Day 76 Chester

29th June
I had a lie in and needed  it. Yesterday seemed long.i packed up camp and we were on the trail by 7 am. And somehow we flew. It was down hill nut we did 5 miles in under  two hours actually a lot less.we stopped for water. Nobodies friend pointing out all the pink substance surrounding the area. This was fire retardant that had been dropped to stifle a fire.
Well only 3 miles to the road. And the trail was fairly flat and so it didn’t take us long. We stood by the road with our best thumbs out and waited and waited and waited. Nothing. A car pulled up in the other dude day walkers and informed us of the cache which was there. I wandered over and grabbed two sodas from the box  and walked back to nobodies friend. As we we waiting  White ghost appeared hey snail I have something of yours. It’s my solar panel hurrah I gave her a huge hug.but it was the south boulders  who had found it and passed it on so thank you all. PHEW !!
At last a ride a couple dropped us off at the shopping mall. Nobodies friend was going in and out do w said our goodbyes and said I’d catch him on the trail. I wandered off looking for s place to camp. I found the post office and the library good.then walked to an Rv  park. Do you allow camping?  I asked. Yes came the reply  $15 you can put your tent under that tree.
He then gave me a key to the toilets.
I put up my tent then went to look at the laundry
They had laundry on site but I wanted my bag and jacket washed and these need a front I wandered up down .sat outside the laundrette was white Ghost and another hiker..Oh freind was looking for you. He’s across the road..Great the laundrette had front loaders. I wandered into the burger bar where friend was. Friend was debating weather to stay or get back to the trail.
I said I was going shopping then to the laundrette. Okay he said I’m going to get a shower and do the same.
I went shopping trying to be as miserly as I could but still spent $100
Omg  and on what okay beer
But apart from that nothing outstanding and I still need cheese bagels ham and gas.
I struggled back to my tent meting tent stake coming the other way. I dropped my gear in my tent. Put the I’ve cream in the freezer. Grappled my sleeping bag and laundry and headed back up town. Freind was sat outside the laundrette. I put my clothes and bag in separate machines grabbed a magazine and watched 40 minutes go by..nobodies friend decided he wasn’t camping but was heading back out .okay  I’m sure I’ll catch you. I had the post office and wanted to catch up on my blog if i could in the library
Fingers crossed the nice people at solar monkey are sending me a replacement solar charger
I also need to chase Osprey regarding my pack .
Washings done now to dry. My bag seemed awfully wet
But my jacket looked sparkly clean. I loaded them in the dryer added the rest of my clothes bugger forgot to put my shorts in typical oh well.
God it’s a long time watching clothes last i headed back to my tent jumped in the shower. Then i  grabbed a handful of beers and sat in the sun with a tub of ice cream and bag of Doritos. .heaven. .my electrical devices charging while i relaxed
Oh 9 PM late for a hiker



Hitching to Chester

Hitching to Chester






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