DAY 47 Wind,snow and Blowdowns

30th May 

Stopping early last night was a mistake a big mistake pitching my tent where I did was a bigger one . I stopped  as the weather was looking  bad.

So I pitched.

But omg the wind last night was horrendous.  My tent collapsed several times and the way the wind ripped  at it I was surprised it wasn’t  wrecked so thank you so much Big Agnes. That is some sturdy tent and well done Rab  my new bag kept me toasty. even though it was covered in FROST!!

As I woke up with 3in of snow covering my tent. 

So my sleep was crap  I was a little scared of what might happen. 

So when I woke to snow I was a  it confused on what I should do.

It was a first time that I had managed to pack every thing up in my tent.

It was minus 8 and so I put on all my clothes but  I need  better  gloves  as my hands were freezing cold. 

The next fun part was trying to  pack my tent  .the wind was still  howling  . It wasnt easy and it almost got away from me .

Okay lets go.  I hoisted my pack and set off. 

I was waking in virgin snow. 

I hadn’t gone far  when I had my first snow crossing.  Then anoher and another. Wheres the bloody trail.its only me who can’t follow it . There. ….It was almost  3 miles  to the trail head and junction.i had my puffy hood up as he wind  was  merciless. 

I should have done this last night  big big mistake . Oh well.

My fingers were like ice and  so could Hardy feel the poles in my hand. Asi got closer to the trail head another set of foot prints appeared in the snow.   Thought three would be more  and tents.

At last I got to the trail head. 

I stood here for a while 

I was exhausted from last night.  And wasn’t sure if I wanted to go on. I wanted a warm bed and a hot shower. 

It took a lot of motivation to walk-on.  Okay snail you got this town tomorrow  if you push on..

I moved on but not a super pace.but I was moving .and the wind still raged. 

I noticed another  hiker behind me. It was the chap who passed me when I put up my tent 

Big Mistake I said..

He was hoping to get into town that day. I might I said  but more likely  tomorrow..

He headed off  and i slowly  followed .I have to say the trail this morning was fantastic. But I didnt take  any video  or photos  as it was far too cold and I just wanted to keep  moving.

I came to to some great parts  which travelled  around the side of many mountains.but the wind  was determined  to blow me off the path. Sometimes it was  so strong  I  couldn’t last I began to drop down into some trees .but then it wa either  a snow bump ot blow  down to navigate.

Okay enough found a bit of shelter so decided to make a cuppa toward me up. It did the trick . I pushed on not really having a destination  in mind .

I’d stop when I had .had enough.

I was getting close to my destination  5 miles cool I can do that. But omg omg

The amount of blown downs was insane.  Every few yards  over under  around. 

Fuck whilst  climbing over ibe I snagged  my puffy and ripped it.

This made me so annoyed .  

The trees  I had to navigate  where into the 100s it waa in sane. I know volunteers  clear the trail and I’m sure its an endless job. 

So thank you. But I was shattered

And then it was more snow  and lots of it 

After several more hours I bailed 

There was a perfect spot  and I’m taking it 

Mileage 17 whoop


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