DAY 158 Glacier Park day 4

Sep 17th

I woke around 6.30 then dozed until 7 once up I was amazed on how many hikers had arrived in the night or rather late.
There must have been 14 hikers on a site meant for 4 tents .. although it was great to see so many faces all eating their breakfast and drinking coffee.
I used the loo retrieved my food bag and packed up, managing to leaving camp at just gone 8 am.
I re-crossed the wobbly  bridge then I was back on trail.
The next section was going to be uphill for over 6 miles I was really looking forward to that. (NOT)
I hadn’t gone far  when the climbing started.  Up and up and it was fairly over grown in places. So I went into chug mode.
After  3  hours I began to get glimpses of the amazing scenery, at last I exited out of the forest and omg  the views were stunning  I stared for several minutes before walking on .

I was now climbing up the side of the mountain  again with amazing views, soon I was at the top  and stopped again to just look at the amazing views . I sat there detour and Cheeks arrived. 
We chatted for several  minutes before I left to cross the saddle and head down..Once again the views on this side were just stunning .
I began to head down following the switch backs, down and down and down. 

When I got to the bottom where it leveled out I decided to stop for lunch  well it was now 1pm
I made soup and ate snacks..I wanted to eat more but I’m a little low…Bad planning
I was just chilling when Swiss Chris arrived..we chatted a while

Eventually I emerged by the lake and the huge lodge which was sadly  closed so no beer, soda or snacks sob sob.

Okay 5 miles to go I pushed on but had to keep stopping to stare at the amazing Vistas.
I carried on around the lodge and  headed along the road ,the campsite is ahead. I asked the Ranger just to be sure I was at the right place as it was a huge campsite. I walked in and found the hiker spot and quickly put up my tent. Oh fresh water so no filtering  bonus. 
As I sat  at the picnic table several more hikers appeared some stopped at this site other went across the road

I cooked tea  and relaxed…
The girls were going out to dinner..and promised to bring back beer. (they have a car!!) I sat at the picnic table with gourmet and Swiss Chris until I began to get cold, so headed to my bed.
Later there girls came back with beer so i rejoined the party.

There was Swiss Chris, Ojay, Yeti, Dollar general, Detour, Sledge, Cheeks, Gourmet and myself.
We chatted until about 9pm then all headed to our tents night all

Mileage 15      36 miles to go!!


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