DAY 95 Leaving Rawlins.

JULY  17th 2022

I worried last night about Bear spray, god knows why.. Walmart opens at 5am wow that’s early and on a Sunday too
I was awake before my alarm  put on coffee  and jumped into the shower. Not bad at  least the water was hot, I quickly dried and then necked my coffee so much nicer when using fresh milk, so I poured and drink another.
Okay shopping, I walked up the road passing McDonalds and was tempted to go in for breakfast …but gave it a wide berth.
Okay to Walmart.  They have bear spray but no holster.  Bummer  but i bought it will have to do. . I also brought two apples some sun block for my face .Okay let get back  and pack up. 

I hurried back. Calling in at reception for my exciting  breakfast (Not!!) Today’s was similar to yesterday.  Apple juice, Apple sauce?,(Why?,)and a biscuit. 
I hurried back to my room  ,put on another coffee slurped my juice finished off my yoghurts and packed up. Drank more coffee then swigged the rest of the milk.
Okay every thing was in. I did another scan of the room and then I was  ready. I hoisted up my pack and headed to reception ,handed over my card and grabbed my print out.
The lady on reception was a little  bewildered.  It seems I only paid for one night so my second was free. Bargain  lol.
I was just leaving when I ran into silver, He looked really well and once again  gave me a few great tips  about the trail and water.
I thanked  him and then began to walk up town  and back to the trail. Passing the CdT emblem painted on the path. 
It was early but already hot. It took me a while to get back yo the trail but as soon as I was on it I was mobbed by mossies. 

Omg I was walking in a cloud of them like the guy in peanuts .. Arrrrrhhhh.  I stopped and sprayed  myself with little effect. 
I tried to go faster but I was still engulfed in a cloud of the bastards. Why me ,??
It was no good I couldn’t take it anymore so stopped again to put on my bug net over my head. Oh that’s so much better.
I was  now able to push on without doing my silly mossie dance.

The trail now crossed the road  and headed off into the distance. I pushed on as the temperature continued to climb. Omg it’s hot.
I was following  the trail as it meandered  off into the distance and of course no shade not one tree.  At 2pm I took a break, hiding behind a rock with my umbrella  up, my watch now said 104 and it felt like it..okay lets go.
I attached my umbrella to my pack and headed out.  Although it was roasting I felt I had good pace .4 miles to water.
The trail continued its meandering  with a few up and downs over small  hills. Until  I came to a gate. I stopped to undo the clasp before carrying on.
At 4.30 i came to  the solar well.

And the heat was now unbearable. I put  up my tarp and hid beneath.
Okay my plan . it was14 miles to next water and far too hot to hike out maybe it will  cool by 5.30
So I took a long nap. Okay new plan.. when it is cool enough I will put tent and then get up early and hike out 
So at 7pm I did just that. At 8pm a chez  couple arrived and  pitched their tent. 
Okay  I’m done

Mileage 28 


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