Day 24 400 Miles yeah!

I slept really well so was awake at 6 am.
Kyle said one of the day hikers would drop us down the road. So I quickly dropped camp and I was ready.I am totally amazed that a lady I hardly know walked toiled down the trail to her car drove us up the road to the next trailhead, then drove back and walked 2 miles back to her camp just amazing. After she dropped us off we continued along the trail. Whoop whoop 400 miles.

Yeah 400 miles
another 400 lol

Getting there slowly. I kept pace with Kyle for some miles but any incline reduced me to a crawl.not long till we arrived at the ranger station. Great. Refilled our water. And we are off.the trail Kristen crosses the highway for a while then we back in the country.For most of the morning the trail was very.  Kind just small dips and rises but mainly level. The miles were flying past and I felt good.feet are good bit of a ache in my back but good in the afternoon the trail was due to climb for four miles so I suggested we stop around 1 pm. Kyle found a fir tree to shelter from the sun. It was his favourite tree. We ate our lunch then w were off . The target today was the fire station at mile 419 that is 23 miles , I wasn’t sure if I could do that so I said to Kyle I may see you there.The uphills were not too vicious but just very very long.after about two hours I took a. Break took off my boots to allow my feet to cool down and socks dry
Then back to the trail.i was now back in forest .so beautiful and I just love the smell. Then back to rock .then a whole tent miles maybe more of Poodle dog Bush.this is a nasty bush is grows all over the trail and so you have to dance around it without touching the plant. And it’s every where. Little ones and bloody huge ones. This plant stings and gives you welts on your skin far worse than the British nettle..

Scary Poodledog Bush

The part was a nightmare and a few log vaults thrown in fun.which really hampered my journey. At last I was through them and hopefully the decent will begin to the fire station .Wow more fantastic views. On and on can’t be much further a my feet are aching and I’m tired. Switch back  time.i don’t want to look at the GPS in case I  haven’t done enough miles my watch pings 6 pm..surely it can’t be much further? .
That’s got to be it down there! !.But as usual when your tired the trail teases you by putting in extra really can’t be much further
.nearly there. I make my way down to the campsite. .only two tents are there. They belong to two Israel guys but no sign of them!.I expected more people here and no Kyle The two Israel guys appear with water its at the top of the hill Snail .now more people are arriving,I put up the tent then go get water.Kyle is sat at a picnic bench he’s been here for 1 1/2 hrs.
Back at the tent I make tea then zzzzz
Today was a big day 23 miles plus past  400 zzzz


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