Day 23 Mount Baden Powell

9th May

while going through my blog correcting days   i found the missing day  so here it is

I slept well  and feel much happier  now that I have  my antibiotics  and  bigger boots
I got dressed  and  join the other hikers  for breakfast . I love this coffee , There are five of us around the table which is full of spare stuff that nobody wants  so a grab a few things  to add to food
We decide to take a few group photos before  we  departed  which was good .One by one the hikers seem to disappear . I said my goodbyes as I was still enjoying the coffee and putting off the walk

Darwin was staying as he was waiting for a new pair of shoes but now I needed to walk so I packed up my gear said my thanks for Jeff’s hospitality   left him a donation and made my way down the road to the main road. Crossed over and  put my thumb out
A car stopped  and offered me a ride there was another hiker already inside so I chatted to her as we drove to the trail head
I got out and got my pack from out of the trunk then the driver asked  for  money , Really!!
I said I had given all my money to the trail angel   then turned and headed for the trail as I walked up the trail I saw Kyle who was resting.
WE set off together but Kyle was a fast hiker and he was soon out of sight.
It was a beautiful day as I made my way down the trail   soon I came to a huge tree but the middle section had been cut so I could walk through easily.  I then  was in another Park  Called Grassy hollow Visitor Center  to my left where several of the Classic yellow school buses  I then came  to a sign  its  shows  the mileage    whoop Canada  2277 miles    so not too far to go  then !!
I made my way along the trail   then I came to a group of school children and their teachers with some rangers. They all looked so smart in there matching uniforms and caps. They stopped me to ask me questions. Where was I from ?, My trail name , when did I start,  They were all extremely polite   then all moved to the back of the trail to allow me to pass . I carried on up the trail until I came to another group and   had to answer the same questions they too then stepped back off of the trail to let me pass. I carried  on up the  trail  until I came  to a third group  this group had managed to capture Kyle , but I had to answer the same  questions  again,
we then set off together  the  large mountain of Baden Powell looming ever closer. MM we have to climb that OMG

At last we crossed the main road and approached the bottom of the mountain.
This is Mount Baden Powell named after the founder of the scouting group

Mount Baden-Powell is a peak in the San Gabriel Mountains of California named for the founder of the World Scouting Movement, Lord Baden-Powell. It was officially recognized by the USGS at a dedication ceremony in 1931.
Elevation2,867 m
First ascent1933
Prominence853 m

WE both start together but with the steep ascent through a ton of switchbacks, Kyle is soon out of sight. I continue to chug up and up well its only 4 miles up lol only 4 miles
around the end of the first mile there is a bench with a lookout which was awesome.  I dropped my pack and sat   down on the bench to get my breath back. . It was at this point that I decided I was just going to take my time and hopefully eventually I would find myself at the peak. Up and up I went switch back after switch back   but  after several hours  I decided  it must be lunch  and  so  stopped will it will make my  pack  lighter as I’ve only just left Wrightwood so I am fully laden   arrrhhh

After a quick lunch it time to climb  ,I need to do this  ,the higher I went snow began to appear   this mountain is  higher or rather steep at last I was nearing the top thank god. This climb  feels like you’ve hiked 20 miles by the end But OMG  the Views are amazing  so I sit and  take  it all it  it’s  just wow. But  I need to move on as I’m trying to get to a camp called “Little  jimmy’s Campsite”
Hopefully  the next  bit I should be  heading  down but after another hour  I stop for a break ,  I  sit  just  staring at  what I   see before me. AS I’m chilling another Hiker called Sarah comes past we chat for a while before she leaves. Come on snail  lets  go  I hike  on  gaining a bit of speed  as  the  trail  heads down. Then another hiker called “Root beer float” passes me and blink and has gone. I eventually catch up with Sarah who is struggling to get over a large fallen tree.
I pass her  and  stomp off into the distance    Great a sign  to “little Jimmy’s” not far     I push on  and  soon  I meet up with Kyle who is  getting water. I fill up too then we walk to the campsite.
This a fairly large  government one  so  there are about a dozen tents  dotted  around , Picnic  tables  fire  rings  and a drop toilet    . I choose a spot and soon my tent is up. And I’m cooking dinner. Kyle puts his tent up by mine and also begins cooking.
Behind us are other hikers that Kyle knows so he joins them, I just so exhausted that I’m soon in bed Zzzzz


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