DAY 96 Beer Legs to Oregon

Slept well but was woken by the sound of  well I wasn’t sure an earthquake?  Or a big truck coming towards Me?
Well I was up and out of my tent and I witnessed an amazing scene. About 50 plus Elk came galloping by .Wow never seen that before.I was soon packed and on the trail. Tarzan had promised me beer if I was at a certain mile point at 1 pm
Well to a hiker that’s a challenge so for  me an avid beer drinker even more so .

The distance was a little out of my range but it was a target and I set off with pure determination. .
Mile by mile whizzed by i wasn’t stopping  my watch pinged out the hours  I was on a beer mission.  My legs whizzed like pistons (in my mind)   I began to hear bells .was I imaging it no bells again in an open part of the trail there were cows. About a dozen all grazing. Not bothered about straying. I said good morning and walked on. .At 8.30 I passed Foxxy’s tent he was stil sleeping  bless.i walked on  ping went another hour flowed by another hour I hadn’t walked this far with out a break before.But   I had  beer legs on  down I went up.i went then I was at the border I was in Oregon bloody hell I had made it
I stopped for a few photos

I was in Oregon. Whoop whoop. I  signed the register Tarzan had been through
Back to the trail i was ahead of schedule but now the trail climbed Welcome to Oregon I  soon as I was across the border the animal life seemed to increase their were load more chipmunks and ground squirrels and more birdsong.
And I saw my second rabbit.
I raced up the next hill .I saw a man waving I though it was Tarzan at first but it was his  friend. .Beer he asked  god yes please. Are you s friend of Tarzan?  I asked .
Yes he replied then he made me an awesome sandwich of elk meat and cheese and mustard it was emence
I woofed it down and chugged a few beers ..He was still waiting for Tarzan  I was confused as his name was before mine in the register. He then gave me heaps more food and beer which I struggled to get into my pack
We waited a while then  he drove me to the next camp. Where his other friend was..we laughed and joked and drank more beer
Tarzan then arrived or hippy to his mates. I was confused  as his name was already in the register but apparently there are two Tarzan’s but this was the better one lol

We chugged more beer then drove to the the next  camp to wait for other hikers
Tarzan and I sat on the back of the Range Rover tailgate as we were driven several  miles to the next camp. This was trail magic most awesome, At the next camp Tarzan’s mates unloaded he Range Rover they had tons of food and beer

What a great afternoon
I was saying about the deer herd and showed the guys my video. They are not deer they are Elk and that is some rare footage , which  made me feel very special. Then two other families arrived and joined in with fun
later  followed by Foxxy . hurrah we drank more beer and ate more food
Later Tarzan who had finished his hike was going to a hotel then out for dinner. so i was happy to put up my tent and camp here
Until Foxxy said     Post office. Dam you Foxxy yes I needed to hike out get to Ashland so I can post parcels out
Off i went but I was very squiffy and its not easy  to hike along a narrow path when you cant focus on it especially when there is a deathly drop .but somehow I managed to hike another 10 miles don’t ask me how.
I set up my tent  sat inside and had the most marvellous salad with hot smoked locally caught salmon washed down with more beer
And guess what I slept like a log ,


Day 95 Brutal

17th July
Took ages to go off to sleep
Well at 9 pm it was still 90° HOT
Woke up refreshed but dreading the day. I’m going up 4500  feet in 8 miles and its going to be hot  bloody hot.
I broke camp and set off .the first chore water which wasn’t that far then on to the switchbacks .it was still fairly cool and the sun hadn’t yet woken up.i soon passed xxxx he was just waking. Morning catch you on the trail. Up and up and up   its s long way up but I was feeling good. Higher and higher phew .Again the higher I climbed the more amazing the views

I chugged   on and on  the trail wasn’t that steep oh spoke to soon. .it immediately rose sharply. .but I was still making good progress.higher and watch pinged  it was tine for Breakfast.
I sat and looked down into the valley while eating .it was a long way down and I was only half way up.

Time to walk ,round and round back  and forth. Phew it was hot but I had plenty of water but as I climbed  .maybe it was the altitude but I was suddenly exhausted and had to sit a while before I could go on.
Finally I made it to the top  but in the distance was another big mountain. I could see the trail winding its way up it in the distance. OMG  were my words. Oh here goes and set off to conquer the  next mountain. The next one wasn’t that steep and soon I was standing on the summit looking down over the valleys. Just breathtaking. Of course my camera doesn’t do it justice .

Had I finished climbing? .I bloody wish no no. The trail just kept going up.i had to keep taking breaks  as they were killing me and the heat did I say it was bloody hot late 90°
I then came to a  resting Foxy how u doing? These hills are killing me!!
I walked on whoop I was going downhill but that normally means another climb. as I sped up down the hill I came across a dad and his two children day hiking  .enjoy you hike I said then continued down looking for a nice shady spot for my lunch .At last I rested. Slurped lemonade and woofed 3 sweaty cheese and packet spam rolls. I was relaxing Foxy past me see you in Ashland Foxy.
Back to the trail I was still heading down . dreading the up. I needed water but thought I could get by so began the next climb. Omg it was steep and the sun was now  roasting dam I think I should of got water and now I was angry with myself. bugger
I was struggling with these climbs and the heat. I was shouting at myself to push myself along .no good I needed to stop .I found a shady spot and glugged down more lemonade
If I haven’t said I found this drink or rather a fellow hiker introduced me to   Crystal Light  its a natural still lemonade  comes in a sachet and make a bottle or 1 litre and its just so refreshing i’m hooked on the stuff and even when your water gets  hot it’s still refreshing to drink.
I looked at my water I had almost drank the lot and my bladder was almost empty too. The problem is you are relying on a water source to be there. My next water was Bear Dog Spring in 4 miles but if that was dry and sometimes they are, then  my next water was on another 4 miles making 8  miles but it was hot very hot.
I pushed myself on   it was becoming a hard day. If I got water I may just call it a day.i trudged on and on more climbs phew I struggled up and on another climb its almost 5 pm and i have been climbing for most of the day .Another climb look a great camp spots but I need water. No good I need to take 5 minutes before the next climb.

As I sat pondering another hiker came by his name Tarzan. He was hiking from border to border so he finishes on the Oregon border tomorrow and his mate is meeting him with s car load of beer at mile 1703  so I need to try and get there too lol
I said I needed water so he gave me half a litre. His water was cold as he had  just found a spring fab.
At last I came to the spring Tarzan was already there. Waters good snailtrainer. I dropped my pack and walked down with my bladder and bottles. The spring water was ice cold perfect I chugged a litre straight down then filled up.its amazing what a  good drink can do    .I felt refreshed and invigorated and set off with speed down the trail and stomped up the next two climbs. There was an even bigger climb yet to come and as  it was now 6.30 so I thought that will do for today. I found a camp site and set up my tent. Cooked couscous and drank  a cup of coffee then 2 cups of hot chocolate time for bed   its been s tough day and y I need to be super fast to get to beer tomorrow also I cross into Oregon whoop whoop whoop

Day 94 Seiad Valley

15th July
after a many minutes of hunt the  mosies in the tent I slept really well
I was up and on the  trail by 6.30 .it was time for the long decent down of approximately 13  miles through the forest. I had gone approximately 2 miles before coming to water. I filled up both bottles. Then back to the trail the trail spiralled down and down then it was switchbacks.i was feeling good as I marched. Down and down until SNAKE! !.He just lay there before slithering off

.i marched off down the trail. Far below me I could hear the sound of rushing water and eventually I came to a bridge to cross.
The waters looked so inviting .
My other pet hate about  the PCT are the midges. They don’t bite but just fly around your head and flyby your ears so all you hear is s constant buzz
A lot of people use ear buds to block out their sound.But I am an old romantic. I love to hear the sounds of the forest. Woodpeckers,the sound of the wind.of the water etc.
The trail weaves up and down and now there is poison oak everywhere. Another thing to watch out for. Plus its overgrown in . places meaning. that you have to push your way through
A lot of the foliage is from the thimble berry. Its like a tiny raspberry but tiny but very sweet and tasty.
Down below the creek  is looking even more Inviting. But I need to get to the Post office! !

Looks as if I will be following the creek all the way to Seid Valley. But as the trail turns away  the forest is immediately silenced apart from.the  crunch crunch of my feet .then as I approach the creek the sound grows steadily louder building to a crescendo
I love the sound of the roar of the water So powerful
After 3 hrs I stop for a break and glug down some lemonade mmm tasty I check the GPS  11 miles cool
Back  to The trail and another bridge crossing down and down another bridge crossing that’s a few bridges and some nice  swimming holes.but I can’t stop down and down god its so hot finally I come to another bridge number 4   i’m in a large camp ground. A buggy turn up with a load of kids in .the trail is this way an elderly lady shouts. Thank you I reply.
I walk through the comp and onto the
The road its sn 8 mile toad walk and no traffic will use it.oh and its hot!!
As I wander down the road I pass blackberry bushes and they are loaded I can’t help nut stop and gorge myself god they are so tasty .I stop and grab my cup in two minutes its full I guzzle them down and fill it again and again. But the post office do I leave  the Blackberries and continue

Then the buggy come back Connie says jump in the back and we are off.she has taken 5 kids to the camp and no going home.She is s great lady so  funny .She drops me at the road .its then a mile walk.
I cross the bridge and into town heading straight to the post office
Is there a package for me.?.The lady goes away and comes back with a small box .no I say that mine but there should be z bigger box.please  be here please.
Fantastic there is a second box
Yes its my new pack its black and green and looks very smart, i quickly swap all my gear over then post my old  my pack back

Next its Beer & ice cream
When I find somewhere to sit I can see Juicy,miles,rewind and Foxxy
Foxy is doing the 5 lb  pancake challenge.Its five enormous pancakes and he has  an hour  to  eat  them , but sadly fails

We sit under a large tree drinking iced tea waiting for the temperature to drop  Foxy  is  lying  down  trying to digest the huge mountain in his  tummy lol
I leave at 4.45 to  start on  the hill.i walk an hour just to get out of town then camp
Miles passes me. Later Juicy arrives joins me he  makes coffee then we are  joined by Rewind. Both   stop for a while. But then hike out
It takes ages for me to sleep as at 9  p m its still over 90° i’m just nodding off when I see lights its Foxxy hiking out

Day 92 Nero from Etna

14th July
Well amazingly I slept so well on the top bunk even though it was roasting and there was a lion roaring beneath me lol thanks glider
The other guys were on the first ride out at 8.30 but as usual I needed to post something .I got up and continued working through my blog , emails and Facebook. It’s so wonderful to have decent Internet and the speed. I also cleared down a load of photos from my phone.
Then when the guys had gone I raided the fridge and had macaroni cheese for Breakfast .then carrot sticks celery a tomato, salad a cream cheese and pesto burrito and washed that down with two bottles of beer all before 9 am well I need the calories

I was laughing as Foxy who was eating a whole chocolate fudge and cream cake for his Breakfast yes a whole 12 inch one get in there Foxy my hero.
Then it was time to cycle to the post office I had been holding food and plus what was in the hiker box so I posted that up the trail. Well the temperatures are rising and so it was. Getting too heavy to drag up these forth coming mountains.

Right almost time to hit the trail. I checked the fridge one last time grabbed an apple and my water which had been chilling .It was going to be over 100 today and the rims were exposed. There was a ride up but it was a minimum of two or $10 so I thought I would hitch. Now hindsight is a wonderful thing and 10 bucks would have been a barging
it was was steep .UP hill. It was hot tarmac and finally NO BLOODY CARS!!! Not one bugger until I was 3/4 done but thank you, you lovely couple. Although plenty came down and several stopped to give me water .so what a great bloody start. Guess its Trail karma for me missing a few miles.
But it was a lovely walk besides that and it was fun playing spot the deer
I can see you there, you are Deer. They were everywhere but seemed mainly doe’s and some were quite tame.
The couple dropped me off at the trail head .but I was still knackered and soaked with sweat from the walk. Should have paid ten bucks that will teach me for being stingy.

But wow the view from the trail head was amazing.
Right let’s walk it’s 1.30 not going to do the miles today but we will certainly try not including the  5 miles I had just done getting to the trail.
I was walking mainly on the rims and open to the sun that I felt like a roast chicken but not to eat.
Now and then I had shade but not much and this section had little water. And I had used a far bit getting to the trail. I’m so glad it had been sat in the fridge. As it was still cold.

The terrain today was crap well that’s not really correct it was my favourite shale and loose stone the stuff that almost took me out a few days ago so I walked over it cautiously and slow. This section was mainly this so I was not going to get any speed up. Well there’s always tomorrow and a decent start in the morning means that I can claw some miles back. As I wanted to be in the next town in two days and hopefully pick up new pack .please be there .As I’m not sure how long mine us going to hold together.
Oh a stream I top up two litres just in case. I’m doing okay but not fast enough the heat is roasting it’s over a 100 phew and the time is whizzing by I dare not look at my GPS but my legs are tired and my right foot hurts today not the one that should hurt but the other I’m. Pushing on when SNAKE. It’s funny when I see a snake I turn into John Clease and do a silly walk forward back to the side. It was all black with a yellow stripe up both sides .It may of been friendly but he didn’t hang then I cautiously walk past then sort of run then back to normal
So I push on again I have water, now a flat place to sleep that will do I’m half on the trail lol
Tents up tea mmm that’s tastes so good
Okay a good night’s sleep and a good day tomorrow hopefully


I slept well and hopefully today i can grab that magical  30 miles
I am on the trail by 5.45 brilliant
I had only gone 20 minutes when two
Sobos came past .They took my photo and off we went. Just completed an hour when I came across  Timberline and glider sleeping under a tree morning guys .I chatted a while then back to the trail

Climbing and climbing that’s the menu for the rest of the day and it’s getting hotter and hotter I pause on top of one of the switchbacks.
The views are amazing I’m still gazing in awe when Timerline arrives
It’s very hazy .timberline says it is a forest fire somewhere!
Hopefully not here I reply

I set off up the next climb it’s amazing views all round but still up .Bugger i think if it’s going to be like this all day the 30  won’t happen
Back to the trail it’s mainly up and up
But then I  am in some gorgeous Meadows full of singing  birds. Very busy bees and hundreds of butterfly’s
Most flowers are now in bloom and the smells are glorious all of a sudden a deer bolts by. morning Deer but she’s gone.time for a break .I have some snacks and glug some water and chill for 20  minutes
I’m just leaving when Timberline appears. He’s taking it slow as he’s hurt his knee

I’m now in the marble mountains because they are made of marble and again look dam amazing. I carry on round the rim then drop down into
Marble valley I’m on my at down when a mule train is on its way up
I stand back and watch .I find them fascinating. It’s still the main way of getting supplies to remote areas
I carry on my way I’m still climbing I was hoping to be going down by now  but no still climbing .I come to paradise lake and the are several tents here. as I walk on I see two girls they are working for the fisheries and are studying the lakes. Sounds a cool job .We chat for a while they are amazed at my Hike then back to the trail and sadly more climbing
It’s never ending .don’t even think I’m going to get a 25 in .At last I’m going down and it’s  big down but I’m done , knackered and it’s 6.30 Time to find a flat spot at last that will do only 24 miles but 24  hard ones
Maybe tomorrow will be better
Night all

Day 91 Etna and the Hiker Hut

13th July
Woke up around 7 am the campsite was all quiet. Then it sounded like a huge Rave was kicking off and  it wasn’t even morning and a Sunday.
I lay there listening to the music .I guess I should  get up .but slowly .
I organised my gear  .my trash bag is getting bigger .It will be good to loose it later.
I’ve packed  and begin to walk to the road  at the park entrance is about 40 kids who have been on a two week hiking trip .and are waiting to be picked up.

I walked across the road to take up my normal hiking pose. As I’m siting several ladies cross the road in an attempt to get phone signal a their car has broken down. They are  helpers for the kids summer camp. There are kids as young as ten on these camps unheard of in the UK  far too dangerous. but they seem to manage the risk better here.
They tell me any off the mums should give me a ride to Etna.   and yes a mum does arriving in Etna by 10.
I pop into the shop and grab a few bits  I could do with gas (butane) as i’m wandering around   the shop I bump into Timerline
Where is the hostel I ask  ? At the end of the road snail .I wander along and find the Hiker Hut
And luckily there’s a free bed $25 plus laundry and a shower I drop. My pack there are several familiar faces  Paul the french man, REI  and Timerline
I drop my pack and chill then drop my clothes in the washer. Okay the footy is on at 12 pm .I sort my gear drink some orange juice that I just purchased.
My washing is done so I hang it on the fence. Football time , at the hiker hut they provide bikes so I cycled down to the pub/brewery.

Yes they brew on site and some marvellous Ales stouts  etc
I started with the moose IPA  7%  very tasty  and then the game starts ..Timerline is here also Pig pen and maniac
Second pint is  Classic Gold 5% mmm very English like. That was followed by phoenix red again 5%
I chased that with a blue cheese and bacon burger yummy washed down with another moose IPA later Juicy arrives  what kept you I laughed
After the game there was a wobbly cycle back.
The afternoon I spent catching  up on my blog and Facebook and trying to make my pack lighter. later Foxy arrives I hadn’t seen him since Sierra City. He’s got a whole roast chicken to eat  wow!

So a good days rest foot is feeling okay no pain so back on the trail in the morning , now a couple more beers and  then we all watched  a film on Vhs  lol

Day 90 my mishap

Not a brilliant sleep wind and a brilliant bright moon so it was daylight when it should of been dark
But up and on the trail it’s a gorgeous day I want to push early  before it gets hot as i hiking Juicy catches and passes me
See you in Etna, for the footy

I haven’t looked at the terrain. So  it will be a surprise, i feel good as i make my way along the trail with fantastic scenery
Water i need water ,Oh a spring great,  I stop and top up my  water, then but i have to keep stopping to take shots of this fantastic scenery.
The trail is being fairly kind with nice terrain too. maybe i spoke to soon as i begin to descend the surface changes to  shale .Next minute I’m laying on my back looking up at the sky.

I lay there for a few moments, i’m in pain, I struggle to get up them check myself over My ankle is not happy maybe a twist or sprain as it hurts.
There’s a stream nearby ,I waddle over and strip off my shoe and soak  my foot I leave it in the water although it looks okay .Im hoping just a sprain as i put my shoe back on
Its hurts ,but I can cope with the pain ,I hike on but not so fast until I come to a road.
As I cross it I notice that there is a campsite here, We’ll that will do  I decide to I wander through the park .There is a guy duping ice from his ice box.
I ask if I could have it and explain about my ankle .
sure he says putting the ice into a Ziploc he then offers me a beer for the pain.

I take my beer and ice and look for a spot to camp.
I drop my pack sit down and ice my foot until the beer  has gone
I put up my tent and lie in the sun ..I’m oddly very relaxed.
I guess I must of been tired  as i must have dozed off waking at 3 PM
My foot feels a lot better, hopefully icing it quickly  has done the trick and another days rest won’t hurt .

Several families come and go, a Labrador comes over to say hi .
I’m chilling in the sun when another hiker appears .I met him in Castella he is just hiking for six days and its now over.
We chat for awhile , then he heads off and home .
I cook my dinner and then relax before giving my gear another sort.
I am just about to turn in, when I hear a loud buzzing . Its a humming bird just hovering out side my tent. what an amazing little animal. Then behind my tent a fawn appears gorgeous I watch him for several minutes before he wanders off .zzzz

Day 89 A wet Start

11 july
My Alarm  went off at 4.30 so I had a while to doze then splash it began to rain and I didn’t have my fly cover on
Quickly I jumped out of my tent  and threw the rain fly on I .and  even though I was getting up shortly pegged it in
That was lucky as no sooner had i got back  into my tent. The heavens opened .i lay on top of my bag listening to the rain falling on my tent so much for my early start. It didn’t sound like it was in any hurry to stop.
I reorganised my food bags I just had far too much food. I must of nodded off as I woke at 7 am. But it was still pouring. Guess this is what Washington wil be like.I was now getting bored I had set myself a target of a minimum of 24  miles a day to get me to Canada  sooner .well I won’t get the miles in today .I kept hoping it would ease off but it just kept on raining. If only my pack had arrived as it had a rain jacket with 9 am I was getting a little frantic I wanted to be out on the trail But didn’t want to be soaked. I reorganised my pack again put my sleeping bag into a waterproof bag then repacked  hurrah that looks good  now if the rain would ease off i can drop my tent
At last I quickly striped off the soaking fly and squeezed the water out then quickly dismantled my tent and lastly the sodden footprint. Hurrah we are off and on the trail But it was 10 am I had lost 4 hours of hiking time
Okay ill hike to 5pm  then i can dry out my tent I thought. The rain had eased off as i was beginning to roast in my rain jacket. .i didn’t think i had much speed today especially as i had had a lazy morning
I stopped for a break and to remove my raincoat.then i noticed a spring so topped up some water. As i was putting on my pack I noticed another hiker coming up the trail. The waters good if you need some. Then i recognised him, hi Juicy how come your behind me .we walked on chatting
He explained that he had  quit the PCT or rather he took 9  days off and was going home but then he missed it so.much he reconsidered and got back on .Although normally much faster than me  he was at a good pace that I could keep up with and so he pulled me along ..The trail was fairly flat today  which helped  but we were doing a great speed and miles were falling. At some lakes I stopped for a break  .As I was chilling some day hikers came by  .They were very chatty and the mum gave me a pack of sugar snap peas yummy
Then we were off again there were many more day hikers all friendly.
At last we stopped for a long lunch we had done 17 miles not bad for a late start. But I wanted at least 22 so pushed on  I really wanted  26 but I didn’t think i had it in me as I  was tired and wasn’t sure if I had another 7 in me  but I was going to try and apart from one small climb it was down hill (hopefully)

On and on I went  come on miles I can do this and juicy thought I could too .Ping my watch went  5 pm  two more hours I thought that will take me to 7 I can do this .legs we can do this
I pushed on trying to make more speed down the hills do the miles would go more quickly .Come on
I Dare not  look at my watch or GPS come on we can do this ping god 1 more hour .but I was knackered But pushed on  I was now on a narrow path do had no choice but to push on
Must be a flat spot soon I need to rest .At last a campsite thank god I dropped my pack and my tent was soon. Up may be. But blowy but it will do.i made tea then a really tasty chilli macaroni. Then bed..
I began to get dark and there was a great sunset just beautiful. Then it went a dark for a moment then the brightest moon came out .It was so bright I could of sworn that there were headlights shining on my tent.

Day 88 Escaping Castella

10th July
I set the alarm for 4.30  then snooze
but I forgot to enable the other two alarms so woke with a panic at 5.30
I wanted to be on the trail by then. So mad rush .how the he’ll am I going to fit all this extra food into my pack
I pushed and squeezed.its in
But omg it freaking heavy am I sure !!
I left the camp and made my way down a side trail that will lead me onto the PCT. I wandered down this trail it was well laid out and the air was cool
I passed another campsite with benches and fire rings and drop toilet. Soon the trail met The PCT great  I knew three things .It was going to be a big climb. It was going to be hot and there wasn’t going to be a lot of water. A great day then. I wasn’t going very fast due to the ridiculous weight I was carrying in my pack plus 5 litres of water. I trundled on then caught up with  Darren from the campsite who had stopped for Breakfast. .See you up the trail. I crossed a small creek and then the trail began to climb and climb. I hope it’s sheltered I thought  minutes later Darren passed me I doubt that I will see him again. I carried on climbing I was heading for Castle Crag which towered above me
Am I going up that?  I guess I am. The shade decided to leave and although it wasn’t even  7 am the sun beat down on me.i was roasting and still u climbed  and climbed higher. But wow the views were amazing. .I then began switchbacks okay maybe I’m not going up there then the switchback went the other way .mmm maybe I am .its such a guessing game with the trail as to where it will take you
Yes I’m going past Castle Crag and it was amazing simply stunning
A huge outcrop of rock that towers high and looks like a castle
The trail seemed to wind it way around son you could see it from all angles  them I was leaving .oh a sign for watery. I needed water all ready.
I followed the dry  stream bed down for .2 miles until I could see water

It was  roasting  hot  so I topped up. I was just leaving when two hikers arrived there names were marathon and dog
They were about to have lunch so I pressed on still climbing climbing climbing in the sun but now i had water. The trail now began to span mountains and looking back I could see my old friend Shasta the mountain and in front a whole new set of mountain which I am sure we will be walking over shortly.
I was doing good miles with this dead weight in my pack but I wanted more .problem was I was told and hot. The two hikers then came past me .I tried to keep up for a while .But they were young with small packs. I was aiming for the spring and camp at 2539
I can do that .Yes I can but my legs were not that convinced. But the miles were falling I may be able to do it .The next goal was the trail head  3 more miles and maybe water
Come on snail I said to myself.
And pushed on at last the trail head I hoped someone may of left water
Hah ha oh well I pushed on the other two hikes had stopped and were cooking .Dam I need to push on I need water and my bed
I passed another hiker going southbound  and asked about the spring. It’s good he shouted
I then came two a couple of cars parked  I fancied putting my tent by them and calling it a night   but I exalted on .A sign spring 800 yards. Great that will do I dropped my pack and you all my bottles to fill. I actually had more water in my bladder than I thought but spring water is the best .I wandered down the path till I heard water it was icy cold the BEST
I filled up and then staggered back to my pack and set off. I just need a flat spot now. Several yards and there
I dropped my pack when I heard voices it was the two hikers. I thought that they had camped bur no they needed water
Then a old lady called Polly came by and gave us some fruit. A lovely lady
Tents up and tea  then zz


Day 87 A wasted day

9th July
I slept really well but woke at 5 am
I heard Paul packing up  but again I didn’t need to be up till the post office opened and the post lady didn’t sort the hiker post till 11.30
So i lay in my tent waiting for it to become lighter so I could get back to my book “Deadly harvest” by Heather Graham.
I eventually had to get up for my early morning wee so  wandered across to the restrooms. There was a red pickup and the owner seemed to have cowboy camped by the side.
Back to my tent and book I was distracted by a lot of shouting coming from the red pickup.lovers tiff hard to say but it went on and on
But I could only see the guy  .so went back to my book. Eventually i got up made tea and took my trash to the bin . politely I said good morning he looked like a black Worzel Gummidg and had a back pack on he asked me if the shop was near, I told him that it was 1/2 a mile down this track.
I went back to my tent, he began to act really odd, he hovered about  not going anywhere. He just was acting very suspicious., he kept leaving but going nowhere.his friend a young girl appeared and then they left

It was now 11 and time for a walk. I put all my food into the Bear vault .and set off to the post office hoping I’d return with my new pack so that I could get back out there onto the Pct
Good morning mam I said
I still haven’t seen anything for you
Really please don’t say that  I replied
Do you have that tracking number
I didn’t as I had no cell service
But I’d check the store just in case
Nothing there either buggery fuck fuck . But I did see Tartan’s end of his hiking pole that he had lost. So grabbed that..I then decided to put my UK sim back into my phone  got service and decided to call my girlfriend in the UK. That was lovely so good to hear her voice but didn’t dare talk for long..but why chatting a few emails came through and hurrah a tracking number for Osprey.
I went back into the Post office is this the right number?  I asked
She punched it into her system
“Yes that’s correct but it says that its still at the post office and hasn’t moved.
That was Monday, it was now Wednesday. Dam I said politely.
Do you think that it will be here tomorrow?
If I’m honest, No she said
We chatted for a while she explained that there was no tracking and so nothing has happened. She asked me if I could come back at  3 and she would recheck it was now 12 and the temperature was already in the 90° so I didn’t fancy hiking out .so I agreed   resolved to the fact I’d stay another night and hike our first thing as water will be scarce on this part of the trail
oh well, I grabbed a sandwich, beer and packet of chips and slouched back to camp, grabbed my book and continued reading until 2.30 
Hi again I cheerfully called.
I’ve just checked and nothing, I could get it forwarded to Seid Valley 
I agreed gave her my details .
I went next door , brought another six pack, 2 huge peaches and a bottle of soda before the slow stomped back to camp.
I Finished my book drank a few beers glugged the soda woofed the peaches then a bloody silly wasp stung me.
These wasps are called mud wasps or so I’m told, they grab water to build their homes and are a little dozy but they still sting ouch!!
It’s 5  PM as I cook tea, what another wasted day, I’m falling behind on the trail. I begin to pack up my spare gear as i want an early start as it getting much hotter.