Day 109 Heading To October Mountain Shelter Via Goose pond Mile 1558

Sun 29th

I snoozed my alarm then I heard freightrain and Pace pass by. so pulled the plug in my mattress as the air escaped I got up had a wee and retrieved my food bag.
I began to pack up,then made hot chocolate and instant oats.
I was later than normal hitting the trail about 7.30 and the sun was warm as I made my way along the trail. First challenge was duck boards then I was on another long wooden walkway . But this one sometimes went underwater another challenge. once it ended I was still in bog land so had to be careful to keep my feet dry. at last I was on dry land then crossed another road then it was time to climb . I climbed for several hours .I have to say the morning was dull nothing to see or comment on until a beautiful lake came into view. I walked around it until I saw a sign to the cabin
Although it was 1/2 miles off trail but I wanted to look st it so took the side trail.

It was a lovely 2 story building with a caretaker who cooked you pancakes for breakfast so i decided to stop here for lunch.
On my way back to the trail I passed many day hikers out walking , I crossed over a bridge then it was another climb , I came to a cold box and topped up my water. before continuing on .At last I was going down, passing bye another beaver pond with gnawed trees . I decided to take 5 minutes but when I checked my map i was disappointed that my millage was so low. I’m not pushing on past the  next shelter  so I decided  at the next stream i  will water up. The shelter soon came into view. so I put my tent up and enjoyed the last few hrs of sunshine

start. 1541
Finish. 1558
Miles 16.3

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