DAY 157 Glacier Park day

Sep 16th

I had cancled all my early alarms except 6.30.

It was still dark  when I emerged from my tent I’ve headed towards Canada the sun  too is becoming lazy  at getting  up

It used to light at 5.30  now it’s 7. 30. 

I retrieved my food bag then  checkled out the  new pit toilet. 

Very nice lol.

As I was walking back to my tent  I passed Anvil. 

I warmed the seat up for  you

THANKS  brother he replied.

As I began to pack up  there was a sprinkle of rain.thankfully  it  only lastest a few minutes as I really didn’t want a wet tent again

Okay  all done. I hoisted up my pack and set off. 

As i passed the food prep area   Anvil ,Detour  and Cheeks  were  having breakfast. Goodluck to all of you if we don’t meet again I said.

Detour said it will be later as we are at the same camp

I had to laugh. 

I set off down the  trail  it was fairly cool so I had two layers on   but after less than  mile I had to stop to remove  it  as i was soon overheating .

The first part was through dead trees and after two miles  I was supposed to take the short cut,But I had such  good pace that I had long passed  it.  F**K  Oh well onwards.  I began to follow  the river  until I came to another large suspension bridge .

This one was really bouncy…but I was safely across.  I then had a short climb  before  following the river.  The trail now turned sharply  right and  climbed up the mountain via switchbacks before levelling out.

I pushed on down the trail  until I met a forest ranger . 

Not far to go he said to me and I had  to agree.He had canoed across the huge lake to get to the trail…impressed

He was heading  to my previous camp to give it a tidy .

Soon I arrived at the lake  with amazing  views all the way around. WOW.its just so breathtakingly  beautiful. 

I was to spend the rest of the day  walking around this massive lake. 

But  it was just so amazing!!.

As I walked I came across two fuel bottles. I would of carried them but they looked as if they had been left for a reason. 

The next corner had the answer  two forest  men were trying to remove a huge stump using a block and tackle. 

I thanked them for their effort and carried on. I began to pass numerous blowdoens but all had been cut. Wow that must have been a nightmare  I thought

After the blowdowms  the trail began a little  overgrown ,passable but bloody annoying.then I had a  couple of trees  to clamber over.

It  was nearing 12. So when a nice spot appeared  I stopped for lunch. I made soup and ate a few snacks .

Okay  I dudnt have big miles to do today  so about 3 more and I should be at my camp for today which is Reynolds.

As I pushed on down  the trail I began to see numerous waterfalls  some  just  magical looking.  After about another  hour  I emerged  at a huge waterfall  and began to meet  numerous  people. It must be a big tourist  spot  as I pased dozens of people as I headed down.

Sat  by  the side of some Rocks were Shotgun and Sledge. They had both been swimming  its great in snailtrainer shotgun said..

I’m sure it is i said but I’ll pass.

I continued on down passing more and more people.  Wow its so busy  and everyone smells so clean. 

At the bottom was a bridge where the two rivers meet. 

Omg  it was wow the left fork dropped down a gorge  and  was a swirling mess of white water  that looked totally amaxing.

Someone offered to take my photo.  So  that was rather cool..

I crossed over the bridge and mingled with the “Toursists”   eventually my trail branched off   and it was only me and nature again   untill  Sledge came by  we wished each other well. .we shotgun should appeared shortly and she did  

We laughed as I’ve only  a mile to go  she’s heading to many glacier another 12 miles  (6hrs) but she may only  take   4.5 as she’s fast.

It wadnt long until I arrived at the signpost for my camp.

I had to cross yet another suspension bridge.  But this one was okay. 

Okay. I checked the camp map  then went looking for a tent spot.

The first one was really gravely so I went to look at an other.

This will do  you could possible get in two tents  but it was really uneven . So I  moved my tent to the front of he plot.

Soon my tent was up and I was settled. 

I took my food bag and headed for the kitchen area. Dropped my gear then went and got water.

I put my stove together and got water on the go before throwing  my bear line over the hang.

When I returned to the kitchen area  I was annoyed at the amount of flies that  were buzzing around. 

Arrrrrhhhh..but its what it is. 

I made tea  then cooked dinner followed by several more cups of tea. 

Then the girls arrived.,Cheeks and Detour they went in search of a spot as Detour’s boyfriend is coming to stay .

I finished up.hung my bag.checked out  the pit toilet  then headed for  my tent.

No  animals to report today ,just  amaxing scenery  WOW

Mileage 15.

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