DAY 46 Snow and Hills.


Well I slept really well. Considering the  spot that I had chosen. 

The alarm sounded at 5 I snoozed it. And again  untill 5.30 when I let the air out of my mattress.  I slowly packed up .when I was almost done I put on a hot chocolate..tasty and warming. 

I marched down the trail.but I hadn’t gone far when there was a huge snow belt think being early in the morning it was frozen  and so I inched across. My problem is I think I panic and stiffen up. If I was more relaxed I think crossing them would be easier.  But early in the morning  I’m not yet warmed  up.. phew I’m across and on to the next obstacle  and there were plenty.

Okay let’s go .it was 6.30

I had to climb a bit  then I was on a snow covered ridge. I set off following the footprints . Then suddenly thectrail stopped snd  there was juice a snow slide

It appeared  every one had slid or walked down .

It was fairly steep do took me ages to walk down.

But  once down the foot prints stopped.  I checked my app and I 

Was off trail. Dam..

I struggled to walk back up the slope bur I found the trail the next two hours I battled in and out of the trees post hing numerous times and navigating huge sways of snow god this was so tiring.

I battled on until at I began to head down.i crossed a river then found the trail on the other side.

As I got nearer  another  hiker appeared from  another  direction.

It seems there is a low route ..

I followed this guy for most of the  morning. I like to see where they go. But for rest of the morning it was up.

As I was struggling up yet snother hill another hiker appeared.

Shall I walk with you snail?

I said I’d love you too but on hills I’m rubbish sbd you will get annoyed .

Okay snail see you in purgosa

She was soon in the distance  but again nice to see where she goes and the trail. 

The rest  of the afternooon  was crossing  large fields of snow or climbing. If fact I had my microspike on all day. 

I stoped at 4.30 to check my map 2.5  to the pass. 

I took off  my spikes and set off up the next climb to the pass. 

But then it began to rain  and hale and I wasn’t sure about being  on the mountain. There was a tree with some shelter do I put up my tent 

Mileage  13.7 


One thought on “DAY 46 Snow and Hills.

  1. I’ve been reading your blog and watching your videos. I’ve been both giggling and worrying about your escapades. And I’m glad that there are other hikers around. It might be best to hike with someone else if you can. Form a “tramily” in the mountains. Agree to meet each night if you can. Keep it up Snail, you can do this.

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