DAY 96 Into the Basin

JULY 18th

My arm qent off at 4.30 I snoozed it  and again on the third  time I silenced it and pulled the stopper on my bed. 

I love that sound of  the 

 air escaping .

I began to pack the dark . I got most done until.i needed the help of my headlamp. I dragged my pack out side to finish up. And then began on my tent. When I was almost complete I fire up my stove. In the morning light I could see the othervteo tents of the chez couple and kid  and hotsauce..

I finished off trying not to make too much noise. 

It was 5.30 as I rejoined the trail. Not bad but I would have likedcyo been on trail by 5 am maybe tomorrow.

It was a cool morning as I made my way along the trail. Next water was in 14  miles..phew.

Okay im out of here .

So  just aim for the horizon and walk….. so  that is what I did.

The trail was similar to yesterday  the trail  heading off into infinity. 

Occasionally  I meet some cows to talk  to. Though they were not thst chatty.

I did however see about a dozen gazelle  or deer  with curved horns.they are different as deer bounce  these run.

I tried several times to capture  them  but they were far  too fast.

I pushed  on luckily there was a nice breeze. And so it wasn’t toasting as yesterday.

The hours  were falling quickly which meant so were the miles

I then noticed several  boxes to my left. OMG It was a water cache from.the local church.

Thank you so so much.

I sat on acrock and drank a litre straight Fownhope then topped up one of my bottles. 

I was surprised  not to see anybody in the distance. Mm maybe they had a lie in.

Okay time to walk.

Once again the trail just disappeared  into the horizon. 

So not a exciting  day at all. The wind was  still being helpful  by keeping things cool.. butvas the morning ticked by the wind became more ferocious. 

Pushing me off of the trail.

Why can’t it be behind me pushing me forward!!

I battled  on crabbing  for a lot of the time as tge wind played its game .

Water   ….okay here’s the creek.

It didn’t look fab water. But it’s water.  I sat down and as I looked at the water two small fish swam up stream.

Well if its okay for fish. Lol.

I grabbed one litre.  Good timing as  a small heard of cattle  rocked up and  began flashing sbout   as  the clear cool waters suddenly  turned a nasty cloudy colour..NICE.

I finished  my break and was just about to leave when Kid  appeared. I’d wait about 20 minutes  for the creek to clear or  maybe look at the reservoir .

Then I was on my way. Oncexagain the afternoon was similar  to the morning a dull as dishwater trail heading off into the distance. Yes  what a dull boring section hot,Windy and eith no shade..

Only exciting thing  is counting the cows. . And in front of me was a large cow jam.

Moooooove  lol. See how dull it is .The cows duely obeyed  snd I carried on one the exciting trail.

Okay water  in four miles whoop.

Okay water  in two miles.

But now the trail  id pretending to be a beach. 

Deep bloody sand to walk through. Such hard work .I pushed on through. Then a first  an electric fence to navigate through. But I didnt trust this one . As it looked as it was all LIVE!!.

I managed yo open the fence with one of my trekking poles. ALTHOUGH  closing it proved much harder.

Okay water where are you.

Great i can see you

. At last.  Water flowed from a pipe  into a small lagoon .

I walked over and dropped my pack then filled up 1 bottle.i began to swig it. Then thought I ought to filter. To be safe

Okayv2 litres filtered.i sat down in the sun and then fought off small flies tgst kept biting me  F*uckers

Okay what shall I do…

I had completed 25 miles whoop.

But it was  only  4pm.

I could stop here but the wind was still firece  so camping could be fun.

Or I could water-up and push on

But it will still be windy  snd I have to find a spot. 

Hmm mmmm.

I had a recky and yrs a reasonable flat spot  but windy as hell.

But it may stop. !!!

I pondered  the app was not helpful… dam okay I’m staying. 

But omg  trying yo put my tent up in this crazy wind was a challenge. 

Once itcwas up i still couldn’t decide if this was a good choice. 

Well I couldn’t get in as it was far too hot. So I lay half in and half out.

I put my stove together and made a cuppa

Thst always helps  lol.

Oh tea  So refreshing .

I wentbto get more water. Kid was here and cooking behind yhe water tower.  Dam snail I should have done that..

Oh well I’m here now. 

Okay  back to tea ..I put on snother brew then added boxing water to my chilli mac.

Mmm bloody good.

The wind was still raging   but it had  dropped  in its intensity. 

At 7.30 it had cooled enough for me to get in mybtent so I inflated my airbed  and was able to lie on it as the sun  began to call it  a day thank god

Mileage  25  good  day 

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