Day 22 A visit to the Dr

8th May

There was about 10 hikers sleeping together in Jeff loft. But it was comfortable and warm. Some hikers planed on getting back on the trail first thing, others were going shopping first others taking a zero. I emerged from my cosy bag about Jeff made coffee which was the best that I had tried since being in the US, there were also pastries too yummy. I had planned to chill today rest my foot and hopefully re-join the trail tomorrow. At 9.30 Jeff announced he was doing a town run. I needed some fruit, postcards and some lunch so jumped in the truck. Pickup to come back was 12pm so plenty of time. There were many hikers milling around the town. I did the grocery shop first. Fruit, bread and meat for lunch. A beer for later, postcards, few energy bars…Done. Whilst writing my cards I heard a familiar voice it was Kevin the Canadian that I started with all those weeks ago. It was good to catch up his trail name is now “Early Bee”. He glazed at my foot and said that needs to be looked at I know I said. I asked in the shop if there was a Dr in the town.
The answer was no, but try the fire station! .so off I wandered to the fire station. Wow they have some kit (Boys moment) they had a paramedic there who looked at it and agreed that I needed some antibiotics. He then gave me the address of a Dr in the next town…i rang the Dr but no they wouldn’t see me .i had to go to the emergency centre in an even further town. Omg!!
I waited for Jeff to arrive and explained the situation. Jeff phoned around as the emergency centre was miles away. In the end we decided to drive to the next town and wing it. The first Dr I couldn’t even get past reception. The next said they couldn’t see me till lunchtime tomorrow. But it’s just my toe I pleaded. I’m a PCT hiker I just need some antibiotics. Hold on sir! She said and she disappeared .Okay sir the Dr will see you that’s $65 OKAY.
YES YES that’s fine I said then I then had to fill in 4 forms before being seen by the triage nurse then the Dr He was concerned that I may have broken it .but he gave me two prescriptions for antibiotics. Thank you so much Jeff for driving me around thank you thank at last back to Jeff’s. Made my sandwich. Drank a beer washed my clothes and relaxed  so now I feel so much happier hope to be back on the trail by 11am tomorrow


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