . The trail goes around the lake (pond) that they had made with their dam. I was amazed by the huge trees that these animals had brought down by gnawing at them. IMPRESSED!!.

I was now getting hungry but as I was trying to decided whether to stop for lunch here or go on, another hiker Named Yogi came by he too was impressed by  the trees the beavers had brought down.
I decided to push on , it was almost another hour until I decided to stop for lunch..I was just munching through my salad when Yogi arrived. he was a fairly new hiker and so wasn’t doing big miles yet so decided to stop at the next shelter.

I finished my lunch and pushed on nothing much to report. few ups few downs. and then I was in some lovely fields. I crossed into another forest with a sign saying this part of land owned by trustees and a list of things you cannot do. I was still reading the sign when freight train and Pace arrived  and went.

I started after them climbing up another large hill. eventuality I was at the top. the views were not bad but nothing new. I thought this was a good place to put up my tent . But then I remembered the sign .”no camping: so reluctantly walked on . As I crossed the road I noticed a sign saying sodas and snacks so I turned left. A little way down the road sat at a picnic table were Freight train and Pace. Next to them was a small shed that was full of drinks and snacks with a honesty box for the money.
We were all impressed as it wouldn’t last 5 mins where  I lived. They would take the drinks and the money.
I grabbed three lemonades and left 3 bucks . after necking them I set off back on the trail .

I had planned to stop at the next shelter, but  it had been closed due to problem bears   so  i  pressed on  I hadn’t planned on going much further. and when I found a suitable place I quickly dropped my pack and put my tent up. hung my food bag and settled down . I quickly made tea then got into my bag.I was just getting settled when the bomb bomb of thunder rang out. it was almost an hour till the rain came, and it was heavy ,very heavy. I began to get drops on my bag that’s not good . I need to call Big Agnes shouldn’t be leaking .

Start 1521.7
Finish. 1541
Miles. 20
Miles left  649.9


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