DAY 159 Glacier Park day 5

Sep 18th

I was in no hurry to get up as I only had 8 miles to do .
My alarm sounded at 7am and I silenced it and dozed.
I began to hear the heard of other hikers  packing up,chatting, wishing every one well and good luck begore heading out.
At 8am I heard the distinctive roar of Gourmets stove and decided to get up as I needed the loo.
Gourmet  and Swiss Chris were packing up as i returned from the bathroom .
Those two are going to do a 30 miler today  mad  people!!.

I’d like to do more than my 8 miles or do I??
I sat at the picnic bench and boiled water for tea. Franzia came over to dump her spare food so I took a few  meals as I was low also Detour  gave me some spare food also, so I probably have too much but better than too little. 
After breakfast I was just about to start packing up when one of the Park Rangers strolled over  to our campsite there was a noise complaint  last night and she thought it may be us.
I pointed out that as hikers we were all in bed by10 am  then pointed to my left and said well there was at lot of noise coming  from over there somewhere and until quite late.
OKAY  she said and headed that way.

I continued with my packing as other CDT hikers came over to say good buy and wish  me and the others good luck and congratulations 
Wow its only 30 miles to go. Whoop.
Okay I am ready. I headed out but wanted to put my used gas canister in the recycling bin.
The ranger was standing nearby so I asked if she had found the noisy ones ??
Yes Sir, they had been found and finned !! Youngsters under18 and drinking …….Oh Dear.
I headed out through the campsite and rejoined the trail. It was a lovely morning so I would be stopping soon to remove a layer.
I pushed on down the trail  until I heard Snailtrainer  it was Ojay & Switch, who had climbed up on a ledge to watch a Moose.
Laters guys I shouted and pushed on as I knew I had a huge climb to do and I so love climbing.
The trail passed by several great waterfalls followed by several amazing lakes that mirrored the huge mountains behind them.

Then the climb started, gently at first then long, long switchbacks .
It was difficult to see where I was going .First I thought i was heading  up to the right  then the left. As I climbed  I was soon caught by Ojay.
Good luck snail,
We fist bumped then he was gone as he’s fast.
looking up I could now see the route that he was taking OMG…are we going up  there!!.

The trail now climbed steeply up the side of a steep  mountain F**k that looks  steep and it was up and up and up.

Then it switched mountains and headed up the other side.

Again it was so steep very narrow  and slippery.  My 3 favourite  things…higher and higher and wow the views were amazing  you could see for miles and I was still not done.i walked around the next  mountain and began the climb up the other side.

Still I climbed higher I will stop for a break when I reach the top I promised myself.
At last  I reached a plateau ,quickly dropped my back. and then sat down on the grass.
I ate  an apple and  a satsuma that I had carried  out.
A day hiker then appeared , he was fairly chatty and amazed at us mad hikers completing or rather almost completing this trail.
He was just heading up to the pass and then would return so would see him on the way back. 
I was just about to get water when Switch appeared we had a hug and wished each other well.


I returned with water even thou it was only 1.5 miles to camp and this was good water.
I hoisted up my pack and began the rest of the climb. A few yards up I stopped to admire the views and a grizzly walked by, just where I had been sitting.
I desperately tried to video him but my camera is so scratched it wouldn’t bloody record arrhhhh. 
Oh well it’s my second Grizz  so I’m fairly chuffed.
Then the day hiker  came back he had been spooked by back bear and Switch  had chased him off  well done Switch
Okay Snail , I will soon be at camp..

I must have missed the first turning as I ended up coming in from the other entrance. 
As I sat there a mum and baby deer came through, mum wasn’t the least bothered but her young baby was more skittish

I soon found the camp and choose a tent spot. I quickly put up my tent  then grabbed my food and headed for the food prep area. It had great seating and of course hanging rail

I drank two beers that I had hiked out with then made several burritos with the extra food that I was given . I was just chilling when two other day hikers arrived. We chatted a while before I headed back to my tent

Mileage  8 


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