Day 73 Beldon or Bust

26th June
I  woke to a misty foggy day
I packed up then unpacked to get my rain jacket just in case.
Friend and I set off we were both a little sore from our 24 miles yesterday. The last hill sapping our strength.Think we were going to spend the day in the mist as it didn’t look as if it would clear..A mile on we met two section hikers camping.we laughed this was our spot.on we went through the forest till  we came to a road. We met another hiker here.we chatted to him and asked his to look out for smokes


For most of the day we spent in various forests  until at last we came to a trail head.we stopped for a break here. I wanted to remove my coat but it was still cold .We continued on and up climbing and then the sun came out and I was roasting so stopped to take it soon as I began walking again it got cold.but I continued on .St the top we could see lakes in the background .The largest silver lake looking inviting with the sun glistening off of the service.we sat and ate lunch looking at the amazing views.i had cell service for 5 minutes hurrah. We could continued on  through several meadows before dropping back into the forest. Then Ninja Tank passed up he had stayed  at a trail angel house over night been fed steak potatoes and watched the football USA V Germany. Germany won.he also gave us news about our friend smokes. He’s resting there for a few days. We expected a few more hikers yo catch up  with us as they had been staying there too..
For the rest  of the  day we were on a rocky path but again with great views of Beldon  far far below had planed to water up and camp but the path was narrow and no camping spots. There was no option but to continue to Belden. Which was a 5 mile walk down.we set off switchback after switchback after switchback. I was exhausted and my feet were aching but down and down I went.

Poison Oak
Poison Oak

Trying to avoid my new found friend poison oak.but loving the wild gooseberries and currents.  The time ticked by but I was a still a long way up .switchback after switchback St last I came to railway tracks and waited as a long train trundled by.
We crossed the tracks and headed for the store. I went inside smiles and ninja tank were drinking beer so i went back outside and  said to friend I’m in for a few beers.
I dropped my pack grabbed a bar stole and orders a ice cold glass of beer a huge burger and a few more beers
Before our ride came to take me to the Bratton a trail angels home.i had a bed a hot shower and hurrah my new shoes and poles whoop
Several more hikers were here Tent stake  was resting. We all chatted for a while before I turned in
My highest millage so far 28 yeah

Beer Yeah
Borealis, his lady and REI

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