DAY 23 Lost and Found

6th May 2022

My alarm went off at 5am I snoozed it but let out the air in my bed and slowly began to pack up.

There were still smores coming from the other tents as I went for a wee. Wow what an amazing sunrise.

Hawkeye was just emerging as I dropped my tent.. see you guys I half whispered.and headed for the trail.. it climbed  but not to steeply  as I wasn’t really awake. But i was still puffing.

At last it began to turn down and fairly steeply.but.  omg it was an old burn so most of the trees were down. It was more like a show jumping circuit over and over aghad.a triple  jump  over abd over and around again  as you went  across another  switch back.and over and under  and your heading steeply  down got I was knackered and I’d only just began. At last I was down,phew.

 I headed alo g the trail just one huge tree in the  way. I clambered over  and carried on ..the trail headings  down. Just ahead was an amazing cairn  some one was bored lol.

I stopped to take off my shirt as I was hot from the show jumping.

Just ahead was a tent.the owner appeared exo  a kiwi nurse. 

I am having a key in she said

I laughed and moved on and up.for the next two miles I was climbing going down climbing going down and then climbing I puffed last hill the boys ( hawkeye and Dr Rob) appeared behind me shortly followed by Exo.god I’m slow.

From here on we played leapfrog  until we arrived at our first water source a smelly green pond  with cows weeing in it nice. We took one look and decided no.

The amazing Cairn

I moved  on first, taking the next Alternate Route it was  a nice sandy route so I was able to get some pace.further up i pased an old log cabin.i passed it and arrived at out next water source  yet another stinking cow pond.

Crap .just here was Exo 

How far is a yard, i asked why

She said that’s where the spring is.

So we walked back to the old Log Cabin. And began searching.  At last we found it.It was covered with a heavy iron lid.

I lifted it but it was dry, Fuck

Exo  dripped down and dug,but it was stinky too.

We walked back to the pond as  Hawkeye and Dr Rob appeared

We all looked  at the green water.

The three took off.i stood and  gazed at the  pond. 

Nah and I hoisted my pack and set off after the boys.

I caught them on their break .then fell on behind.We were all low on water and the next was in 5 miles time. Going to be  Hot.

I followed the boys down the canyon ,we had a great pace.

At the next break Hawkeye  announces  Weare off trail and by about 2 miles.oh crap.

Shall we go back I suggested!

We decided to go on ,down the current trail but after 20 minutes  we noticed that we were  getting further  away from the trail.

We had a discussion  and decided the best option was to  go down the next valley  and then bushwack to the trail.

I agreed and we set off  then stopped to take a break.

As we sat there I was getting a little stressed .I didn’t think I could do what they wanted to do.

As I know my limitations and I don’t yet have my trail legs or stamina.  I pondered  and pondered. 

Guys I said I can’t do this I’m going yo go back yo that random trailand just follow it.

I havnt got  a clue where i am going and yours seems a much better plan but I can’t do  it.

Okay snail.wehere you.

We wished each other good luck and I turned and went back the way we had come. Back at the random trail I turned right and said fingers crossed.

Luckily for me it was fair flat as I headeddown and down.throuh canyon after canyon .

At 2 pm I took a break under a tree.bugger i bet the boys are on trail now. Oh  well.

Back to the trail  all of a sudden 2 partridges or similar flew up scaring the shit out of me.

A little further a wild turkey  ran past followedby a second and still I pondered down this mystery  trail the hrs ticking by and the sun getting hotter and my water getting lower.

At 3.30 I stopped for another break.Fuck  I think I’ve fucked up here….. 

Back to the trail and  it’s getting  later. Then I see footprints in the sand and on my Appin getting closer to highway 12but I an miles from the trail.

I flowing the  footprints and then see horses. That’s a good sign. 

At last a building with  car.

I can’t climb the fence so I take two water bottles  and head towards the building.

I knock on the door.

A young lady answers the door.

I apologise  to her and ask if she could top up my bottles.

She  grabs my bottles.and disappears shouting Mum.

A few minutes later mum appears  with my water.

Tells me I’m on private land and trespassing .

I apologise  say I’m lost.

She’s not happy  and tells me I’m still trespassing..

I again say sorry and ask am I near the highway?

Yes  tour about a mile away but its all private land.

I thank her and head back to my pack. Itsnot going we I say to myself.

I pour one bottle  into my bladder. Hoist my pack and head down the drive.i passing through another  ranch when a rancher appears  on his Gator. 

Hey you look like you could use a beer!

Omg yes please. I’d love one.

I then said  could I get some water and maybe could I pitch my tent in your back yard!!!

I think we can  do better than that.

I get into the gator. And we drive to the Ranch house. He invites me in .

“Make yourself at home”

He then disappears  and returns with beer and ice. He passes the iced water to me.

Oh that’s so good I top it up then enjoy my ale. 

Would you like to take a shower.

God yes.

I step in the water refreshing my bones and cleaning off the sweat and dirt..

I put on my clean shirt and went back to the kitchen.

Waiting for me was another beer.

What an amazing person.

Okay snail come relax in the lounge  I will cook dinner later you can sleep her too.

Really I couldn’t believe what he was saying omg omg Thank you so so much.

I brought me another beer,then announced  dinner was ready.

Dinner was so good and tasty.then he told me off for not eating enough.

As we were eating the “Cow Dog” appeared he was huge and stopped baddies and critters from bothering the cattle. They also have sheep and alpacas  here too.

Great Hound

We chatted and drank beer before I needed sleep

My rescuer

Mileage 18

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