Day 111 The Cobbles Via Mt Greylock to Wilbur’s Clearing Campsite Mile 1590

July 31st

I slept well on my mountain top spot. although struggled to get up.
I lazily packed up and headed down off the mountain.
on my decent I met 2 ladies walking their dog so chatted for a few minutes.

Eventually I emerged into civilisation and began to walk along the road admiring the houses . I passed the post office and thought this would of been a good town to send stuff to.

I then came to a church and noticed tents on the grass. I paused for a few minutes. A lady then asked me if I needed anything.The bathroom I replied. Around the back through the double doors she said.

I thanked her and followed her directions as I did I noticed the other hiker from the day before and the girl hiker too.

I dropped my pack outside and entered the chapel and found the loos. .The hall was filled with tables of bticabrac for a sale later that day. On big blackboards in the hall were messages welcoming hikers and the rules.

So I went back to my pack and got my water bottles to fill ip then i sat in a smsll room thats for hikers use and plugged in my phone to charge.

I stayed there for about 40 minutes before leaving.

the hikers were raving about Dunkin Doughnuts so I thought that I would visit as I left town.

I know America is very patriotic but I do like that the roads are lined with the American flag and virtually every home has one flying .

I crossed the road and entered the shell garage which has Dunkin Doughnuts inside. I ordered coffee and egg and bacon on a sesame seed bagel, hash browns and a blueberry muffin to go.

It was ready in an instant

so I sat inside and ate my breakfast. which was bloody good. I packed my muffin for later. The next stop was the dollar General . I left my pack inside and went in with my shopping list. they had virtually every thing that I needed. and well done snail $33 .Very well done. Once outside I decanter the boxes into ziplocks . But the boxes in the trash and I was ready.

I knew it was going to be a mighty climb later and as I hoisted up my pack my back groaned under the weight. !!.

I walked down the road for about a mile then crossed over and was back on trail. it was a few small up and downs. to begin with then the first climb . and it was steep as I puffed my way up.i met several sobos coming down. I meeting so many more now .

the climb evened out as I walked through a light and airy forest I was in this forest for about an hour . THEN the real climb started. In all it took me about 3 hours to get to the top of mount Greylock 3491 feet.

At the to is a beacon or memorial that stands tall and proud it looks similar to a lighthouse as there is a light at the top. I really like this can climb it but I chose not to.

instead I headed to the lodge and the cafe offers a large burger and a beer. I wanted three as the first I chug as I’m.thirsty then enjoy the second and third.Bur I was only allowed to buy one at a time. oh well I sat outside Inn the sun and enjoyed my first beer then went and brought 2 more as she had gone !!.

My burger was tasty and soon disappeared. as I sat many people came to ask me about my hike so I felt like a star.

I noticed I had cell service so I tried to soft out a replacement tent. Yrs sorted great but I can’t have it for a week.

Let’s pray for sun haha.

All chores done. I fancied an ice cream and another ale .But I decided to leave instead. I walked around the edge of the monument and omg what amazing views so I walked to get a better position. Wow truly amazing. I stood in awe for about 15 minutes before moving on and heading down .

It’s been a lazy but fun day so I don’t expect huge mileage. although I was feeling tired.

The down was steep of course nut then it began to climb again because I hadn’t climbed enough mountains and mount Williams was next.

Great ….. so may done let’s now get down . At last. But it wasnt straight forward. more planks more bogs more rock . I crossed another road and more signs telling me that I was now in a new park.

But still the same bogs and planks until at last hurrah the sign for the shelter but .4 off trail . But it’s the end of the day so I don’t mind.

I began to see tents good.not far. them I was here.The shelter was towards the bottom. there were 2 Bear boxes and several raised wooden tent pads. I found a flat spot and soon I was sat on my chair eating dinner


Start 1577.4
Finish 1590.5
Miles 14


Day 110 Through Dalton to the Cobbles Mile 1577

Monday 30 July

Once again I struggled to get up and again after breakfast it was another slow get away hitting the trail aground 8 am.
I must do better..i would rather start early and finish early .

I hit the trail and pushed on looking at the trail and trying to decide if i stopped too early yesterday.. Nah I was right . it wasn’t before I was playing walk the plank and navigate around the bog. it does take some concentration and I have to say it’s exhausting. Most of the morning forests where like a maze in and out up and down. There were no really nice routes or a straight enough stretches to get any speed up . every now and then I crossed a road or another stream then it was either walk the the bog again .

My watch was counting the hours as I was a bit excited about ringing the post office and thought that I would wait for 10 am and hope st this point I had cell service.
I emerged out of the forest and crossed another road. perfect I thought this will do. I found a large rock to sit on and go my self ready. I dialled
Jim answered. the man that had spoke to on Saturday.

Yes the clerk is here let me go have a word. Whilst on hold I listened to all the wonderful things the the postoffice could do. Eventually Jim came back . we sent it to where it was posted .
Okay thank you I replied.
That meant that it was sent back to Dahlonega .
I rang Dahlonega post office .
The lady on the other end didn’t seem.over helpful. and basically told me that it wasn’t there. Eventually she took down my details .
Once again so near but so far . I was disappointed. for some reason I had hoped that it was just sitting on the shelf at this post office. Oh well
I packed my stuff up and hoisted up my pack and set off again.

I walked at ound several more bever ponds then I was back in gloomy forests again and the game of walk the plank. At long last I began to go down I crossed over another road and began to follow a small stream down the mountain . But unlike the other streams of this morning the water was crystal clear. I decided that if I crossed over it then I would stop for lunch.

I walked. for about another 10 minutes then a bridge came into view. I crossed over and dropped my pack. filled up a bottle of water then made tea and ate lunch. As I sat relaxing 3 other hikers past by going South. I am beginning to see more and more of these SOBO’S now.

After lunch I pushed on again but I was really felling wearily I urged myself on i just think itv was the trail or rather the terrain. I’ve been stuck in the forest for most of the day dodging in and out of trees crawling over rock and avoiding muddy bogs.

At last a straight bit of trail and through the trees I could see a town. A little further I came across Dad and his young daughter out for a strole. He was really chatty wanted to know where I was from and when did I start. Then he wished me hood luck and welcome to the town ….

I then exited into daylight and crossed over the railway tracks I was now in Dalton.

The trail runs straight through town so my first stop was the garage a large sprite a blueberry Danish , an orange and a ice lolly. I sat outside and plugged in my phone for a quick charge as I munched my food and slurped my drink.
I sat for an extra 10 minutes then unplugged my devices and headed back to the road and the trail. I quite enjoyed walking through this town looking at all the different houses and styles.
Eventually the trail begins to head back to the forest i am just adjusting my poles when a voice says trail Magic!!

Why not lol I drink two more sodas. he insists I eat a Danish and take some chips (crisps) with me
I thank him then head back to the forest and the trail.

Its 4 miles to the next camp and it’s just gone 3 pm that will probably do me as it’s all up hill and steep. I push on as I’m.climbing a stream.of Sobos come past me I give them the news ..”There is trail magic in a miles time”

A lovely lady called hopscotch thanks me and wishes me well.
I get back to my climbing as several more sobos come past . I give them the same info.
The climb is long and I’m now tired .yes camp I will stop soon.
I then meet another man heading south. thru-hiker? I ask
He laughs no just stretching my legs,Are you heading to the camp?
Yes I reply.
Well it’s 10 mins past the pylons and they are half an hour away .
I thank him and push on , In 30. minutes the pylons appear and just after there is a sign pointing to the camp.
I stop, pause and ponder. Bugger I say to myself I’m going on .My watch pings 5pm

Okay I will walk to 6 6/30
I hope this is not a mistake I say to myself as I continue down the trail.
more bogs to cross, planks to walk. then I come to another beautiful lake again made by beavers.
I pause for a moment then push on . after an hour I’m trying to decide what to do, there is a fire road that I could get my tent up on, but I’m not happy. So back to the trail at 6.30 I’m knackered and just want to stop but there is no where, then I’m up on cliffs. But what a great views that makes me forget my tiredness for a few minutes.
Okay flat spot . can I get in there NO….. I wander down the trail my eyes darting from side to side. I then decide to head off trail to a clump of fir trees and yes a perfect spot.

Tea made food hung. night all

Start 1558
Finish 1577
Miles 19
Miles left 614

Day 109 Heading To October Mountain Shelter Via Goose pond Mile 1558

Sun 29th

I snoozed my alarm then I heard freightrain and Pace pass by. so pulled the plug in my mattress as the air escaped I got up had a wee and retrieved my food bag.
I began to pack up,then made hot chocolate and instant oats.
I was later than normal hitting the trail about 7.30 and the sun was warm as I made my way along the trail. First challenge was duck boards then I was on another long wooden walkway . But this one sometimes went underwater another challenge. once it ended I was still in bog land so had to be careful to keep my feet dry. at last I was on dry land then crossed another road then it was time to climb . I climbed for several hours .I have to say the morning was dull nothing to see or comment on until a beautiful lake came into view. I walked around it until I saw a sign to the cabin
Although it was 1/2 miles off trail but I wanted to look st it so took the side trail.

It was a lovely 2 story building with a caretaker who cooked you pancakes for breakfast so i decided to stop here for lunch.
On my way back to the trail I passed many day hikers out walking , I crossed over a bridge then it was another climb , I came to a cold box and topped up my water. before continuing on .At last I was going down, passing bye another beaver pond with gnawed trees . I decided to take 5 minutes but when I checked my map i was disappointed that my millage was so low. I’m not pushing on past the  next shelter  so I decided  at the next stream i  will water up. The shelter soon came into view. so I put my tent up and enjoyed the last few hrs of sunshine

start. 1541
Finish. 1558
Miles 16.3

Day 108 Great Barrington to Shaker Campsite Mile 1541

Saturday 28th July

I slept so well that I didn’t want to get up , but I need to leave.
I finished packing up .deciding what to leave and what to take before jumping into the shower.
When i was dry I walked to have breakfast , today there was the addition of a banana.
after a leisurely breakfast  i went back to my room  as i had chores to do  before I left
I packed the rest of my stuff up. made another salad with what was left in the fridge.

I will carry that out, poured the fresh water new bladder, then poured sprite from the huge bottle into my water bottle.
Okay I’m going to chase my missing bounce box one more time.
I tried. the number the lady from Cornwall post office  had given e me . Typical that didn’t work. I then tried the standard usps number but quickly gave up with that.

Then I had a brain wave, and googled the branch number. It was one I hadn’t tried before. !!! It’s ringing…. and I am actually speaking to a person . and yes my box had been there but was posted back 3 weeks ago.
But the person who posted it was on leave and wouldn’t be back until Monday. Could I try phoning then ?
Of course I would, signal allowing. I was almost a bit excited then annoyed with myself for not trying this option before .. doh well fingers crossed.
Okay let’s go . I did another sweep of my room ..then checked again . I hoisted up my pack and exited my room  both my pack and my back  groaned under the weight
Omg this is heavy and my new shoes felt tight. hopefully they will start to give a little!
I dropped my room card off at reception then walked down the road to the grocery store as they had a ATM and I was out of cash  and I always like to carry some .
Okay back to the trail. I walked along the main road then I would turn left and start to hitch.
I was in luck I didn’t have to walk long before a nice couple picked me up and soon I was standing at the trail head.I thanked my ride , adjusted my new poles then I was away . The sun was already hot but the first forest was unusually cool. I pushed on until I came across to familiar faces getting water. It was freight train and Pace
Hiya guys  we chatted for a while. they told me that the lady kucon had given up which was sad. and  informed  me of the whereabouts  of  other hikers

See up the trail I said and pushed on, crossed a road and another trail head.  before  starting to climb which was steep I was busy climbing when I ran into two woman coming down . I noticed the accent was British so we chatted for a a few moments, one lived here the other from Ringwood . They told me about places on the trail that I may like. Then we wished each other good luck.

I continued on with my climb eventually arriving at a gorgeous lake. I stopped and watched the ducks and geese fishing for a while before moving on . After more climbing i came to some cliffs that had amazing views , but mainly of forest so I didn’t pause for long. as I continued on I crossed several small streams but the water didn’t look or smell that good. Further along I came to another beaver dam .these creatures really amaze me . The trail goes around the lake (pond) that they had made with their dam. I was amazed by the huge trees that these animals had brought down by gnawing at them. IMPRESSED!!.

I was now getting hungry but as I was trying to decided whether to stop for lunch here or go on, another hiker Named Yogi came by he too was impressed by  the trees the beavers had brought down.
I decided to push on , it was almost another hour until I decided to stop for lunch..I was just munching through my salad when Yogi arrived. he was a fairly new hiker and so wasn’t doing big miles yet so decided to stop at the next shelter.

I finished my lunch and pushed on nothing much to report. few ups few downs. and then I was in some lovely fields. I crossed into another forest with a sign saying this part of land owned by trustees and a list of things you cannot do. I was still reading the sign when freight train and Pace arrived  and went.

I started after them climbing up another large hill. eventuality I was at the top. the views were not bad but nothing new. I thought this was a good place to put up my tent . But then I remembered the sign .”no camping: so reluctantly walked on . As I crossed the road I noticed a sign saying sodas and snacks so I turned left. A little way down the road sat at a picnic table were Freight train and Pace. Next to them was a small shed that was full of drinks and snacks with a honesty box for the money.
We were all impressed as it wouldn’t last 5 mins where  I lived. They would take the drinks and the money.
I grabbed three lemonades and left 3 bucks . after necking them I set off back on the trail .

I had planned to stop at the next shelter, but  it had been closed due to problem bears   so  i  pressed on  I hadn’t planned on going much further. and when I found a suitable place I quickly dropped my pack and put my tent up. hung my food bag and settled down . I quickly made tea then got into my bag.I was just getting settled when the bomb bomb of thunder rang out. it was almost an hour till the rain came, and it was heavy ,very heavy. I began to get drops on my bag that’s not good . I need to call Big Agnes shouldn’t be leaking .

Start 1521.7
Finish. 1541
Miles. 20
Miles left  649.9

Day 107 Zero in Upper Barrington

Friday 27th

Eve. though I didn’t have to get up I woke at my normal trail time of 5.30. so got up had a wee then went back to bed.

eventually getting up at 9 am . more more civilised. I got dressed then went for breakfast. there were several other hikers eating. I grabbed a coffee and some oranges juice and found a table. then I grabbed a bagel and put it in the bagel cutter. before dropping the two half’s into the toaster. I then poured out a cup of waffle mix before pouring it into the waffle maker. My bagels popped up from.the toaster so I grabbed some butter and cream cheese and returned to my table

I had just finished eating my bagel when there was a beep beep telling me that my waffle was cooked. I removed it from its mould poured the on the obligatory maple syrup and again returned to my table. after several more orange juices and coffee I was done.
I was just about to leave when Poppins and Peanut arrived we chatted for a while. they too were taking a zero . They told me about the bus that goes into town and where to catch it. I thanked them before returning to my room to grab the few bits and my poles that I wanted to mail before walking  to the Grocery shop where I would catch the bus, my timing was good or lucky as it arrived as I did. $1.75 to Town . right change only so it cost me 2 bucks .

He dropped me at the post office which was perfect.
I had sent all my spare stuff and stuff that I didn’t want to carry here also my new shoes. bladder and poles from REI  and a few bits from Amazon so I had a total of 8 packages.
I thanked the clerk and began to sort through my gear. I decanted stuff that I needed into a bag then condensed the other boxes into 1 box that again I mailed up the trail.

I was feeling rather pleased with myself so wandered around town before deciding that I should get back.The bus was prompt and dropped me back at the Grocery store. I thought I’d just get a few things. and something for lunch , a salad I thought. I got to the check out and bagged up my shopping. But shock horror my card was declined. Dam I had meant transfer more money onto it . the bill was $80 .I checked my wallet I had $70 in cash . Dam I’m going to have to leave it and come back.
Then a voice behind me said how much are you short?
“$10” I said.
“I will get that” he said and gave the cashier the money.
“Thank you so much” I said dying of embarrassment.
I hastily grabbed my shopping and quickly walked back to my motel room.
Dropped my shopping and other bag on the floor then quickly logged onto my account and transferred some more money card
I will need to be more careful. as I am spending too much.!!
Once the finances were straight I concentrated on uploading my videos and blogs as I’m a bit behind. whilst they were uploading I got out my soggy tent and let that dry in the sun.
it was lunch time , I made a salad with what I had brought earlier washed down with a couple of cans of beer.
It was a beautiful day and I would of normally camped by the pool with my beer..But the Wi-Fi and power was in my room so that’s where I stayed.
At 6 pm I decided to go to the brewery for dinner and try their ribs .As i was about to leave a storm arrived , the rain came in buckets so I watched out of the window and continued editing until the rain began to ease.
I entered the brewery and found that it was rammed but there was an empty stool at the Bar as i  sat I noticed “Mirror” was sat beside me. so we chatted and she recommended the aubergine.!
So i ordered Ribs
I think i should of gone with mirrors suggestion  as my ribs arrived luke warm so I sent them back . They took ages to reappear and to be honest they were not that good.
In fact a bit of a let down . oh well ..the beer was good.
Mirror said her good byes as she is now going southbound , so our paths may cross again who knows the trail can be mysterious

A man sat next to me and had a big bowl of clam Linguine  that looked oh so much better than what I had just eaten
We began a chatting mainly about baseball that I knew nothing about  but it passed the time and allowed me to enjoy a few more ales. But I didn’t stay out too long.
Once begin to my room.  began to pack up  what i could

Start 1521.7
Finish 1521.7
miles ZERO