Day 75 Halfway

28th June
I awoke to a soaking tent due the dew , but in side I was cosy. As we we packing up Shredder came past he had camped up on the ridge and his gear was also soaked., soon followed by Smart Pants  appeared whose gear was also soaked. I was a little slow getting my stuff together so nobodies friend started off.i guess I was 15  minutes behind but it took me a while to catch up. The trail started friendly enough. But there were to be big climbs towards the end.
But nothing like yesterday that was a tough day one of the toughest yet on the PCT.


We were making good time in and out of forests and a long meadows in fact it was such a pretty section and mow a lot of flowers are beginning to bloom.great carpets of dwarf lupins in a sea of blue. Then a stretch of yellow flowers  so the air is gorgeous. In the silence of the forest you can loose yourself, until the woodpecker bring you outvoted your trace. We were making good time w had a target in our heads but we’re not too sure if we can get there.
Again we came out of another airy forest and had to climb up onto a ridge the views were amazing with snow topped mountains in the distance. We carried on until we came to a large parking lot. Several cars were parked under the shade. We began dropping down into another meadow then we heard voices .It was the owners of the cars about 8  out on a morning walk with their dogs..It’s so nice to smell clean people..They stopped and chatted to us about our hike  and we’re so interested.
Our next stop was for water at a spring called Bobbies Spring   1/3 of a mile of trail and down hill. So we hid are packs of trail and took our water bottles .It was baking in the dun as we made our way down to the spring .a long long way down.i filled up 5 litres then made my way back to my pack and trail where we were going to take lunch. .We were getting fairly excited we were approaching half distance and chocks be the by 5 PM depending on the terrain. .We had just set off when we ran into a couple who were day hiking but had gone the wrong way! !!..The trail now began to climb and climb as well as the temperature.

Again we were on another ridge. And the mountains seemed to be getting closer and closer. Nobodies friend and I had a misunderstanding. I said their was no water up ahead that’s why I filled up complete. But he thought I said the opposite.  .do are plans were messed up a  little. As the next water was too far away..During the conversation I managed to walk away and leave my solar charger on a log bugger bugger It was only half working and then only when it felt like it but it had my leads attached to it.
So lots of rude words as I need to send it back. .As I despondently walked on we passed two sobos. That’s south bound hikers Fantastic. So i explained to the my about my charger and if they see it can they give it to a north bound hiker.
The day seemed to be getting longer and longer and I was getting tired. But at last the halfway sign whoop whoop

Half way Yeah
My God I’m half way

I must admit I thought that it would be bigger .so photo shoot right let’s find camp …..We wander on looking for flat ground. There!!!!
Tents up cocoa on time for bed
But yeah I’ve walked half the PCT I’m so proud of myself
Night all


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