DAY 45 A day on my Arse!

28TH May

I was up early  as I had slept well and even though  I was camped by water I had no condensation on my tent.

I stripped down then made hot chocolate and instant oats

Okay all ready .I was back on trail by 6.30 .feeling very pleased  with myself I marched  off down the trail but the wrong trail

For fuck sake snail…..

So took me a while to find it. .at last .and as I walked out of camp again the Aussies  were there two.

Omg the start was great climbing through a forest of snow  and I was exhausted after 30 minutes  and puffing like a train.

The trail took you around the outside of the lake and in the morning sunlight looked beautiful.   It then  circled another small pond then climbed  and now it was the blow downs to  navigate. Once up I was greater with snow lots and lots of snow .

The aussies seem to have goat legs and powered  on through .

I followed on but more gingerly.

More sliping and sliding. I followed on keeping them in view

Untill a several more blowdowns slowed me down. Just then an Elk run by I got my camera ready as there are normslly lots of them together..

I was now hot so stopped to take off my fleece..I was just getting going when old bag+ 1came by.

I set off after them but  they were soon gone. 

I t was lots of snow again .I was foung okay then I came to a group of resting  hikers.

Monk was here. Was this how far uou got I asked

Yes snail

I pushed on throuh the snow  next minute I’m on my arse.fuck it.nothing hurts I packed myself up and carried on the trail now climbing.i seemed to have lost the trail when old bag came by.

Then yonny appeared and his freinds .

I watched them go as I don’t seem yo have the stamina  maybe it’s the Altitude  but I’m running out of excuses

As I turned the corner yonny and co where halfway up a big mountain 

They hadn’t bothered with the switchback they had gone straight up.

So I I climbed I could see the Aussies  sat below taking a break.

I climbed and climbed then there was a long shute of snow to navigate over  and I have to sayi was bricking it. I as scared  very scared I inched my way over then there was another Chute down. Again I really did not like .as I inched my way down.this carried on for most of the morning.eventualy I put on my microspikes to help with grip and traction  at last we appeared to be outof the snow znd on a normal trail but huge block of snow blocked the trail. 

And because the sun was on them I couldn’t climb  and again was sat on my back side. I Swore loads  and tried again. Again I was sat on my backside. 

Again I swore at the blocks of snow.i tried to go around and dlipped in the mud and again sat on my backside.  At last I was past this one .there  were many more most smaller and easier to navigate.. then I got to another monster. I tried  several times znd failed so decided to come down little  but this proved t be more of a nightmare. Can’t remember how many times I fell over but eventually I was on the ground battered and bloodied .

I was  fed up ached  all over and just wanted to stop and go to sleep.

In the distance I saw another hiker and thought I can follow  him.i set of with a course the last time I saw him . Wow I was on trail but then it was huge now blocks in the trees. . I don’t seem to be able to stay on trail.Aaaarrrt.

There it is , Another  hiker came past  I like  this as I can see which way to go and sometimes take a short cut.. 

So I could cut across and start the climb the other side. It went up and up and up  got it was steep and then the wind came.

A wind that wanted to blow you off the mountain.  I was staggering up when the Aussies  appeared  wonder where they had been.maybe lunch.

At last  I was over it and set of down but the wind still raged on

These long stretches  scare the shit out if me. I really  font like them. But the kids walk them with little effort..1 done 2 done then omg the down was as scary as can be almost a vertical drop and several hikers had glasaded down

Omg as far as I could see there were fields of snow. I stopped and put on my microspikes.

Basically like a slide

I am not thst courageous. I inched  down very  sadly very slowly. I was exhausted and uf I could out tent I would 

Okay I will climb. Before started I knew this was going to be a mistake. I was exhausted 

But I pushed on and on and up snd up crossing  several water falls.the wind then returned with vengeance. It slammed me into the trail .I couldnt breath I couldn’t  move.

In the distance the trail snaked around thd mountains. 

FUCK FUCK. I had to climb there was no other option. I pushed on  that’s all I could do. Two more hikers passed  me  then a third.

I watched where they went.oh good it looks like they are going  down but when I got there it was yet another trip around the mountain and the  wind knocking me  about.

I really had,had enough.  But I couldn’t stop at last we speared to be going through a  pass or saddle  but sadly not it was still hugging the mountain snd more snow fields No no.  

In front of me where do trees .maybe I thought  but no the wind whipped through  .

But then I spied a small sheltered spot .it will be a compromise. But I really can’t go on

As I tried to put my tent up the wind was fierce. Once ip i threw every thing in.

Well I hope there is a tent above me in the morning. 

I blew pad.yook off my flies and socks. Put on dry socks and got into my sleeping bag as I was cold.. 

I was hoping if the wind died down I could cook.

Luckily for me it did.

But who knows  later 

Mileage 8


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