Day 24  a very good Day

7th May 2022.

I woke at 6 and snoozed then got up when it went off again.

I packed my gear snd was ready to go.

Good morning Snail ready to get back to the trail?

Yes sir. 

Okay I’ll drop you back to the road.

As we were driving down his drive a large herd of Elk were gathered there must have been 50 plus.  I thought I had videoed it but seems not. 

Once at the road I thanked him so much for his generosity. 

Then I waved him goodbye.

I stood by the road it was 6.30 on a Saturday morning and oh so quite .To hitch you need cars and there were none !! I stood there for  about 30 minutes.mmm.i best start walking .I hoisted my pack and set off down the cars…

About an hr later a motor home slows.i walkover to it  It was the couple who I met at the cave dwellings . I get inside thank them.they know where the trail head is as they dropped people  off earlier.  What a lovely couple. 

We chatted about the fire closures,other hikers

And I then i was  standing on the trail. I thanked them again and headed out.I was taking the Pie Town Alternitive, and  it was hot already . A little way in I met a lady coming the other I chatted to her I realised it was the wife of the man with the Dog. Wow.

I pushed on  the trail climbing steeper and steeper. I was struggling  and I don’t know why.

After the climb the trail become very enjoyable  with great scenery.

I was doing okay but wished I could go faster. I wondered where the boys were and how much further they were I front of me.

I pushed on up dirt roads.

Okay snail atone we will have a brew. (My reward).

At last a perfect spot. I dropped my pack and got out my stove .

Oh a cuppa  such a reviver..

Okay snail miles to crush ha ha.

About s mile up this road the trail turns right and just ahead u der a tree was a water cache.omgthank you so somuch Trailangel. 

As I was topping  up 2 guys stopped for a chat

They were hunters from a local.indian tribe.

They were out to hunt for 2 turkeys. They take the feathers for ther religious  dancesznd customs really interesting. 

Okay I now have water and  3 mile + climb  that’s very helpful.

I chugged up.the hill melting in the sun.

But at the top what amazing g views wow.

And now down. I spent the rest of the afternoon spiralling  down and it was shitty  loose rock. And I stumbled  several times omitting a few swear  words.

In the distance I saw another hiker and I began to gain on them.

As I got closer I could see it was a lady. HIYA  I said.

She jumped then told me off for making her jump.

This lady is 75 wow.

It was now approaching  6pm and I was tired and began to look for a flat spot.

Maybe a compromise!!

I spied a group of trees and went to look.yup i can get my tent in there.

I droppedmy pack and soon my tent was up and dinner was cooking. 

Mileage 25  wow.

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