Day 74 The only way is UP

27th June
Was nice to have a bed but the noisy trains and road were not.but I still slept well .Most of the other Hikers had already left (very keen) But I was in no hurry. I said to nobodies freind in not starting to nine.
But got up and packed anyway. There was loads  of water melon  so I finished that off then cereal then two tins of fruit salad. I was now ready.i put on my new shoes sparkling new  Salomons .They don’t have laces but a wire system. They felt a bit strange but they had to be be better than my falling to bits Altras. (That sadly hung from the back of my pack)
Then it was a sad goodbye to my two dearest. Friends click and clack my hiking poles  who had come to their journeys end. Good be trusty friends you have done well.

My New Shoes
New Poles

Then i unwrapped my shiny Black  Diamonds  and loaded my gear into the back of the trail angels cardholder dropped .Tigger. nobodies friend and myself off at the store as we needed a few bits and s good cup of coffee.
It was no good we could no longer put off today’s hike.hike. The section we were dreading. …..13 miles uphill and my legs don’t do uphills very well..
9 am and we are off across the bridge  onto thigh way then to the trail.

Stamp Mill

It starts at an old gold press that smashed the rock to get at the ore.but we  had no time to look further .er were Kate in starting the sun was climbing and we had to do the same.we we go the start wasn’t too bad and it had been looked after .vat back and was tidy. I was in my zone when a huge rattle snake shot across in front of me rattling. OMG!!.Luckily he was camera shy! !.The trail threaded it’s way around the mountains and luckily it wasn’t steep so I was able to set a good pace..well until the nicely kept trail became a jungle and you couldn’t see what you were stepping on and just for fun thee was a lot of poison oak
At last it cleared and after a good two hours we took a break.Refreshed  time to walk.the trail now became steeper and steeper. Where were the nice switchbacks that we came down? .This was tough and hot  in parts you were almost scrambling as you climbed. Then once up it dropped down again as you crossed a river. Mmm think this trail could be better designed. As soon as we climbed we dropped back down again and then the climb was even steeper. At last a level bit and a nice breeze to cool us as I was soaked in sweat even my harness was soaked  Nice but then  I saw a bear a medium size bear one second he was on the ground the next he wa up the tree so bloody quick. He ripped bit bits off the tree .nobodies friend said he was looking for termites or their lava.  Then he was gone so we moved on.The climb was never ending so we stopped again for lunch. We were both pleased with our progress considering the late start 8 miles.but I don’t think we will do 20 today. Back to the climb a little down a lot up .dome time we could see the mountain opposite. Mm that how high we are going !! OMG.. and up and up then we crossed another long valley and another bear a golden almost blond bear he was happily destroying a log again searching for grubs or something wow two bears in one day .feeling very pleased I src he’d on before being a card by a huge lizard. That I mistook for a snake. It was green about 12 inches long and had a bluish head..He too didn’t want his picture taken. We were now fairly high up and so we’re beginning to cross stream after stream. Lots and lots of water.i was also very pleased with my new shoes. I had expected  to maybe change into my old ones as I worn them in but no .they didn’t pinch or rub .They felt bloody good and I love my new poles sorry Click & clack.
God this section seemed endless but it was still early.oh at last switchback. That’s much better .round and round back and forth. This is much better but we were getting weary. What’s our mileage? 14 miles well there was a spring in 1  more mile and a campsite.


Let’s do that and call it a day. So we made it over the saddle and then looked for water. Yes there was a spring but it was hidden. I filled my bladder and a bottle then we made camp. We cooked dinner and chatted it was a lovely sunny evening so we made the most of it .Hurrah I had phone service so text smokes see how he was then phones Osprey to see about a replacement pack as mines falling to bits .slso Borealis Alta are going to replace my shoes whoop whoop and in two days when I get to Chester I will have a new Solar charger.
So now all snuggled in my tent after watching a gorgeous sunset
Hopefully a more productive day
Night all
mileage  15



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